► World of Tanks: GRILLE 15 – 10,000+ Damage – Amazing Duo! Grille 15 Gameplay – 9.15

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Source: DezGamez

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Are you ready something new? Something new and something epic? If you are, then sit back and enjoy today’s epic battle episode about “ 15”, that is going to be here with 9.15.

► Full list of World of Tanks 9.15 changes:


  1. Great vid Dez. Thanks

  2. Nice game, good TD. tho, what a gold nuub :))…kiding u haters…

  3. Whilst its expected on the test server I’ve never worked out why people
    spam gold to ‘test’ tanks they might like because 90% of them will not spam
    premium on the live server so you get the wrong impression of the tank.
    Also Grille 15 has like super velocity with AP shells so the AP is better
    than the HEAT in a lot of cases when you add in the overmatch mechanics and
    how spaced armour effects HEAT.

  4. will be nice to try this one out as soon as the patch hits us. Ty for the
    vid Dez ;)

  5. Best tw ever! ??

  6. Xenomorph Paco the Great

    I just saw this: Grille 15 default ammo is HEAT?

  7. hey dez gamez could u post a video of how to join a common test server

  8. Dude, I thought this was a match I was in! I played a bottom tier tank in
    this map recently on the test server. The team makeup is very similar to
    what I played, but I guess everyone is playing these tanks on the test

  9. Michael Sheldon


  10. Nice vid, Dez 😀 but what is that of printshot?

  11. It has to much speed,and the penetration of the shells need a nerf

  12. is it just me or is the grille 15 op

  13. when will this update be released?

  14. Dikkekoenijntje

    Increase the map size please!

  15. I love premium shells ;-)

  16. soon wot will nerf grille 15

  17. well i loved the work he did but i have to say it now “holy fuck this HEAT
    spamming noob” lol just kidding very nice game

  18. I’m just so upset that he’s using a game mechanic that everyone else is
    also using! Make me happy! Boo hoo! ;n;

  19. It will get the nerf bat as usual.

  20. tefoora rebbouh

    gold noob

  21. I love playing wot on my xbox1 and understand they need variety when it
    comes to tank selection. But this vehicle goes beyond the realm of normal
    physics. With the tanks, there is some amount of realism in the way they
    perform for an arcade style game. But this tank seems a bit overboard with
    its performance, from a realistic standpoint.

  22. lol gona say that was luckiest grille 15 ever i seen

  23. world of thongues? where do i sign up for that??

  24. why is so HEAT in this place. dez i just done my nightshift and fast home
    to see if there is new vid. pls relese that 15vs15 u anaunced in last ffs

  25. why is so HEAT in this place. dez i just done my nightshift and fast home
    to see if there is new vid. pls relese that 15vs15 u anaunced in last ffs


    Cant wait to use it

  27. This TD is gonna be a nightmare to fight on the live server. AND it’s fast
    enough to go back and reset a cap or run away from a falling flank. The
    only Upside is that it has almost no armor so HE will be a saving grace
    when fighting it.

    And yes. this is the test server life. nothing but gold ammo for days on
    there. And Dez I would say a MUST have skill on this TD is the Armorer
    skill because your going to also need those repair kits for the ammo racks
    and engine as well because those WILL be knocked out easily and with
    Armorer skill the 150mm on the Grille is still has an accuracy of something
    like 0.36- 0.37 I’ve heard?

  28. They have replaced a broken tank, the WT E100, with another broken tank,
    the Grille 15…

  29. i forgot about loading gold on the test server…….THANK YOU

  30. Damn, cant weait to play with that beast, i think im not going to miss the
    WTe100 much 🙂
    Epic game BTW :)

  31. probably the best tag-team/teamwork ive ever seen

  32. *coughs* “what a premium shell spamming noob”.

  33. Hopefully the Grille has better gun depression than the WT.

  34. omg premium spamming noob ;)

  35. Kristoffer Johansson

    Yet another paper, dream up tank. Boring!

  36. He fir gald AND he kemp bush!! reported!!

  37. Honestly 279mm pen fast AP round is a lot more useful than 334mm pen HEAT
    unless you must try to hit E-100/JPE-100 upper turret/superstructure
    instead of the giant lower glacis, so spamming HEAT is actually worse. HEAT
    gets trolled at the worst time(especially when trying to shoot an
    overangled heavy tank like IS-7 or E-100 to both track and do damage).

  38. Nono Spelfanaat

    ((just to troll Dezgamez)) OMG PREMIUMZ ZHELLZ NEWBZ

  39. Whatever it’s the test server, let em shoot gold.

  40. Those guys should marry each other, like seriously, they should. If only my
    relationship worked that well lol

  41. damn fucking premium noob. Kappa

  42. Jeremiah Cramer

    I was wondering if you have done a test between the Gold and regular AP
    rounds? Some tanks don’t seem to make much of a difference where others are
    WAY OP. It feels like to me the newer tanks are trying to close the huge


  44. uggg stander shots?

  45. Premium noob…

  46. wargaming sharedyour RNG :D

  47. What the fuck?! What a fucking gold noob!

  48. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I’m not going to bitch about premium shots on the test server. But on
    normal servers that’s a huge issue with the game. It makes playing heavy
    tanks almost pointless. It also screams pay to win no matter how you put it.
    Buy them for gold; buy premium account or a premium tanks and earn more
    credits for them.

  49. Wtf what the fuck is wrong with premium? If I see a Is3 front in my su152
    should i just give up or what?! Just stupid blaming premium for being good,
    it helps to win some games, but never makes you the unicum player.

  50. sorry Dez but it matters the fuck a lot…not because of they spamming gold
    or premium ammo…the reason is this…when monkeys are using only premium
    ammo on test servers you simply can not test the tank armor which you for
    e.g. don’t have in your garage…because every fucking monkey shooting gold
    at you….simply as that…and I rest my case…period!!

  51. That was awesome. In all honesty, it didn’t matter if it was AP/HEAT for
    all those shots. The first shot on the E100 in the beginning is probably
    the only bounce he woulda got. Not complaining about gold, just pointing
    out how this result is totally achievable with standard AP

  52. One of the best things about this gun is the shell velocity. Your shells
    hit almost instantly, makes aiming at moving targets very satisfying. It
    feels like an accurate BL-10 mounted on something that can actually outpace
    a snail.

  53. campers

  54. What in the world was that E100 trying to do LOL

  55. gold nub

  56. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    omg hes such a gold noob im a wining little bitch and my dick is small

  57. Good video but… about the premium shots ^^ just kidding

  58. Not premium shots, it’s called premium ammo m8 😀 Keep on the good work :3

  59. Gold Nuub

  60. The Pilot Penguin

    omg standard ammo spamming noob :()

  61. gud sh!t btw whats pen of those skill ammo rounds? if it like 400 then no
    point goin in sniper mode just autoaim :)

  62. you are getting close to 100k subs!!!

  63. This tank will be the only reason for me to come back to wot. the old
    wte100 was a big cat and mouse game. get spotted your dead, see them first
    and its over. happy to see mine leave the garage


  65. About 15vs15. I just found out your channel. You think it is possible find
    15 pz2j vs ???? or 15 TOG vs ????. Are you playing on US or EU servers? I
    might bring pz2j or TOG to help out a little if it is EU.

  66. nice teamwork there watching each others backs with nice crossfire

  67. What a premium spamming NOOB!!

  68. Bartosz Mazurek

    premium noob

    jk, why you hating? ???

  69. gold noob L2P… Hahahaha just kidding, Good game dez, can wait

  70. Regenbogen Olaf

    really want to see the game from the other grills view now

  71. Premium ammo lol…. noob

    just a joke :)

  72. Uber DooberNoober

    That was pretty EPIC

  73. world of thongs

  74. Welcome back to wuorld of tuanks!

  75. Grille 15 is now officially “The Boomstick”.

  76. please try to pronounce grille and jagdpanzer right. its about time. look
    it up c:

  77. what a gold spaming nooooooob ????????

  78. Epic damage, great teamplay! Test server however, is not the same thing as
    regular server for many reasons and it takes a little away from this
    result. But hell yea this is worth the thumbs up!

  79. Gareth Fairclough

    Dez, nothing wrong with gold spamming. I like the blingbling 😛

  80. Dude telling people not to say something is just gonna draw attention to
    it. Also trolls are gonna say that kind of stuff anyways. Instead, just
    explain why you’re using gold and move on. And then ignore the trolls and
    shit. People have the right to say whatever they want, but you have a
    choice wether or not you listen or are affected by it.

  81. I am Lord Gaben!

    World of Donks I like it.

  82. i got like over 7k dmg in my first game with that tank

  83. jijiiii, what do you know!

  84. epic job dez

  85. [LV.20] Setsuna Kiyoura

    1 Grille did the damage other did the spot and low hp killing pretty
    much…..no that TD won’t be a gamebreaker like the WT auf E-100….of
    course not…

  86. I believe wte100 was removed because it just wasn’t balanced.You could do
    3k dmg and then you had to wait 52 sec to reload and do nothing.btw epic

  87. realy good team work

  88. this fucking gold spammer bitch noob :DDDD

  89. Dez this replay is flawless, thank you for uploading it, it inspired me to
    play even better on the Test Server ( but that is not very possible when
    everyone want to kill you cause you are from the EU server xD)

  90. 2:Wut a gold spammin nob cmon git gud m9 ;)

  91. You must do Grille15 vs Jagdpanzer E100

  92. What is your favourite tank dez?


  94. Nice gameplay but too much gold ammo spam, l2p pls.

  95. Please Wargaming, E100 needs that Grill 15 Canon.

  96. what a premium spammer noob faggot!

    jk love you Dez!

  97. xXroadkill surname

    AMX 50B plzzzz

  98. DrunkenMuchacho

    i can handle so much gold ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  99. OP wtf E100 got remove they said
    underpower lame TD Grille 15 they said

  100. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yea, only Gold on Test Server thats right. But i would still use AP, to
    know what the Tank is “normally” like to play

  101. Hmm… Bitrate seemed kinda low at the start… Forgive me guys! 🙁
    Try not to hate me.

  102. a

  103. Rejektidu PlayzZ

    1st lolxD

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