► World of Tanks: Hero Of The Day Is… – T-55A Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Series. World of Tanks T-55A Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks T-55A Gameplay Review.

Sit back enjoy yet another “Epic Battle” episode, this time featuring “Marcin2003” in his special “T-55A”, 9 medium tank.



  1. Unfair play by KV4, lol. Good game, but just not good enough for him.

  2. He should never take that hit from the KV-3, that was the turning point.
    But watching the replay it’s easy to get thse kind of conclusions. When
    playing is really hard.

  3. what a heartbreak, had a game likr this in my SP yesterday, did 5.4k dam
    and had 1 APCR shot and some AP left vs a 112 on 230hp i peek over a ridge
    to spot him, he is right in front of me and RNG hates me whenever i am
    winning a game so ofcourse my shot goes almost outside my aiming circle and
    the 112 just snapshots in my cupola and kills me?

  4. That Kv4 Player, Played Only 1K Games xD & Stopped Wot Since Then

  5. Nice battle.

  6. Βαγγέλης Παπαδημητρίου

    well I feel his agony having over 7k dmg in the end I wouldn’t like to be
    in his place stressed up and heart pounding will lead you in rush and false
    decisions I wouldn’t judge him his overall game was amazing and his
    awareness managed to lead him almost in victory, sadly this wanst the case.
    Good job nevertheless !!

  7. Wow. What a heartbreaker. None the less, still a great game Marcin. And of
    course, thumbs up to our host Dez. Another outstanding video. Thanks!

  8. Emiliano Sanchez JP

    Anyone know what mods you use?

  9. so don’t trust win rate, win 8 like most NA idiots does, because only skill
    and luck are count.

  10. Ugh; what a sad ending indeed. Great game to watch, though, right up until
    the end at least.

  11. oh wow ! that Kv-4 carried his team.. t55A scrub HEAT lord

  12. This is so sad replay….

  13. killed by bot-sickening!

  14. Some great ‘tonking’ there! Damn unlucky at the end tho haha :)

  15. lolol wow

  16. Report kv4 for unsportsmanlike

  17. Painful. Just pure pain.

  18. 183 likes
    0 dislikes ^^

  19. Nice game macin!! 😉 QSF-X is the best!! :p

  20. one misstake? he has 5 shots bounced from big guns, 4 shots he dident move
    it was very lucky this game. Unlucky he were dead at 2:51 it was poor play
    he knows that IS spot him and can shoot him. Lucky game few misstakes.

  21. Now this is a real Heartbreak

  22. everytime you use heat or apcr shells with out a prem account you feel a
    sharp pain in you’re side

  23. Tomislav Jandričić

    wow, brutal game!!

    dez, can you tell me which sixth sense logo do you use in Promod?

  24. last time noooooooo :D

  25. Welcome to W.o.T, the guy you wouldn’t figure to sneak up as he didn’t do a
    thing wins the game. We all have one of those days. Mine was last night,
    spotting for our teams averaging 5-9 spots/map out of 11 games I played but
    not much assistance damage. 🙂 Shut the game off and have a cigarette. :)

  26. He could have just rushed the kv-3 at the end and not have taken a single

  27. Well, to be fair.. the kv4 stock is terrible

  28. Geometry Dash Warrek

    That sucks, I cry everytime this happens…

  29. sadly, aim bot kill by bot

  30. ok. Wz-111-1-4 sub 1000 dmg
    o-ni – 0 damage
    is-2 – 0 damage
    12t – 0 damage

    Looks like my teams recently.

  31. KV-4 – Probably a 600 wn8’er who thinks he just won the lottery.

  32. 🙁 really didnt need to take the hit from kv-3… heartbreak

  33. Dang, what a heart breaker!!!! You were dead on with what you said at the
    end. He should have waited. Great video sir.!!!!!!!!

    the old man out! take care, aka flea1951

  34. I would cry if I had a game like this.

  35. o/ Dez!

    When are you gunna feature one of my replays… :'[

  36. Sleepy, sleepy. I want this tank, too much of a scrub to get it though…

  37. Damn, im early…

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