► World of Tanks: How Artillery “Actually” Works! :D – Drone Edition

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. Artillery Gameplay, Artillery “Guide”.

Today I decided to make something different for you. I do not know where I got the idea, but… I think this is how artillery actually works, thinking about WWII satellite view. 😀

Hope you enjoy!

Player: Blue132
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1958459#stats


  1. What where the post game stats for this game?

  2. totally balanced

  3. The voice sound is from what movie?

  4. This was a pretty good idea, good job.

  5. Sweet, I think you’re getting pretty good at this.

  6. Seams perfectly fair and balanced to me. Isn’t that the line that wargaming
    always uses?

  7. LMAO at all the arty haters

  8. Fantastic! No other words just fantastic.

    Awesome as usual Dez!

  9. Do one on how Tank Destroyers work.

  10. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    Great vid Dez!! entertaining point of view on arty

  11. Stunning video, mate!

  12. ok, i was fukcing drunk when i saw this, bu this was gold! fucking laughed
    my ass off!

  13. When you see him kill the wt auf e100

  14. As always, entertaining video! 🙂 Just curious, when can we expect to see
    some more motovlogs?

  15. Great video!!!

  16. You WISH explosions looked that good in wot

  17. i want those reload, fire and round flying noises in a mod file

  18. Maybe WG will wake up at some point and realize how game damaging this
    class really is. The discussion about clickers is years old now and
    everybody is bored by it (except for WG maybe as they still havnt made any
    REAL efforts of reducing the damage arty does to the game), so there is no
    need to go into detail.

  19. Yep thats how WG implemented arty with early Cold War and WW2 artillery.
    Its simply not acceptable in my opinion and I refuse to play the broken

  20. marda752 Gameplays & Vlogs

    nice vid :D

  21. Very good idea, and VERY nice effect’s, just love it Dez. Keep the good

  22. I play artillery tier 10, French one 😀 for added aids and kenker and I can
    confirm this video is legit!

  23. Fantastic video/editing Dez! Your best yet

  24. Nice editing but still dislike artillery.

  25. Pure awesome.

  26. As an artilleryman myself, this made me very happy. (Though I’m fire
    direction, not a gun bunny XD)

  27. Ahhhh so this is why the U.S. Army is so strong

  28. he was doing well though but soon overpowered

  29. ?and the Oscar? goes tooooo…. ??? Mr. DEZ GAMES ?????

  30. really good video, awesome job by you Dez, gg

  31. o love it, its totally true

  32. this is the best thing xD

  33. its still boring but cool

  34. Mah anus is moist from watching this

  35. arty is balanced

  36. Heobert B' Gregaur Haim

    thwt first is proknova i guess ehh.

  37. Arty is so hard. I mean other tanks classes are easy to do damage but with
    arty you still only do 700 damage even when you miss.

  38. Nice piece of work, man. Novel and interesting. Now, do you have a vid
    posted someplace that provides proper instruction on how to use artillery,
    old buddy? I would dearly love to become an irreplaceable, superior
    artilleryman and the haters can gft.

  39. J Quiznos (HeatGuy)

    Love the sounds. It would be pretty cool if you could hear that during
    loading. It would also be cool if hits that resulted in arty kills had the
    explosions visible at 1:56 and you could see the smoke from it from across
    the map, regardless of view range. Or maybe just when arty dies, since they
    typically are open top and carry the biggest ammo in the game. Don’t you

  40. You know with this idea – the black and white screen , you may should your
    And arty work in realife is shooting base , not tanks

  41. Really nice! Thumbs up!

  42. thia would be quite cool actually no thernal viaion and enemya could shoot
    downbyour drones so you have to blindshot them also you would know that
    arty is aiming near you

  43. Fenix “FenixHD” HD

    wich mods do u use in wot?

  44. so much skill and balance ! :O great video as always :D

  45. nice editing dg :)

  46. wt e 100 ?

  47. Brutal Dez!! getting cod4 death from above chillz again with those fancy
    thermal effects :D

  48. allahu akbar

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