► World of Tanks: Heavy Hitting Stuff! – Non-Stop Damage!

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I decided to bring out heavy tanks



  1. did you see the T110E5 shoot the 704 LOL

  2. Henrique “Nexus” Policarpo

    elite gameplay xD

  3. I liked the zoom in on the girls ass

  4. Edis “Azir” Süleyman

    Dez you’re Estonian right?

  5. can you get a filter on your mic or something? hearing your keyboard is
    kinda annoying

  6. if you dont mind me asking where did you get the post battle results
    screen?! btw loved the vid keep up the great work and a big fat like from

  7. Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks

    i went for the British TD and Med lines, seeing you play the Heavy line
    makes me also want to play that haha. i might continue where i left off
    with it, the Black Prince. So Slow Though! got tips?

  8. enfazlakacharfliki

    Will be any stereotypes video ? That was so funny :)

  9. 1337 first thing i noticed

  10. Wait are you Estonian? And can you squat like a Slav?

  11. 9:00 Illuminati confirmed

  12. camino silva gordon

    t 34 has a td equivalent gun thats why

  13. Dez, how do I stop my neighbour’s kid penning the side of my Toyota with
    his tricycle?

  14. great video, the zoom at 4:33 was hilarious!

  15. Love those zooms..

  16. So what about the keyboard?! :))

  17. That fun , but if WoT have decided you don(t win u don’t win , and you have
    many boons , that is ba-boons players can(t change the issue


  18. keyboard is sexy AF

  19. Trolling American armor at its finest XD. Lower plate bs :V

  20. Thomas Lauridsen

    Wow @3:35 T110E5 derped the ob704….

  21. Jonathan Cwiklinski

    That sound at 9:30! So weird

  22. did anybody else notice the team kill and “f u idiot”

  23. Christian Lamey

    He’s prob using blue switches on his mechanical keyboard. That’s what I run
    and I love them even though they loud AF

  24. Partyy Zavadiell

    you did the mission with tank played before IS-7 …

  25. Arvin Dave Velasco

    Hail heavies!!!

  26. Dez, is that booty image at 4:39 part of the game or is it your mod, and if
    it is, where can I get it? (askin’ the reel question here)

  27. next time AMX50B VS 113

  28. just i noticed the illuminati at 9:05

  29. dude r u serious every time u get shot its because u angle your underplate
    right at them suddenly

  30. I have always wondered if Dez has hammers for fingers because his keyboard
    typing is so loud :))

  31. thank you for the help. i need a couple million to get the is7 back.

  32. Jeremiah Cramer

    Run Time is 1337 lol

  33. can you do e100 monster steel :D

  34. Dez can clicking more than anyone. XD

  35. ass

  36. I Love the FV215b also but the front armor needs some love from wargamming,
    not that I would expect it. Great video btw!!

  37. Wow you didn’t angle at all in your IS-4, side armor is stronger than

  38. great games DEZ,i enjoyed every min of it! keep up the good work!
    gr Rob

  39. Keep up the good work!

  40. i need that butt mod…………………..I NEED IT!!!!

  41. “It make my littel bit sad” hahahah lmao!!

  42. Yes , you fucking survived the fucking battle -which is why you got the
    fucking reward for fucking surviving the fucking battle as well! ;)

  43. You get your second kill almost 5 minutes after battle starts (10:14)
    (Patton) so I don’t know how you completed that mission.

  44. you are a goid player and u cant use is4? come ooooooooooon.. angle that
    peace of stalin

  45. Squire Squirrel

    Don’t change the keyboard! Love the sound of that thing. It makes you OP
    right? I mean, those shots…

  46. Did they buff the 110E5’s armor? I havnt played much since they made it HD
    but i seem to have a lot harder of a time dealing with the e5 now

  47. That IS4 angling sucked so much it made my eyes bleed.

  48. in fact you didn’t have any kills in the first 3 minutes

  49. looking at the replay, you didn’t kill 2 tanks in the first 3 minutes

  50. Is it possible to kill two tanks at once without using he shells?

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