► World of Tanks – GOING INTO 2018 – What’s New?

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Source: DezGamez

– 2018 Upcoming Updates – – New HD Maps, New Graphics Engine, Reworked Sounds, Object 705A, New Tier 10 Soviet Line.

My final episode in 2017 going to be yet another news episode, covering World of Tanks in 2018. We already have some topics/news/information about upcoming updates, big patches. For example, World of Tanks 1.0, Variant 4 and Object 705A new lines and some more new stuff! 😉

I thank you for tuning in once again, in 2017 and hopefully you are going to stay with me in 2018 as well!

Thank you for everything!



  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support, epic words, awesome comments and constructive insults! 😛
    This year was super busy year for me, the busiest so for far, but we made it through!
    Special episodes about 2017 coming up soon, next year, in 2018! 😉
    #happynewyear #stayawesomeAndneverchange #muchlove

  2. Thanks Dez, I watch every episode you put up , I look forward to them each day, you have some of the best coverage of anyone on utube. Thanks for doing so many episodes, its a highlight of my day. Really appreciate your content and your style, please keep up the good work, you are entertaining us!!!ThanksMikeCanada

  3. i shout Stalin every time i shoot with my Russian tanks

  4. So you didn’t cover the Italians or the polish tanks?

  5. Started from the bottom now we here!!

  6. i think ive seen every episode from you 🙂 you are my favorite youtuber together with offtheranch. love your beatmode mug and tshirt XD
    aaand a happy new year to all Beasts 🙂

  7. Thank you DezGamez , you and all the other boys and girls A Happy New Year and all the best for 2018

  8. WOT become more Pay To Win

  9. it’s “muchos pretty” Dez

  10. it’s worst for Obj 430II line. and when new Tier X came out for Russian line, Russian have more Tier X tanks than other nations. (3 MT and 4 HT —- 4HT?) That more than German HT (3HT). You can see that American and British HT only have 1 straight line and American is also most the oldest nation that came just after Germany and Russian line.

  11. BTW: i saw every episode! I’m in Thailand staying up around 10 pm – 3 am for your vids every time, even tho some day u didn’t upload at all……….let me remind you about the mistake with WZ-120 HA! That needs to be remind of, Happy New Year! 1/1/2018!

  12. And the T-10 will be a premium vehicle?

  13. please say change and stop saying chainse, with love from germany

  14. Happy new year! I bet I’ve seen at least 90% of 2017 videos

  15. Happy new year

  16. Id rather get a new line from the KV-13 than the IS, the KV is a fast, well armored tank with an awkward gun. Kinda like backturreted tanks right?

  17. i`ve watched every episode and i liked every single one due to the great and informative content 😉
    keep it up u are one of my favorit youtubers
    happy new year from germany

  18. Your comments are sometimes so stupid, ofcrouse they shoud make a game best for every possible player in WoT , even though it might be impossible, imagine if they actaully make it?

  19. Can’t wait for the new graphics engine so my computer can still run at minimum settings.

  20. They should spot gold spaming

  21. They removed the 130mm gun from 263 and put a 122mm on it instead

  22. Wait what there moving the T10 from the is-7 line!?

    • Matthijs Mechielsen

      Stock Brazen according to the pictures Dez showed in the video, yes, but nothing has been confirmed yet 😉

  23. i’ve been watching them all keep up the good work dez

  24. looks good! fix mm and I’d think about buying premium time again

  25. I watch each episode each time I see you put out a new one?

  26. Turd of wanks

  27. Guys shout i go for wtf e100 with 6 shot autoloader or unnerft amx 50 Fotch with 850 dmg autoloader on console?

  28. Very good presentation and documentation as always:))))
    But unfortunately I did not see all your videos in 2017 because I lost interest into this game……there are still too many op prem tanks into the game plus the totally op gold ammo, but be sure that when and if they change it I will back in black:)))
    I really like you as a person, not only as a youtuber, but this game is so……..I can’t watch it that often….

  29. thanks for another year of great vids, all the best for 2018 Dez and keep up the good work

  30. Gallant Fatco Razy

    Still waiting obj 277 or obj 770 to be announced as T-10 succesor..

  31. wargaming needs to change 2 things:
    1- make all ammos same price with each shell having unique characteristics that others don’t have.
    2- adopt warthunder’s tank explosion animation because turning black when dead is very primitive.

  32. Dez, my son wants to say hi, and he wants to tell you that your better tanker than me…. :S hes 6 yrs old 🙂 anyways. Keep on the good work, your the only
    good community duud around.

  33. DezGamez did you know that you can shoot on the lower part of a badger’s gun and the shot will bounce and pen the badger? thats a really nice trick and love you DezGamez<3

  34. I am sad about the changes to the obj. 263. They ruined the ELC bis, which was one of my favorite tanks and now they ruin my other favorite tank. 🙁  I am worried how they are going to nerf it. Does anyone have any ideas how they will nerf it?

  35. Muchas gracias,(your second )is thanks,very good in spanish is (muy bueno,excelente),and if you prefeer (de puta madre) the fucking mother

  36. Me i seen all urs 2017 vidéos ?

  37. Nice video… But the news are worrisome. Graphics hype will not help the problems with the maps and their rotation in game. Taking recent developments into account, and with removal of obj263 from tier10 position, I am really pessimistic for the future. [Dez, I have seen each and every video of you throughout btw].

  38. Thanks for the last 12 months. VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  39. Happy New Year to you Dez. You deserve a great year. Thank you.

  40. Ready up for Su-122-54 tier 8 premium td

  41. What mod is that with the pin ups. I can dig that

  42. I saw your Chanel Brause Face of and it was AWSOME

  43. Don’t even play WoT but I still love watching you Bro.

  44. I may probably have seen all the episodes, at least from July. I wake up at 5h15 and have breakfast alone, so I always check an episode while I eat ahahah.
    Imo you became the best Wot Youtuber in 2017. Keep it ip, congrats!

  45. Actankmaster10[DFA1]

    Can i run the new graphics at ultra with a gtx1050?

  46. Muchos gracias

  47. The only reason I am still interested in WoT is the beautiful map landscapes which I can’t help watching.

  48. Hey Dez, yes I am one of the people among the Web who have watched all of your videos in 2017. Even when I was 8 months away for a backpack trip into Africa. I still managed to either download and save videos for offline or watch them on 4g.

  49. Man those HD maps suck
    i’m already running the game on 20fps on minimum settings and it’s going to fuck up the game (for me at least)

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