► World of Tanks: HE-100 IS BACK! – Full HE E-100 is FUN!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks E-100, Tier 10 German Heavy Tank.

Guys, HE-100 back in action! It has been over a year since I tried it, I remember that I enjoyed it a lot and oh boy… I was not wrong! 🙂
You simply can not beat that fun factor, what derping in World of Tanks gives you! 🙂



  1. Claus say Hi 😉

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    #ClausiansCare Mr Kellerman send me here and I’m glad to be on your channel.

  6. Claus says hello

  7. awesome channel. i have learned alot from you. keep the stuff coming.

  8. HE = more DPM 😀

  9. Hey Dez!! When will you do a face reveal, or will you?
    Like if you think Dez should do a face reveal!!

  10. #Clausianscare I’ve been watching both for like ever but your both epic af

  11. Hey thanks for helping out Claus, comon his imatation was good:D

  12. Stop that dez pleaaaase…
    HE was effective on Bc25 and kranvagn’s turret but you can deal more dmg with AP!!

  13. Claus says hello 🙂

  14. Claus say hi… Thanks Dez!

  15. Hey Dez Claus sent me…….

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    Saying hello as requested by Claus – “hello from the UK”

  17. Claus said hi Dez

  18. An die Deutschen, AKO-STYLE!

  19. So this video is usless e100 full he is terrible…
    But thanks for the video 😉

  20. hey dez claus sends me here 🙂 he sez watch and learn

  21. #ClausiansCare DEZGAMER! Claus say’s HI and wants YOU to know he appreaciate it! I’m a Swedish (northern Europé) subscriber from CLAUSES CHANNEL that wants to THANK DEZ GAMEZ and ALL OF YOU DEZGAMIANZ ( is it ok for me to call you all that, it ment of RESPECT!?) that came over today and hopefully will continue to come over to Clauses channel to Watch Comming episodes! Claus, was a bit starstruck today, i think?, because he behaved a bit TO WELL in todays episode for it to be a REAL CLAUS KELLERMAN VIDEO!! I DO hope you read this, Claus? ?

  22. Although I have subed you and Claus both for several months, just saying “hey” from Claus!
    Enjoy both of you guys, keep up the great vids, both of you rock!!!

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  24. Claus shouted out about your channel on his channel. Claus hates the E100 so I love the irony of posting a friendly shout from the Clausonians to you on this video. Carry on!

  25. #ClausiansCare Hey Dez you are the MAN! You are a real classy guy and thanks for the shout out to Claus. I now have two WOT channels to look forward to watching every morning…one serious and very informative and one sometimes serious, always informative [may not be about WOT but I always learn something] but always funny as hell. Keep up the good work Dez it is very much appreciated!

  26. #ClausiansCare Thanks for the mention Dez, have watched your videos before, but subscribed today. 🙂

  27. Claus said HI DEZZ!! 🙂

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  29. strong work
    thanks for the good games Claus replayed

  30. you got my sub lmfao

  31. DezGames, as a longtime Clausien, huge thank you!! Claus says “hi”. I love to see the youtuber solidarity and brotherly love!

  32. #Clausianscare Great action and shoutouts! 😀 Been a subscriber to you Dez and Claus for a while and great to see WOT community folks support each other!

  33. #clausianscare Dez thanks for the shoutout to another one of my favorite channels!

  34. This used to work better when repair kits had 1 use only but still u can mess ppls games shooting he on hard to pen turrets. Also hi from klaus ☺

  35. New York State Whiskey and Pipes

    You gave a shout out to Claus, and we thank you.

  36. Dez, Claus says hi lol nice that you are helping each other out 🙂

  37. Hi Dez, a shoutout from Claus 😉

  38. Checking in from Claus Kellerman!

  39. Claus says you are a muppet

  40. Awesome video. Learned a lot about aiming HE rounds. I sub to you and Claus. You guys rock!

  41. Clause cares.

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  43. #ClausiansCare you are freaking EPIC Dez!!! NA server needs more players like you instead of the crybaby stat-whores who never just play to have fun! Claus says HI and thanks!!!

  44. Claus fan here to subscribe to your channel.

  45. Just saying “Hey” from Claus. BTW, he does a pretty good impression of you. LOL

  46. Thx dez

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    great video ! #ClausiansCare

  48. #ClausiansCare  Hey there Dez, great videos!! Thanks for helping out Claus…. trying to decide who’s voice sounds sexier, yours or Claus’s,  it’s pretty close

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