► World of Tanks: HEAVY AUTOLOADERS – AMX 50B and T57 Heavy Tank

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Source: DezGamez

AMX 50B Gameplay Review. . World of Tanks Update.

Patch 9.16 up and running on our main servers as well, so it time to test it out!
My focus today is going to be at heavy autoloaders – and AMX 50B. I love both tanks a lot, true beasts, but let’s see if I am able to keep up my epic damage ration with Heavy!

And today is actually my birthday as well, so stay tuned for the epic Birthday Special stream! 🙂



  1. Happy birthday. Just had one myself. Have you ever done a replay or review
    of the US Hellcat? Just curious because it received a nerf about a year ago
    – can’t have an American TD outperform the new Soviet or Chinese lights and
    mediums. There’s an armor museum in Orlando Florida, that has a working
    Hellcat, and are restoring another. They conducted tests on the turret
    rotation speed – it’s on their FB page – and it seems WG really did the TD
    a disservice. Love your videos. Keep it up!

  2. happy bday now go out and have some fun….

  3. happy b day dez!

  4. ?oh my god! Happy Birthday, Dez! I wish you had a good day!! Sorry for
    being late to say “happy b-day”?

  5. Happy birthday dez!

  6. birthday Stream hype!!!!!

  7. What mods are You using

  8. happy birthday dez. woo!

  9. happy birthday you tanky estonian:)

  10. Happy Birthday Mate
    Keep on making these awesome WOT videos

  11. Happy Cake Day. Enjoy the day and go for a ride.

  12. LIER Dez u had played the t57 ht 6 times

  13. Happy birthday you are the most interesting person to watch you make me
    laugh my ass of keep up the great work you deserve it you are the best have
    a great birthday.

  14. Happy birthday Dez???

  15. World Of Tanks Perilous Driver

    Most graceful T57 player I’ve seen. Happy birthday!

  16. Dez send me a paypal link so I can give you your birthday money! It’s the
    LEAST I can do for all the great content you put up and all the effort you
    put into this for us all!


  17. Happy b-day :)

  18. Happy birthday !! :))

  19. happy Birthday

  20. Happy B-Day Dez!

  21. Gabriel Gheorghe-Leca

    Happy birthday! Keep doing what u’re doing….u’re the best!

  22. Congratulations!

  23. 20 mins epizode!, you made my day in your B-day 😀 Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!

  24. Happy birthday man!

  25. happy birthday dez ?

  26. All going the same way like sheep, BORing

  27. My birthday as well! Happy Birthday bro!

  28. Happy Birthday Dez.

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEZ!!!???? its okay when you not uploading video!! btw
    keep the video up!

  30. Happy Birthday Sir .. keep up the good work

  31. Wish you happy birthday and many more to come! Keep up the great work!

  32. Happy Birthday DEZ, keep the great work on this channel

  33. happy birthdy m8

  34. Happy Birthday, a bit late.

  35. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    happy birthday!
    been watching your vids for a long while now, and i don’t plan on stopping
    anytime soon.
    The video’s are very very enjoyable. keep it up and just to mix it up i
    might actually watch you birthday livestream.
    see you there!

  36. happy birthday Dez….ShiptheNutz…..or whatever

  37. Happy birthday DezGamez

  38. Happy birthday. loving your work, keep it coming it’s awesome

  39. happy b-day Sir Dez. wish u all the best. seems like u r great guy and tnx
    for all the fun u share with us. p.s. what does this F in my tumbnail
    means? plz tell me if u know. :)

  40. Happy belated birthday Dez,thank you for you’re uploads.

  41. Dez, where are you from?

  42. Happy Birthday Dez

  43. jr.lerious jr.lerious

    you should play WOT Blitz

  44. Happy Birthday ?

  45. Stephanies Rendra (In Stasis)

    Erm… 12:53 did you really press enter just for giving others attention to
    that sectors? lol I mean, you can just hold CTRL and not pressing enter :P


  47. Happy birthday dude, keep up the good work, Respect

  48. HBD mate , I see u have already 6 games on T57 🙂 not 2 :)

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