► World of Tanks: Grinding for Credits – Premium Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

FCM 50t Gameplay Review. . . . World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Cash, ATM, Titties, this my “motto” today. I need credits, so going to play with premium tanks!


  1. jagd 88 best money maker in the game serb fact

  2. Double Double 4G

    Nice games. Was curious about your crew skills and equipment on your E25 –
    your reload time is Godly 0.o

  3. Jochem van Pamelen

    e25 is OP

  4. Arnava Yeshaswi

    dez nuts

  5. There’s a special place in hell for E25 sealclubbers. It’s right next to
    the arty players’ lot.

  6. @ShiptheNutz – are you estonian?

  7. E-25 is the funniest and the most interesting tank for play in the game!
    Confirmed 🙂 <3

  8. Dez! I was that cromwell in your second game with e25 ! :D

  9. I like ur loud keyboard 😛 Which one is it ?

  10. Dez, don’t angle ur SuperPershing, ur making it easier for people to pen u
    on the inside of ur front sprocket… Better off straightening up and
    moving back and forward ;)

  11. the previous title was cooler :DDDD

  12. try cromewell vs t34 85

  13. Thanks for doing a video on the T26E4, I <3 the SP!!

  14. Great video, I have noticed that RNG has been a real bitch lately.

  15. Thanks for the videos.

  16. You should say Ladies and Tankermen kinda catchy as your catch phrase

  17. Mutz I like a lot O.O

  18. FirestreakRodimusPr

    It wouldn’t be a Dez video w/o him getting randomly blown up by arty or an
    incredibly lucky shot.


  20. maybe replay with 3-34-3 ?

  21. I don’t think it’s worth it to angle your armor in super Pershing

  22. E25 = AMX ELC on stereoids

  23. ATM titties is the only way to fly……esp in London ;)

  24. there is a special place in hell reserved for those leFH plattooning

  25. i have that tank

  26. Vector Signorelli

    and this is what happens when you watch too much porn!

  27. you should do a video on your modpack and share it so we could have them

  28. Harrison Rawlinson

    If u earnt enough, I don’t think that we would see u again ;)

  29. damn,the gold spam is real in this vid,sorry man but that’s a dislike

  30. Dez! ^_^ I earned my first ever Kolobanovs today at 6.3K battles only :3 I
    wanted to ask if you might be willing to look at it and maybe feature it. I
    achieved it in my Skoda T25 :)

  31. bottom to mouth, oh my

  32. If you want the best money making tank than get the jagdtiger 8.8cm. I can
    make 100000 credits without premium account sometimes

  33. Jan Valko Kristak

    Dis right here is the reason i love Dez way more over all the other
    youtubers doing WOT … U man are so freaking awesome, its literally like
    any other wot player out there that has his/her casual games recorded with
    the commentary at the moment of making it 😀
    its so natural and not faked / made for youtube that its brilliant !
    Sry for the “long” comment keep up the good work Dez u defo are the
    “People’s favourite”
    PS : Love u man , no homo :D

  34. Has anyone told you that you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger? 😛
    Anyway,greetings from sunny florida,USA and love your vids!

  35. Howdy Dez, from Houston, Texas

  36. Women who do ATM are the best.

  37. I really like the videos but the keyboard sounds annoy me really bad

  38. Dez is the only WoT youTuber that make me happy. Makes me want to come back
    for more. 🙂 GJ, GJ Dez. Tigaaaah, WTF, u kidding me, crap, etc …. it is
    like he is one of us.

  39. automatically liked this video because it says: titties

  40. loved them all vg

  41. DezGamez 100k subs special face reveal?

  42. If this reaches top comment dez has to do a face reveal

  43. how much credist did you earn with SuperPershing??? btw. thats besouse you
    did end the video before the SuperPershing :DDDDDDDDD

  44. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    That IS-3 man…

  45. Erick Alexander

    I love my fcm


    what is the cost of one full account ?

  47. IS-6 best cash cow.

  48. Hey Dez. Thanks for the video yesterday. Always nice to see you make one.
    😀 Think you could use the ST-1 next video maybe? At the KV-4 and really
    want to see more ST-1 gameplay. :D

  49. Always fun to play with OP tenks like E25… :)

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