► World of Tanks: Grille Them Like A Medium – Grille 15 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. World of Tanks Grille 15 Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Today you going to see somewhat different Grille 15’s gameplay… “MisterCro” is going to treat it like a sniper medium and is going to be able to get crazy ass result!

► Music used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/:



  1. You may call it Monkey 15 or whatever you want.

  2. as a german, i can say you can pronounce it how ever you want :P

  3. Tanks I will never get to play 😀 No premium grinding ftw

  4. Dez tell me where are u from >:)

  5. Grats to our hero and the enemy 50/51 player – I LOVE seeing a good, close
    game with one enemy player in particular dogging the subject.

  6. MisterCro is best player in world of tanks on Balkan.

  7. Hrvat igrao ma najjači smo u ovoj igri hahahahaha

  8. Dan te jebo :D

  9. Yesterday a Grille 15 bounced 3 times in a row in my turret from my T32 ^^

  10. dez why i like you?!

  11. machinegunjoe 2001

    GG WG one of the most overpowered tanks in wot

  12. 6:10 black screen

  13. Must be early Christmas, two videos in 1 day :). Keep up the epic work Dez.

  14. Can you pls do obj 263 vs JG E 100

  15. i hate seeing how fun grille 15 is. i m at WT4 and its painfull as duck.

  16. le retour des face off ?

  17. Bad pun. Very bad pun.

  18. If I remember right was Mr Cro the one who sent in the epic walker bulldog
    on steppes replay?

  19. Grille does not have a good camo rating it’s horrible…..

  20. 106 likes , 0 dislikes ??

  21. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    5:00 ”good camo rating” *WTF Dez*

  22. I sent you a replay a while ago, where I got as Kolobanov’s Medal in a
    Ke-Ho, ridiculous game it was. Could almost not believe it myself.

  23. TheOneWhoPlays W.o.T. (Proxim1Bro)

    Another nice replay and video!
    Good Job DEZ!

  24. A Kid From Africa

    Im at the Rhm atm
    wish me Luck

  25. Never mind the tank being op, MisterCroo is feckin’ op, pls nerf kthxbye.

  26. m41 walker bulldog v t71 face off

  27. NERF this shit…

  28. yeh 100k but to more time.

  29. G’Day from AUS Des great work as allways dude o7

  30. fuck you grille 15 (xd)

  31. Tako je Hrvati najbolje igraju

  32. He is In Kazna

  33. Hi! I am going to copyright it! Lol. I know him.

  34. hey, what happened at 06:10?

  35. pls send me

  36. you show face in te 90k, or 95k subscribe ,,Q&N” ?

  37. Grill 15 sounds terrible :DD I prefer Grille 15 xD

  38. Aleksandr Sargsyan

    I really would like you see your game settings :D

  39. i have like a boos ?

  40. my english not god

  41. pls send me message hi

  42. pozdrawiam dez ?

  43. first first time PL best!!!.

  44. Reserved :P

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