► World of Tanks: HEAVY METAL feat. Rammstein

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks II Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-75 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Today, I decided to bring out German steel Ó good old King Tiger and E-75!


– Rammstein – Du Hast
– Groovy Metal Trailer No1 – Johnny Berglund


  1. How do i get the damage meter in the top left corner during the
    battle?????? Please Inform me

  2. Grinding thru a Tiger 2 and getting an E-75 is soooooooooooo worth it

  3. Play with arty kill all the fun of this game… Like ton of other shit like
    RNG, hors stupid map..

  4. love the vid but do to say your keyboard is so loud its actually very
    distracting lol

  5. It’s annoying when you don’t pay attention to the minimap :(

  6. We need sabaton with swedish tenks :DDD


  8. I got hyped when I saw the name of the title GG mate

  9. hey Dez how are you? that modpack you use with the arcade zoom what is the
    name of the modpack that you use in this video? thx

  10. @dezgames when are you going to grind for German TDs. It would be awsome


  12. 12:35 o’clock – Dead. 12:44 o’clock “Hoo boy, what do you know?! I have no
    idea why I have T-26 selected.” ;)

  13. Great games man!!!!! ??????

  14. Shit. I forgot my glow-sticks and glow-in-the-dark eye drops. BRB! Ugh.
    that last match….Dez WAY to many blind shots wasted there. I’ve started
    to notice that people who don’t like the low DPM of the E75 switch back to
    the 105mm gun and I can see why seeing as it’s still a quite strong choice.

  15. Why only Du hast dez. Its really good that you listen to Rammstein but Du
    hastis probably one of their too commercial songs iy does NOT represent
    their real style at least according to me (though they actually combine too
    many styles). Anyway the gameplay is what really matters (obviously) and it
    was not too shabby 🙂 Tiger 2 still rocks despite IS 3 and The mighty
    autoloading shit (AMX 50 100) sry for calling it that way just really
    hating op autoloaders…

  16. I love this german beast, so much armor and so much style 😉 Good video Dez

  17. Who clicked on this just to hear Rammstein Du hast?

  18. Dez, how many garage slots do you have? Must have been hella expensive to
    get so many slots


  20. Clicker should get a different shooting view, like a normal shooting view.

  21. Tanks for posting this one Dez!

  22. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Worst tank in the game is the Leo PTA

  23. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    E75… Out flank it and you fail

  24. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Arty was for destroying Enemy trenches and stuff, It wasnt for destroying
    tanks: Well exept for the Tiger 2, An M4 sherman spots it, Then tells arty
    its position… Why is germany always Up, Nah the E100 is Op anyway

  25. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Who says that Ussr is da best if a Tiger 2 Rushes and facehugs an Is3…
    Well Hitler wins

  26. Rammstein and german tanks… pure love

  27. 17.26…so manny little guys…lol

  28. Hey dez do u have every tank in every tech tree

  29. 2nd game: *amazing!* An heavy tank driver reacting to the minimap: omg!
    That happens… NEVER. The rest of your crew just kept pushing forward, in
    useless heavy driver fashion. But you came back and defended the base.
    Again: amazing. GG

  30. Hallo wie geht es dir, DezGamez? (I know you can’t German..)

  31. 88mm > 105mm on KT

    Perma track enemies on corners and free frag

  32. Lau Timothy (LockOn)

    At once I though dez is going to include heavy metal music in the video
    lol(it will be great if it’s real tho) great video btw:)

  33. How do I get the damage meter on the top left corner??????

  34. How do I get the damage meter on the top left corner????????

  35. I play with the small gun but maybe I should switch to the big one? I don’t
    know, I just love the RoF of the first gun…

  36. The Only thing i hate About your vids, is THE keyboard

  37. Dez, you got the 10 with Rammstein, I’ve just made my dream come true on
    saturday and went on their live show, it was incredible!

  38. am i the only who dislike du hast but love all the other songs from R+? :'(

  39. dez are u russian?

  40. You should remplace this song By Sabaton ^^

  41. If only the Russian bias and the hate towards German tanks wasn’t so
    real…It’s so ridiculously obvious. It makes the German tanks look like a
    pile of scrap compared to the real piles of scrap aka Russian tanks. Best
    example are the Tiger I and Tiger II VS IS and IS-3.

  42. Is it true that dez replies?

  43. great music selection!

  44. best clickbait title i have ever seen, but i don’t care, awesome video dez!

  45. Holy crap! 16,000,000 credits!

  46. why do you stop using the promod pack? was there an issue, also when using
    it how do you edit the crosshair it has

  47. Love Du hast

  48. your keyboard is too loud maybe try to get a soft press quiet one?

  49. Blind Guardian would be better choice for video but still :D

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