► World of Tanks Grind to T-62A: Object 416, T-54, T-62A Live Gameplay Commentary

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World of Tanks Object 416, T-54, T-62A Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks T-62A Grind Review.

In today’s episode we are going to play with Soviet medium tanks, starting from tier 8 – Object 416, T-54 T-62A.
Let’s take a look how “easy” this grind going to be for you if you haven’t started yet.

– “T-62A vs Object 140?”
– For me, they are both equally epic!

Enjoy the show!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. how can i download your mod

  2. 15:22 I like that guys clan emblem, Brotherhood Of Steel from Fallout :D

  3. Hey there DezGamez, I recently noticed our conversation on 1 of my ArmA 3
    Epoch videos and I was wondering if you are still interested in a collab on
    ArmA 3.

  4. Dude Carnarvon not Conqueror in ur 416 battle. Buddy hows the Tetris Going
    ( ⧉ ⦣ ⧉ )

  5. Hey, Dez. Are we able to download your mod pack? It looks really nice.

  6. Lol the t62a/IS-4 derp action.

  7. Can you play in the American T25 AT tier 7 TD… I need to know how to play
    that tank


  9. Do you have regular times, when you stream at twitch? 😛
    Always when i look up, you’re offline :/ :D

  10. ShipDEEZNUTS

  11. T 20 next time
    nice video

  12. Andrew Beirne (Andrelo)

    can you play Tiger P and Tiger 1 ?? please xD i really enjoy your video

  13. After 3 weeks Dez got 25k subs man congrats and hope you go even further
    then your goal which was 35k

  14. excellent,many thanks.

  15. “Idiot t-62” *does 5k damage and 3 kills, better game than the is-4* ah
    retards. Can’t go more than an hour of playing without a few

  16. LOL that IS-4… looks like your own fingers decided to troll you :-D

  17. You are awesome so happy that i found your channel :)

  18. dez, what is your opinion on 62 vs 140? ty in advance

  19. Dear Dez. Where I should put my female crew?? any recomendation?? Great

  20. Thought I was having blackouts and had to rewind the epic spasmodic hand
    derp 3 times to see wtf just happened! Lmao :D

  21. Top 416 game, top Russian medium brawling skills getting stuck in and doing
    the work for your team. But that IS4 lol, like you had a hand stroke or
    something! BTW saw you in a WOWs game a few days ago but forgot to say
    hello because was annoyed with a bug, first youtuber I’ve played a game
    with and I didn’t notice!

  22. Good stuff as always Dez. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it.

  23. I want more beast mode french speaking in the future. Remember the white
    flag or it won’t work

  24. DezGamez can you please make a series where you try to do all of the
    missions where you get StugIV, T28 HTC etc? :)

  25. Very nice, good and funy battle.Just keep it up Dezz. ;). ! ;). ! ;). ! ;)

  26. awww poor little IS4 guy :-(

  27. I’ve had moments like that with the IS4…I just have to shut down the game
    and take a break.

  28. now thats Beast Mode!

  29. Dez is the new Jingles :)

  30. T-44 ≥ Obj. 416 as a medium IMO

    Although the 416 can be considered a better tank overall.

  31. Object 416 – aka the panacake of theath

  32. José Carlos Pereira

    If in the opinion of that outstanding player the teams MVP should leave WOT
    to play tetris i cant see what game left for him to play. Yeah its WOT
    random battles but at tier X i thought people more reasonable. Continue the
    fine work Dez and Ship the Nutz

  33. why all tanks desighned like ELC AMX and object 416 hav elimeted traverse
    for their turret?

  34. ╔═══╗╔═══╗
    ╚═══╝╚═══╝ gameplay.

  35. I believe, the name for the object 416 you were looking for was “frying
    pan” instead of “pancake tank”.
    But nice to see some decent gameplay of the 416. I play mine like a true
    pancake ;)

  36. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Welcome back to world of wanks- uh I mean world of tards- dammit! I mean
    premium spam of- fuck this!

  37. Raphy Smith (raphyy)

    Yo Dez, not really important but as I am not the most experienced player at
    this game, personally I’d prefer it if you left the vehicle image on the
    vehicle name rather than the name of the player in-game.

    Anyway, Great Vid.

  38. Dez that’s the thing I’ve always said about your live gameplay commentary.
    When you get pissed you are often hilarious. Not to celebrate your
    failures, but you are just very funny when you are a little angry or
    disgusted with yourself, truly LOL moments in my opinion.

  39. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)

    I thought that you would actually do a grind with T-62A.. xD

  40. I think that is-4 griefing you in chat was 11, i mean literally xD

  41. Aroused Squirrel

    The IS-4 shot was “Sudden rush of shit to the brain” – The Mighty Jingles

  42. Aroused Squirrel

    There really was no reason to cap. You were not securing the game because
    there were only two possibilities:
    1) AMX caps before and you lose
    2) Your team gets there and resets
    The IS-4 was probably complaining because there was a very slight
    opportunity that the amx leaves the cap; in that case your cap would be
    denying the rest of the team some damage.

  43. Hey Dez very nice vid I enjoyed It ! Keep up the great work and thanx for
    making world of tanks awesome! ….And please tell me what mods do u use?

  44. Do you think you will ever go for Chinese tanks? 

  45. Just a heads up konami is shutting down youtube videos that use any content
    from their games (that includes audio and video) so, you might wanna back
    off on using the alert mod sound….. couple of my mates had their vids
    taken down due to only 23secs of mgs footage


  47. Took long enough to flash that last end-plate, don’t do that to us, its
    cruel. :p gg’s btw!

  48. Bartul Javorčić

    Did you send emails to email question winners?

  49. You are the best Dez , i like you so much :P

  50. That first game ending xD Hilarious!

  51. Wow! That ending… i cri everi tim :´(

  52. Can you do a high and low tier arty gameplay next?

  53. Mr DZgms
    perhaps een idea to play the VK 45 02 P aus B and the E75 ?? just as a last
    video and Salute to the Vk B.. as it is replaced in its tier.. would like
    to see that B) 

  54. Calin Alexandru Stentel

    I love ur vids man!keep up thegr8 work!
    Btw: can u playe the lorr40t, the is7 or the obj430(aka shittyest t10

  55. Nice Video!!

  56. Flavius Albulescu

    How can be possible to earn 5.188 xp from a lost match without bonuses ?
    It’s an error or something like this????

  57. Eazy grind. :)

    • +Amin Ali use the is3, its a fun tank, decent armor and speed. bl 9 225 pen
      hits weakspots if you let it aim even on tier 10 half of the time. and it
      leads to the is7

    • +Aroused Squirrel dude you totaly missed my point. maybe read it again…
      An E50 was going back to deal with the amx, so Dez started to collect some
      xp by capping, which is OK. IS4 called him idiot, because IS4 wanted to
      kill all the tanks. IS4 acted like an idiot. And these kind of players
      remembers me to Jingles quote about the Internet.

    • So next up is Tetris ? LOL

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +ShiningTony He is not an idiot, I just found myself in the position when I
      am chasing a light in my full health med and then my team starts cap, IS-4
      is a mongoloid.

    • Herman der German

      Cap all no kill

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