► World of Tanks: Grind To T110E5, Worth it? – T32, M103, T110E5 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review. Series.

LetÙs see if grind to The Mighty T110E5 going to be worthy… Well, you already know the answer, I guess.



  1. E75 review pls

  2. E100 next?

  3. m103 is a pice of shit worst tier 9 i ever played

  4. I’ve started the grind with T32 on sunday. I love my T29, hope I will feel
    the same for the T32

  5. E5 isn’t good,it is fking awesome!!!!!!!!

  6. The E5 isnt OP at all… nah..

  7. I never develop the last cannon with the m103, someone else did this?

  8. this will be your average game in E5….. Collects first class badge haha.
    I agree with the T32 it is a lovely heavy. Nice video

  9. Dezgamez do a 15 is4 vrs 15 is7 to see who wins

  10. Free gold, worth it?

  11. M48 Patton pleaseeee

  12. It said be said about the T32 that is has the same gun as the T29, so it’s
    198 Pen really struggles against tier 9 and 10, even some tier 8s heavies

  13. Grind to E100

  14. Grind to the Maus please

  15. first line I went down, best line in the game.

  16. do the japaneas heavy tank grind

  17. Dang, I loved this video, Dez!!!! Some of my favorite tanks. Could you do
    the FATTON line please???? I know you did the T62A for me but I would
    really appreciate it. You kick ass in everything you play. Thank you so
    much, I learn allot. Oldman out.

    Take care, flea

  18. Actually the entire line is EPIC from the T-29 (tier 7). My favorite tier 7
    is T-29, T-32 is one of my favorite tier 8s and M103 is above average to
    good. T110E5 is ridiculously OP, with a little nerf in the armor maybe it
    would be a really good tank still.

  19. Grind to 113 perhaps?

  20. what do you think about the e 100? maybe in the future you may consider
    doing a similar episode? :D

  21. why you skip amx elc in french grind?

  22. T32 is really amazing until you meet all those tier ten tanks you can’t

  23. … but I *love* my T29! Not sure I’m ready to part with that one.

  24. DezGamez you forgot the t29 the beast and the best tank tier to tier. And
    the t32 with 198 pen is really bad when you see 70% of the time tier x
    tanks I just cant do good with t32.
    Thanks for the video and keep the good work. :)

  25. Can you do a guide for the T7 Challanger plz.

  26. Got my first top gun is my IS3A today in the same day i got my first ace
    tanker on my t28! Woo

  27. I still feel that the Conqueror is a better M103, but the T32 is better
    than the Caernavor… But Overall the U.S. Line is better. Grind to The
    U.K. Line next?

  28. Object 263????

  29. Nice Video Dez! Keep up these “Is it worth the grind…” series. They are
    very informative and fun to watch :P

  30. I love my T32 but I still argue that It’s Pen, DPM and mediocre ROF has
    hobbled it if not outright pushed it to the bottom of the Tier 8 heavys. If
    the 105mm got a pen boost to at least the same level as the 110 which has
    215mm I would be happy. that same could also be said of the VK4501A which
    trades armor and pen for only minor boosts in speed. It really should get
    to have the L/68 gun as well.

  31. Hell yeah it’s worth! I hated T32 though.. STILL I LOVE MY T110E5

  32. Grind to the T59 heavy.

  33. t32 is probably my favourite tank in the game. i think i average about
    2400dmg with it. not great for some, but it’s one of my best.

  34. Never ever cross the river on Erlenberg mate.

    100% lemming on one side, the turn back and defend is BY FAR the strongest
    meta on that map

  35. I like using edge and the t32 too….I said it

  36. What is DesGamez wot name? I always watch on iphone.

  37. how can you bring up that menu at 7:53?

  38. The Pilot Penguin

    t32 is a beast of a tank. when it gets hull down its epic

  39. Do grind to J.P e-100 next, if you have it!

  40. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    T110E5 is getting nerfed in 9.15.

  41. Last GG me !

  42. Dez. What would you think if the T32 got the pen from the M46’s 105mm?

  43. T32 is a super quick grind compared to M103, the 105mm at tier 9 is
    terrible, and grinding the top gun as well is a bit annoying. T32 is
    basically fully upgraded from the start, and gains a lot of xp on top of

  44. Hey Dez! Loved helping you for the new Standoff episode today. Had alot of
    fun doing so! :)

  45. Dez – thanks a lot for the look at the T110E5 line! It was the first line I
    went up in WoT – and enjoyed it from the T29 all the way up!

  46. T32 is my most played right along with T29. I have T110E5 but I kept all
    tanks from tier VII-tier X..am I weird?

  47. they will nerf the hell out of the E5…wait for that or be disappointed

  48. GRIND TO t110E3

  49. As somebody who spent his first year and a half of wot grinding to the
    T110E5 I can personally say that if you are looking for the big hitter that
    has tons of armor this is t the tank for you. I think of the T110E5 as a
    tier 10 super Pershing, it has a gun that would typically be seen on a
    medium, moderate damage and decent pen, and the armor of a lighter heavy
    tank. In my opinion it belongs as a super heavy medium because they on
    really heavy part about it is its turret and that gets penned by most tier
    9’s because of that awful gun hatch. But its hull armor is decent of angled
    properly. I’d suggest you go the is-4 or 7 or even the E-100 line

  50. I really didn’t like the t32, the gun is probably the worst tier 8 heavy
    gun (yes including the caen)

  51. Vector Signorelli

    12:36 batchat arty saying sorry for team damage
    is4 replayes np

  52. Hey Dez! I want to ask you, what are your settings for Jimbo’s Crosshair
    that shows it like that in sniper mode?

  53. ATM its worth it…until it gets nerfed in the dick (well deserved tho)

  54. maybe do one vid also about the kv4 sti Nd is4?

  55. Can you do the British Heavy line?

  56. You should do the deathstar stage 2 grind

  57. easiest grind in the game is 100% correct. all the way from tier
    7…amazing line.

  58. The T29 was pleasure to drive as well.

  59. SSOOORRYYY! NOT WORTH IT just beacuse one reason M3 LEE

  60. I completely agree that this was one of the best grinds and the top tank
    was worth the time to get. I don’t play as well as you but it’s still more
    fun to play than my other heavies.

  61. I dont know how to say it the e5 is just….. what was the word…..
    Dont say it has weakspots like evry other tank they are so small and the
    sidearmor looks bad on paper but you can sidescrape with it nevertheless
    due to its fat tracks.

  62. Am I really that weird because I loved and still love my T32? :D

  63. T32 is good, but that gun is pure shit. It works close range, but 198 pen
    combined with complete crap handling, hitting and penning anything that has
    armor and is more than 100m is impossible. Is3 has a sniper gun compared to
    it. And If you want to spam gold all day u could just buy t54.

  64. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ t32 sucks: D
    TIGER II has waay better gun with way better accuracy, pen, GOLD PEN, rof,
    better dpm,better hull armor,
    more hp
    much faster shell velocity
    faster turret traverse
    faster hull traverse
    better ground resistance on ALL terrains
    tiger 2 is actually faster if you can believe that
    one more thing…..TIGER II looks waaay way better then t32, best looking
    tank in the game. the only way a t32 will win in a fight if he goes hull
    down but other then that t32 sucks compared to tiger 2 :D

  65. average battle right dez not on my side of the world :)

  66. Next video *Grind to M3 Lee , worth it?* ;)

  67. Nice, thx for replays. I just researched T-32 so this helps decide to keep
    going on this line.

  68. Great video! Keep it up!
    I watch every video you put up so keep uploading a lot pls!

  69. wait… why u have estonian flags on ur tank?

  70. wow…gotta grind that line….fast….

  71. Zak Stratford-Smith

    Tier 7: 9/10 OP
    Tier 8: 7/10 Too much like T29
    Tier 9: 7/10 Turret isn’t as op with fat cheeks and a hit here hatch
    Tier 10: 10/10 OP to the point where i find it boring to play

  72. dfjhdsv why diosent my enter kety work

  73. yay e5 so weak

  74. I don’t get it. T32 has one of the worst gun for a heavy tank tier for
    tier, and the M103 has an amazing gun yet they say T32 is better. I love my
    M103 and completely hate the T32

  75. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    T-32 grind is only the turret but oh my god, the stock turret is just too

  76. I love my T32 I kept it after getting my m103.

  77. Dez, what is your accent?

  78. one USA heavy tank line? there is only one….

  79. What about the t29?

  80. you have to actually try to be bad in an E5

  81. Admit it guys, at the start of each video you try to imitate Dez by saying
    ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ using his voice, I know I do it :D

  82. Frederick Schulze

    DezGamez, the gun on the T32 is only good if you don’t mind losing credits
    almost every game (without prem account). Otherwise it is one of the worst
    guns at tier 8…

  83. How do u change your tank views

  84. T32 IS SHIT TANK

  85. Why do you carry so many he rounds?

  86. Dez, will u ever play a WoT game with quickybaby on livestream?

  87. Can you please do some Leopard PT A gameplay? I would LOVE to see you play
    it, as im still learning its playstyle :)

  88. they will nurf it soon, wg have already announced they will rebalance some
    tanks and the e5 is one of them.

  89. Definitely worth it

  90. When you’re early and first comment before you watch

  91. That moment when you’re hella early….

  92. me too !

  93. 54 secs ago :3



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