► World of Tanks: Hardcore Credit Grind! – Type 59, FCM 50T, AMX CDC, Löwe Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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I made myself a little side mission – I try to get 6.1 million credits together at the end of this … Tough one, will see how much time I have to do that, but I try my best!

Which tier 10 should I buy next – T110E4?


►Tanks in action:
– Germany/German Löwe, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank
– France/French FCM 50t, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank
– France/French AMX CDC, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank
– China/ Type 59, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank


  1. Well If you asked me I’d tell you to buy whatever you think you would have
    more fun playing.

  2. +Dezgamez I would love to see the WZ-111 I am about to get it

  3. Those lowrolls on lowe…same goes for 128 l55…, all lowrolls, im certain
    that something is screwed on those gun rolls…

  4. In my clan we have a competition. the one with the most credits gets a
    dicker max

  5. +dezgamez Object 430

  6. Go for T57 Heavy, can be great fun, a slower version of the 50B but really

  7. My recommend tank to play is one you don’t have, yet. I am a sucker for
    anything American.

  8. Obj430 is useless compared to Obj140 and T62A… I’d buy the T57 Heavy
    personally – it’s going to be my next Tier 10 purchase as well…

  9. i would buy the e4, cause ist a td, that differs from many others, obj.430
    isnt as good as the other 2 soviet meds in my opinion

  10. We can never enough Death Stars or tier X arty to one shot me and send me
    on a green shooting 3 month ban. So go with one of them.

  11. My vote if for the Object 430 – mix it up a little!

  12. Who thinks Dez needs to platoon with Circ during one of his streams? I want
    this to happen so bad.

  13. the thumbnail confused me, i was like, “WTH is a SOT?”

  14. Object 430 v2 is an excellent tank in my personal opinion. I haven’t sold
    mine even after researching the tier 10, great armour and ultra high DPM.

  15. Yea, I do these credit grinds from time to time when I am trying to buy a
    tier 10. Think I need to do one fairly soon. I really enjoy these credit
    grind videos of yours Dez…one of my favourites. Thanks!

  16. Great video. Do another set of Tier VIII premiums.

  17. ‘Murica

  18. What about the T57 Heavy would like to see you driving that one!

  19. Where are u from doode?

  20. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    Next time play with comunism power

  21. Hi m8t from Australia even know i’m a scrub with just 21k games I’ve got 23
    tier 10’s and have researched all US, German and French. Now I only need 3
    more to complet Japan, then next i’ll do Chinese, then USSR and lastly the
    Brit’s. SEA server user name : Strap_On_Gun (though it was just Strap_On
    but Elite 911 reported it as offensive to WG and I had to change it)

  22. WTF are pirates doing in Lion?

  23. man that was some peic game play !

  24. what is the best money making machine in this game without prem account.??

  25. Yea do another with t 34-3, WZ-111 and KV-5. From T10 get T110E4 its realy
    good Heavy tank (i know its TD) lot of people hate it but its awesome if u
    play it like E100 with less armor but much better gun, obj.430 II is realy
    good but obj430 is weakest from all three russian meds, but its not bad.

  26. dez, your mod shows you profit, not income on the first page of battle
    report so you dont have to go to “details” to see profit. keep it real!

  27. Deeez nuuuuuuutttzzzz

  28. Get the T110E4!! I’ve been asking for that tank forever but I never knew
    that you didn’t have it :(

  29. Obj 430 is shit, get the e4

  30. Who is the fucker that disliked this

  31. Where is the epic outro? :O
    Still awesome episode!

  32. U diden’t auto-aim on AMX-50B if u litsen

  33. GET the 430 tier 9…. its a great tank (Apart from gun depression)

  34. 26 minutes? Lovely

  35. The Obj 430 II is my favorite tank in the game currently.

  36. Get the obj 430 V2 but dont free exp through it, it is a great tank and
    arguably better than the T54, better turret, better hull, fires faster,
    rear mounted turret for side scraping. Its a ridiculous tank and I loved
    mine. I also did ridiculously well in it.

  37. Object 430 pls

  38. lowe action was good to see rare these days… but them blind shots were OP

  39. which would you say is the best premium tier 8 tank?

  40. Nice blind shots man! was funny to watch.

  41. what mod is that garage from? looks pretty sweet

  42. the jadgtiger 88 is the best dosh maker…. its good armor high ROF gun =
    plus the ammo is only 250 credits. score 2700 dmg ur looking at 90k game
    have 3100 dmg game ul get 100k

  43. dont buy any of the russian mediums…hardly any ifferences between its not
    worth grinding

  44. Dez buy the obj430 :D

  45. 10:21 wtf it bounced?!?!

  46. Is this Lowe, that I’m feeling, is this the Lowe, that I’ve been searching

  47. the word under the minion when you get spotted is a curse word on serbian

  48. what is löwe, baby dont hurt me …

  49. I listened more than watched but I got a laugh reading the chat-box for
    part of the last game. Yet again, the folks who aren’t driving a light
    tank are the best and grandest light tank drivers in the game. A couple of
    big experts there, the both of them. The 12 t driver was lucky to have
    them on his team. :-P

  50. no ace in kv-5? time to change that dez :D

  51. when do u stream, Nutz?

  52. Object 430 plox

  53. Obj 430 is getting buffed as i heard

  54. DezGamez be like “not bad, not bad at all”

  55. Jagdtiger 88! For the Camp!

  56. There is no real reason to get the E4 if you already have the E3. The E4 is
    just worse in every aspect aside from its speed.

  57. if you like 140 you will certainly like the object 430

  58. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    obj 430 cause is a bit difrent

  59. buy both obj 430s they’re amazing

  60. Then buy Obj. 430 and u have all Russian tanks complete one nation then go
    to next hahaha xD

  61. T110E4! :D

  62. If you already have a russian T10 I’d say get an E4 because those are great
    fun. The Type 59 got a HD buff which made me play it again because I just
    kinda stopped playing with it. I’ve got over 700 battles in it lol

  63. T30, E4 and T34 are getting lonely after seeing this. 🙁 Man. I REALLY hope
    Xbox gets more tanks and even more maps soon. T49 will be mine!!! I got the
    Chaffee just to get ready for it. :D

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