► World of Tanks: Grind to IS-7, Worth it? – IS-3, T-10 and IS-7 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. . World of Tanks IS-3 Gameplay Review. Gameplay Series.

In today’s episode I am going to play with one of the Soviet heavy tank lines, IS-7 heavy tank line. Is it the grind? Let’s find out!


  1. box tank pls give it a go pls… DG

  2. is7 is shit now you can get pen by everything ,like in tier 10 cw peopel
    are not using is7 any more just T10E5s

  3. nice episode! good games, too!

  4. Hrvoje Mihalić (necro1608)

    play some 121 or STB-1. Med action xD

  5. Challenger British Tier 7 TD, I dare you to play that thing. Just got the
    Charioteer and thankful I do not have to play another game in the

  6. The IS tech tree has always been fun – thanks for sharing it, Dez!

  7. Fuck the IS3… such a stupid tank, I hate it even more than arty because
    it is in every freaking tier 8 game… BUT HEY AT LEAST THEY BUFFED IT

  8. is3 and t-10 is pretty good. but is7 not so much, the armor is the beast of
    course, but the gun is really really annoying to me.

  9. Hey, ive been wondering for a time now, where are u from ? Germany ? NL ?

    Many thanks for your great videos come from sweden ;)

  10. Grind to the deathstar ? I personally like the IS-4 over the IS-7, better
    suits me

  11. Stalin’s might indeed. All quite strong for their tier.

  12. i think t-10 is the best tier 9 heavy tank, just because of having second
    best dpm, great gun handling, best mobility after 50 120 and having the
    best turret, the sides of the hull are also great.

  13. Julien Brouilhounat

    the beast playing with the beast XD nice episode… as always ^^
    you made my night so i can go to bed ===> ME HAPPY !!!

  14. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    Hey Dez what is your nationality??
    I love your vids!!

  15. WORTH IT?? IS-3 = awesome, IS-8 = good, IS-7 = SUPER AWESOME

  16. is7 is also my first and only tier X tank (i didnt buy it i have it
    unlocked one year and i cant buy it because i dont have prem tank :(

  17. Anton Anktonkovich

    I always forget to ask what is that spotting quote a reference to? (dan te

  18. Are you estonian by any chance, because if i saw correctly, you had an
    estonian flag on is-3 and on is-7?

  19. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ do a german heavy tank line video just like deez one!

  20. More E-50M action!

  21. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    why does is-3 get such low gold pen? TIGER2 has 285mm of pen! you can
    challenge maus in tiger2 with gold were as an is-3 will cant. i feel though
    the is-3 lacks very very badly in a bad match up unlike a tiger2 which can
    look after its self

  22. There wasn’t one moment in that first replay that you needed apcr. Seems
    like kind of a waste and is a pet peeve of mine. I think they should limit
    the amount of premium shots you can carry.

  23. hi.. u play like me or i play like u.. always aggresive in heavys.. and
    well play..

  24. hi.. u play like me or i play like u.. always aggresive in heavys.. and
    well play..

  25. Damiano Lorenzo Bettega

    Can you play some chinese tanks in the next video? (maybe some heavies)
    Thanks! 😀
    Ps: do you think the e-50M is worth it?

  26. my fav tanks is-3 & is-7

  27. Never saw you played T29 and T32…

  28. That kv 4 ( 9:45 ), doing nothing, nice.

  29. Grind, what grind…?

  30. Normaly the enemy does not focus the high tier tanks itsted they focus me
    tier 5 kv1 and they lose 😀 arty’s love shoot the lower tier :D

  31. Looks like you like your heavy tanks. some nice games there.

  32. How did you unlock the IS-4 without unlock the ST-I ? O.o

  33. Great beautiful tanks , can´t wait to start the other line to the mighty IS

  34. Is4 is more fun for me I hated the is7

  35. Awesome line, the IS-7 is one of my favorite tanks and I’m grinding it
    right now. AW also said they will add the IS-7, really looking forward to

  36. You got 1st class in every game you played :D

  37. thatbattlefield dude

    I refuse to play with the Russian tanks. But is7 is pretty sexy :D

  38. in what country do you live

  39. Would love to see you play 10.5cm K18 auf Panzer Selbstfahrlafette IVa (
    Dicker Max)

  40. 721st

  41. pointing out yourself that you are wasting premium ammo but continues to
    shoot premium ammo…why? :P

  42. Yes! Always enjoy Russian heavy vids

  43. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    whoho, i am the 10th like

  44. IS-7 is totally worth it. It’s versatile.

  45. got it, never played it…

  46. IS-3 <3

  47. IS-7 line is one of the most popular lines to grind, because every tank in
    that line are very good or op.

  48. i went for is3 and then i got t110e5 and if i want good 9 tier heavy there
    is E75 and wz 11114 that are much better than t10.

  49. I never noticed how nice the guns sound.

  50. holy shit this is my first grind :D

  51. hey dez, compared to other heavies, which nation/ heavy line do u prefer?

  52. Easy grind, but not worth it… I played about 100 games with IS-7, and
    it’s shit. Everyone knows how to penetrate it….

  53. Thanks for the video – i relly love your videos and playstyle :)

  54. It’s absolutely worth it. Such an easy grind

  55. second ;)

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