► World of Tanks: Goodbye Waffentrager Auf. E-100 – 11,000+ Damage – Best Tier 10 Tank Destroyer?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf. E-100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf. E-100 Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks Grille 15, Replacement Tank.

With World of Tanks 9.15 update they are going to remove “Waffentrager Auf. E-100” from the game… We are going to get “Grille 15” as a replacement, so… I think it is time to send this beast away with such an awesome replay, you are going to see why so many players hate playing against it…. “uTRAPiony” is going to show you how it is done!

Full list of changes:

►Tanks in action:
– Germany/German Waffentrager Auf.


  1. Wotko s Vokurkou

    This tank is totally “balanced” glad they are going to replace it.

  2. Rip in pieces cancer tractor

  3. 0:40 2 bounces xDD

  4. Jon the Baptist

    I am really gonna miss the days of the apcr spamming Wtf’s. It really added
    to the gameplay and dealt with OP tanks like the Maus. R.I.P. The Wtf. (But
    you will only be missed by gold spamming, dang farming noobs) ;)

  5. I never got to play waffle :(:(:(

  6. Need WT E100 vs Deathstar before it goes away, see how many get one shot by
    HESH :’D

  7. Farewell WT E-100; you broke hearts and you broke minds but you brought joy
    and happiness to sadists like me and many alike.

  8. WTE-100 Is both OP, and BROKEN! My brother owns one, and he HATES IT! Loves
    his WT-AUF-PZIV though, so he is VERY happy about Grille 15!

    I hate playing the WTE-100 as well! Because it is VERY team dependant! One
    match you may get the perfect support where you can unload clip after clip
    devastating the enemy. But then, the other 80% of the games in WTE-100, you
    may get off ONE full clip, and 2 shots from a second one, IF you are lucky!

    Because WTE-100 has THE WORST CAMO IN THE ENTIRE GAME! As soon as you open
    fire, someone WILL spot you! And if there is an open flank so that an enemy
    can get to your sides and front at the same time? Grab your knees and kiss
    your ass goodbye!

    WTE-100 is the SECOND easiest tier 10 tank to kill, the easiest being the
    FV4005 Stage 2! But at least FV4005 has speed, and a CHANCE at one-shotting
    someone who gets too close! That said, FV4005 is TERRIBLE, worse than
    WTE-100 for sure!

    But WTE-100 is more BROKEN than FV4005! Because it is a machine that will
    either mercilessly kill all the things, OR – more likely, get spotted, and
    then have HE shells fly in from every angle dealing full damage and
    knocking out modules, though the WTE-100 will be dead before said broken
    modules even matter!

  9. Artūrs Zvaigzne

    I was hoping to see WT auf E 100 vs E 100 or any heavy tank on your streem
    last time ;(

  10. really I wouldn’t mind the waffle e 100 if it didn’t have the ability to
    spam gold

  11. really I wouldn’t mind the waffle e 100 if it didn’t have the ability to
    spam gold

  12. Activate xvm next time and you will know why people are making such

  13. @DezGamez can you please increase the size of the minimap?

  14. Federico Di Liberto

    when i start to play wot, i saw the Wt auf E100, for me was cool, now i’m
    at the WT Pz Iv, i did there line only to try the autoloader TD, and I will
    never try it,

  15. Not OP, just broken.

  16. My friend has wt pz IV but he don’t know about the grille 15 he is going to
    Be Mad when he sees wt e100 removed xD

  17. grille 15 is shit. WT E100 better. they should nerf the arc. and armor

  18. Dimitris Doulianakis

    the thing is I don’t care that much about this tank, but… I grinded this
    whole line converting xp, using gold, playing for hours and hours, to get
    me THIS ducking nightmare of a tank! not a grille… THIS tank. T H I S
    tank! how am I going to be compensated for that gold and hours and premium
    time and money spent?

  19. RonniePoleCasper

    2 tank with one shot?? OPOP

  20. Szabó Szilárd

    that’s why it is going to be removed. does not fit to the german td tech
    it has to play with apcr otherwise it will just bounce non stop.
    it is an autoloader so after you did like 1k-1.5k dmg from the first clip
    you will get killed while you’re reloading.

    and the most important thing. it’s camo sucks..

    it was weak always.. but it’s hype was bigger than this when the e100 was
    able to shot someone on the side.

    but in a usual battle it does about 2k dmg with 2 clips and then it’s dead.

    while for example my rhm does atleast 3k dmg in every battle and if we
    loose i die the last.

  21. I’m going to miss this tank for it’s trolling moments. It’s power to change
    the tide of battle was immense. I don’t think the replacement is good
    enough overall. Sure, mobile, but I think it’s gun is just a little lacking
    believe it or not.

  22. i gonna miss this tank

  23. You mean OP as Foch

  24. i do love fighting WTe100s, when i see one i load HE and my DPM goes
    skyhigh <3

  25. goodbye rhino tank (its was kind of a referance to gta to)

  26. Gerardo Trevizo

    why it is so OP?

  27. Gareth Fairclough

    Sooo. People didn’t like the Waffle 100 because…they couldn’t/wouldn’t be
    bothered to deal with it?

  28. why wargameing :(

  29. i prefer grille for more flexibility

  30. The king is dead. Long live the king.

  31. The Waffentrager is only OP unless a good player is playing it.

  32. can you do some how-to vids? like how to play in a lemming train game full
    of fucktards on ally team?

  33. Just have to say, thank you for linking the Aslain Mods, otherwise I
    wouldn’t of known about them, these mods kick ass!

  34. bout time this abomination was removed ,

  35. So the wt auf is op (i dont think its op) so lets replace it with a super
    fast td with good gun depression and a 15 cm gun with outstanding good gun

  36. most op tier 10 td ****

  37. 261 goin for homerun XD

  38. Damn. after he got done with them those asses were just flapping in the

  39. After watching this I went ahead and played my WT Auf E-100. I hate that
    tank, it’s OP but weak at the same time but I still did almost 7k damage,
    not amazing but eh, considering I hate this tank I think this is a good
    last game. Hopefully the Grille 15 will be as good as the RHM and Waffle
    tier 9!

  40. i hate it when people give up like that Jt….
    just try to escape by going down the slope, load HE, hope for a high role /
    for destroying his gun and its gg

    If u dont try it, u cant make it happen

  41. Maybe it’ll come back as a reward tank…..

  42. Wow real beast of a tank, it would be more interesting with national voices
    tho, this monotone “american voice gets kinda boring.
    Still good farewell

  43. Why dislike the video? Cant understand some ppl, a lot of work and effort
    goes into these and yet, meh mentality! Keep up the great vids and really
    enjoying the variety you keep coming up with too.

  44. Vernon Harrison

    Damn, what a game brother. They were all ferked as we say it in the
    southern part of USA! I have to say you never could relax when the Waffen A
    E-100 was on the other team. However, after watching your video on the
    Girlla 15 nothing has changed. Thank you Dez as always!! oldman out..
    Take care, flea

  45. The Pilot Penguin

    anyone know when the patch is coming out?

  46. Putting this tank in the game was one of the biggest mistakes WoT have made
    in the last four years. The other big one was probably spreading the arty
    up from 8 to 10 tiers. At least they can fix the WT. Grille 15 looks pretty
    cool, and that speed and size might actually make it a better tank, which
    is either exciting or worrying. Watch this space!

  47. I dont like it. You cant have constant games in this tank. In some
    situations it rocks, in many others it doesnt stand a chance. I think he
    had so much luck in this game. Firstly arty didnt hit at the cornet at
    heavy line. Secondly noone used the time while he clipped the vk to shoot
    back. The gun stats seem formiddable, but when sniping at range even 0.29
    often isnt enough and rng makes u miss 1 or 2 shots per clip.

  48. I have to say the tank wasnt op it was just broken(DA GUN)

  49. any fucking donkey tomato can own in this thing….finally WG are getting

  50. The waffentrager Auf. E-100 Was my first teir 10 tank in the game… RIP
    Waffle, you will be missed.

  51. Sneaky Sneaky 🙂 Love you Dez <3 no homo lol. Btw, I have Waffle for months
    in garage,played like 4 or 5 games,don't like it at all..its not for my
    play style 🙂 so looking forward to play grille on live.

  52. Eivind “Eggy” Eggen

    You sound just like Arnold Schwarzenegger! :D

  53. I’m just glad I never had to play it. For every game like the one above
    you’d have 500 games where you’re just a big unarmored priority 1 target
    with a cannon that spends a minute loading for every 4 seconds shooting.
    This thing is not OP like everyone says, it’s broken. It’s broken for the
    player, for the enemy and for the game. Good riddance.

  54. this video didnt even have 50 views and already had two dislike, like wtf
    come on people.

  55. social3ngin33rin

    I am sad, I’ve spend so long grinding to get this fucking TD….

  56. Evaggelos Arvanitis

    Goodbye WT…?

  57. 2 Reasons why WT ausf. E100 remove
    1.WG made this from thier idea
    2.WT ausf E100 can’t nerf

  58. Well, the best sure isn’t the E4. But in general all tier 10 TD’s suck.
    Someone should do some statistics of how often the team the most TDs lose.
    That said, I do enjoy the WT E100 but it really only shine in city maps or
    in really slow games. Just my two cents.

  59. You pronounced his name quite good actually, as it is not very easy for
    foreigners to do it right ;).

  60. f “Tier Z” vD

    Fuck you, Wargaming. Fuck you.

  61. this thing deleted t9 tanks like they are nothing

  62. Bye bye op piece of sh1t

  63. everyone cries about WTF100, the most difficult TD to perform well in and
    then theres still AMX 50 100 or Batchat 25t, both of which are not any
    better when it comes to potential clip damage, while being more mobile as
    i grinded to WTF100 and barely played it because every shot in the huge
    paper turret takes out your gun, so most of the time you dont even live
    long enough to reload a second or third clip, and running isnt a option
    cause you have E100 mobility.

    If a WTF100 gets to clip you out of the match, you made a mistake
    and dont tell me AMX 50 100 does underperform in toptier matches as well,
    where it can 1-clip is3’s…

    imo Grille 15 will perform far better than WTF100

    feel free to criticize me or point out that i am wrong and have a nice day
    (sorry for bad english)

  64. Guys the people are calling the Waffentrager Auf. E-100 op is being they
    are dipshits and dont know how to play WoT

  65. R.I.P , our waf leave this horrible life haha

  66. aristidis dimou

    Nooooo!!!!FU WG

  67. mean that camo looks like old wool socks my grandma used to make me on

  68. WT E-100 is not op in my opinion, but it can be devastating if one gets you
    off guard, or when someone plays like that vk. B at the start 🙂 What we
    will get in the form of grille 15 is very sneaky, small machice with big
    gun. Wt E-100 is at least big, slow and rather easy to spot and do damage
    for it.

  69. If a pve co-op mode ever comes to WoT I hope this makes a return. Shame to
    just throw away a such a monster.

  70. The thing that really bother me about the Grille 15 is the Gun arc. At
    least give it a full traversable turrent or a auto loader.

  71. WT auf. E100 can one shot almost everything in one clip…
    But British’s two 183 can one shot it easily using HESH, too fragile…
    (getting worse in Grille 15…., and where the fucked is the autoloader

  72. Ok WG I have been grinding up to this and have been spending money on gold,
    can I have me money back.

  73. It’s funny that when a TD can one clip you its a problem but when arty can
    one shot you from all the way across the map without being in any danger
    somehow it’s still balanced. The reload time is even similar.

  74. Hey Dez!
    May our beloved Waffentrager RIP.. <3

  75. Was the perfect td for the stat padding whores.

  76. Where can i get this MOD?

  77. WHY??!!! This tank is why I play the game! Nooooo!

  78. Dimitris Xouiazis

    I think the best TD in the game is the WT AUF E100 PLS WARGAMING DO NOT

  79. i still miss old chaffee :(

  80. DrunkenMuchacho

    rest in peperoni waffle :´(

  81. Playing Tier X tank without premium acc, what a legend! :)

  82. Great game but on a non premium account he lost over 13K….. That’s

  83. sneaky sneaky!

  84. anyone who says this tank wasnt broken is crazy, no tank should be able to
    clip another tank full health tier 10 heavy whilst they are on reload. im
    happy its been removed now the game is a bit more balanced.

  85. Tobias Feldhahn

    When is patch 9.15 comming?

  86. please do 15 WTF E-100 vs 15 Grille 15

  87. Justice.

  88. Master Juicebox

    WT E-100 was so kawaii… GOOD BYE MY TRUE LOVE!

  89. Bye Bye Wtf

  90. I grind like one and a half year to get this tank… snifff. snifffff….

  91. FU WT hope u rot in pieces

  92. Stefan Stamenkovic

    waffentrager is legend i got 13 kills with him noooo its a great tank the
    best , grille is so bad comparing it yo wf e 100

  93. and now the russian tanks dominant the battle field

  94. Dez what do you think doing a Face off video with the WT before it gets
    taken out?

  95. Grille will be more OP then this ;p

  96. WT E-100 is the Hero we need, but not the one we want right now…

  97. Verld of Tanks

  98. rip :'(

  99. World of tanks blitz Gaming

    no homophobic

  100. World of tanks blitz Gaming

    hey sexy you are reading this comment

  101. I like tanks, so much.

    Yes tanks!


  102. We will luv you Waffle we need you more ?

  103. Branden Lausterer

    good bye

  104. RIP WT auf. E100

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