► World of Tanks: Going HAMerino with FV4202 – British Tier 10 Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

FV4202 . World Tanks FV4202 Live Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

In today’s I decided to go HAM with good old British tier 10 medium tank “FV4202”. I haven’t played with this tank for a very long time, so let’s do this and let’s see how hard I have to work to be able to bring some winz for my team!



  1. +dezgamez what does your 6th sense mean? “Don te jeboo”?

  2. Darn… I was looking and thinking… CAN HE KOLOBANOV’s???

    Well there’s a challenge 😀 You were looking for challenges right?

  3. haha what a wicked last stand

  4. Can someone tell me what he means by artillery’s?? What are they ?

  5. Glad to have you back Dez! Appreciate the videos. Hope you had a good

  6. John McClane doesn’t die hard, Dez does. Put a few more hesh rounds, they
    seem to do fine. Keep it real ;)

  7. Hey Dez can you do a video playing In the T54ltw or bulldog? Anyways keep
    up the good work

  8. Hello Dez, great video I love this tank. I have had so many bounces off the
    hull from tanks like IS-7 and T62, it makes them so MAD. Nice job.

  9. Is it just me or i see only tier 10 tank in almos aways wot video i watch
    on youtube and wait what there are like couple of tanks and nothing else :D

  10. this would be my favourite tank if the turret wasnt as crap as it is

  11. Hey Dez, Can you show us some AMX CDC and Type 59 action!?

  12. If that T-54 did not go alone to corner of map in the first game and stood
    close to you, you might got a chance to take out the WZ-120 and then it
    would be just question of how many HP got that Maus left…

    The O-Ho has terrible gun depression to front and front-left (there are 2
    mini turrets) he was NOT ABLE to point the gun down on the T-32. If he was
    able to turn tank to face him with front right corner, then he might be
    able to depress gun enough. That is the biggest problem of O-I and
    following Jap tanks, they are so high and got pretty bad depression, so
    side hug em means they can’t hit u most of the times… problem is, they
    are too heavy so you have to be careful not to dmg urself a lot while
    hugging those 150tons behemoths…

  13. Being a fv 4202 owner with two marks of excellence the concept of hull down
    is a distant memory to me! Hopefully the action X can help me remember XD.

  14. Sup dez. Sent u a replay with 7.8 k dmg done in FV. go check it out bro.

  15. Hey Dez. Found out WoT is also coming to PS4. Man. WoT is getting some good
    attention. Now. Lets hope AW comes to consoles as well. :D

  16. They Dez i am from zimbabwe just wanted to let you know that people love u
    all over the world you are awesome??

  17. Deznuts did you know they are changing this tank to the action X centurion
    and the fv215b is going to get replaced by the chieftain.

  18. This was supposed to get replaced like forever ago lol

  19. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Fucking arty man, fucking arty.

  20. Hey DezGamez, how are you?

  21. Leo 1 is the weekest

  22. Ashe Rheinmetal (Rhein)

    make it 69 …

  23. 4 min ago 18 views
    Good vid to day again love them

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