► World of Tanks “Heavy Tank No. 6” Tank Review – Premium Japanese Tiger – Baby Tiger – Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

No. VI Gameplay. World of Tanks Heavy Tank No. VI Review. World of Tanks Japanese Gameplay / Review.
First of all, HUGE thanks to my man, “05Hogsrule”, for gifting this tank for me.
All the hard work that went into making this review, is for you!

Seems like Japanese people really know how to copy/paste tanks, because newest premium tank in the game, “Heavy Tank No. 6”, is exactly that… Copy/Paste from tier 7 Germany heavy tank “Tiger 1”.
On paper this thing seems to be really promising, it keeps Tiger 1’s armor… Just imagine up to tier 6 with this beast… How awesome is that?

Is it good? Is it bad? ?



►Tanks in action:
– Japan/Japanese Heavy Tank No.
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. I always wonder.
    Are you Russian??

  2. Damn good rev, dez. AMAZING ratio on dem likes! M8 keep it up

  3. Hey DezGamez,

    I’m new to your chain saw Some videos and I want to continue the
    I’m new to the game World of Tanks, Even If I tried Quickly
    this game there two years ago.

    I have three questions:

    1 / I wanted to talk to you mod packs, I Heard about that, there goal
    several website (like: http://wot-shot.com/; http://odemmortis.com/;
    http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks; http://aslain.com/; etc …)
    and I like to know which do you prefer, and what do conseignes me Could You
    to choose well?
    And we shoulds Each New
    2 / In this game, there is the CREDIT (the unreal gambling money) and OR
    money with Abebooks web can pay). Is for example, for a premium car,
    one must pay with OR, it is possible to aim to pay by CREDIT?
    Like for example: to unlimited camouflage, put 100%
    crew, etc …?

    3 / Can I earn gold without paying Legally? Because personally, I can not
    to pay for personal reasons.
    If so, can you give me some advise or Otherwise.

    4 / Standard camouflage, desert, summer, winter, etc. Are any specific?
    Example: the desert camouflage will be more effective on a desert on a map
    map filled with vegetation?

    PS: Good luck, good play and good luck for the future!

    Bye bye.

  4. +DezGamez getting his teammates penned 8:00

  5. That gun kills this tank the short 8.8 NEEDS a pen buff

  6. To be a history nerd: Heavy tank No.6 = Tiger 1 Asuf. H, the first Tiger
    Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger( Elite’d with the poopy 8,8 cm gun + minor
    modifications) = Tiger 1 Asuf. E, late Tiger models.

    Wrote this according to my own understanding, plz correct me if there’s any

  7. Tender Element Sorcerer

    200 likes and 0 dislikes. That’s what I like to see! Keep up the great work

  8. Slick presentation. Very nice.

  9. Man, nice edit i love it keep them coming!

  10. “Heavy tank number 6, weird name, I know.”

    Actually the original Tiger is also “Heavy Tank 6”, as it’s factory name is
    Panzerkampfwagen V!, pretty much the same thing. Not exactly the same, as
    “Pzkw” doesn’t include the “heavy” bit, but you know, close enough. Jap
    tanks were so small that it makes sense they added that one.

  11. i’d rather play vk3002d with the same gun…

  12. Dez do you like that green tiger? :D

  13. Encountered one on Redshire at 300 meters plus. Fired one standard round
    from T-150 107 mm Zis gun. Shell bounced, reloaded one premium shell,
    adjusted aim for side shot, bounced again. Possibly angled, but shot was
    at rear deck, I was on the hill behind cover, he never spotted me. Lost
    contact after this. It’s not going to be easy to take one at extreme

  14. Just 500k credits, but 56k gold on your account.. :D

  15. Where are you from?

  16. It has same gun and hp as vk 30.01

  17. Dez why did you waste your time reviewing this piece of shit?

  18. da boomstick XD

  19. Excellent review as usual. Would you have any interest in a 9 kill Death
    Toaster game? It’s from 9.6.

  20. People at T6 tanks have over 100pen like my T 150 has like 167 vk 3601h
    157/132 so yes you’re gonna get penned even when angled just think of how
    fast the gun fires and its really just a Tiger 1 at T6

  21. “youre gonna struggle against tier8 tanks” – that is quite understatement,
    even gold ammo has like, 171 pen…

  22. Seriously, I think those armour values are fake.
    Even when top tier, well angled, pretty much everything pens me…

  23. Nice I was just looking up to see if there was a review on this tank and I
    should have just looked at my sub box lol

  24. Wow like we need another Tiger. WG pulling a bs tank out their arse. Jap
    heavy lol!

    • +Colonel Radec The issue is that the Tiger is advertised as a Heavy tank.
      Which it really is not. It’s a Turreted Tank Destroyer with paper armor.
      The Tiger should have been Tier 6 from the get go, instead of giving it the
      Tiger 2 Gun.

    • +Mel C I’m older than you. Go back to Hello Kitty.

    • +Colonel Radec yup! Rita gamer has a 60% win rate on the M3 lee.
      Good player makes any tank work.

    • +MaAnMaZeN The original Tiger requires skill. If you do not have it, every
      tank will be shit for you.
      But the problem there is rather the player, not the tank.

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +Molon Labe It’s the only tank for a premium. I don’t blame them since we
      are getting Japanese heavies.

  25. Try thinking about the name like this DezGamez, until the Germans started
    the animal naming scheme all their main tanks were “Tank Number #”(i.e.
    Tank #4, Model H)

  26. the review is good but the tank is shit ;D

  27. So many videos and so little time! :(

  28. So how do you like review episodes like this, “digital” reviews? 🙂
    Needs a lot of work, but worth it?
    And what do you think about our main guest?

    • +DezGamez Great vid, excellent idea to overlay information over video
      instead of tank inspector or other software, it’s different and less
      synthetic. Baaad tank though, at that tier you need hp pool or a bit of
      armor to compensate for the team performance and help you carry.

    • +05Hogsrule
      Good thoughts!
      About 29k, yeah man.. Crazy! I was thinking about hosting another BBQ party
      at 30k.. or at 33,333 😀

    • +DezGamez Really liking it!

    • That’s some awesome editing!

    • +DezGamez SHIP!! Tora, Tora, Tora!!!!! Good segment on the new addition
      Premium. As always, well made. Good short and sweet information in
      comparisons.In the critical point, knowing this is a premium, its good for
      grinding your crew with out cost for the next machines in every update for
      that country. Economically smart. When considering the options provided by
      Match-making (I know, bad word!), you are either going to have good impact
      on the T-6 or tough going with challenges in higher games. Add skills of
      yourself and others, the appearance of Arty (or not) and of course a random
      bunch of clowns or professionals on both sides….its enough to make you
      grind your teeth to the bone and eat oatmeal by the time you are 30 minutes
      into your day.I agree, while on paper it seems the same but I found it
      faster on the game-play for driving.If you have the patience in the game,
      hitting for 250 avg, is not bad, every bit counts. Like you said, to
      enhance the crew and grind for credits, it could be a good money maker for
      the next beast that comes out of their shop for the Japanese bracket.
      Hopefully they (WOT developers and the Japanese) present something that can
      compete with Godzilla….that Beast always kicks their ass.Oh, one more
      thing, you have passed 29k in subscribers…it was just in May you hit
      20.–Im starting to smell another BBQ (Secret term for Contest).Just a
      prediction…maybe by 30July you will be on that curve again.

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