► World of Tanks: How? – Out of nowhere carry… – AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. Live Gameplay Series.

Today I have to ask “How?”. How did I survive all that and how was I able to deal so much damage? 😀
Well, sit back and enjoy some juicy action with AMX 50B!



  1. ” My ass is pretty juicy “

  2. Dat juicy ass though lol

  3. привет народ, а у вас в армате есть 10 лвл? жду лтвета, всем Спасибо

  4. very sexy! nice estergift for you nutz! 🙂
    take care!

  5. Juicy ass indeed 🙂 – Great game Dez!

  6. dez forever

  7. I don’t know man…the 50B is a butterface if ya ask me. Look’s great
    everywhere else but her face.
    Also yeah Martin saved you like a boss. I remember that moment on the

  8. I’m on the AMX 50 120, the 50B will be my first tier 10.

  9. i saw this live already -_-

  10. How about the T57 next time? Got the T54E1 and still stock. 90mm isn’t very
    fun. :(

  11. Hey, that’s me!

  12. Great game, who can guess his top 5 tanks?? hm 1. Fv215b (183)
    2. IS7
    3. T110e5
    4. Amx 50b
    5. Object 140

  13. Dez, brother you are a straight up ass kicker!!! If my old hands could play
    half as good as you, I’d be a super star!!! Thank you, thank you for all
    you do. the oldman out.

    Take care, wot aka flea1951

  14. Out of nowhere that ass talk. XD

  15. Which tier x vehicle is most capable of carrying?

  16. my starts are always the same but I don’t get waffles sacrificing
    themselves so usually that’s also the end… :(

  17. Was expecting Randy Orton somewhere. Was disappointed. :(

  18. dezgames rambo edition

  19. If you think you had low roll problems, picture this: AMX AC 48, 400
    Average damage, side of an enemy su100m1 on 318 health, i shoot him, i do
    300 damage(which is absolute minimum), he turns around, he over averages my
    remaining health of about 278…. yeah…. what are the odds right?

  20. i wanted u to survive this one:D
    (Im Martinbig125)

  21. Nice game bud, how do you feel the t57 heavy compares to the 50b?

  22. nice battle btw!

  23. Are you from sweden? just wondering ;)

  24. Juiciest butt EU confirmed!

  25. gutjob

  26. Hello Dez!

  27. Love RNGesus………….pray to RNG daily ” may be shots fire true and
    accurate with high damage”

  28. You know what would be lovely? Obj. 416 gameplay <3
    Also, please don't talk about your ass again :D

  29. I was just wanting some 50B in my life.

  30. dez, do you have a NA account? do you do subscriber runs?

  31. XxilluminatixX420BlazeIt LennyFace

    Dam Dez! Back at it again with the epic gamplay :D. I subbed to you
    yesterday but u wouldn’t reply D:, it would be my dream if you would reply.
    Btw in your 15v15 series can you do Tiger vs T29

  32. tyshawn gillison (tymoody399)

    that was so gay Dez…

  33. RKO outta nowhere!!!!!

  34. And I will never leave you
    ‘Til we can say, “this world was just a dream
    We were sleepin’ now we are awake”

  35. Jesus that was a good game

  36. BobbyJenkins Plays

    Can you give me a shoutout sometime please, it would help my channel a lot!
    Love your vids and keep it up!

  37. awesome vid as always

  38. Play Unturned

  39. dear game are you Chinese

  40. Sexy it is…. GG Dez

  41. pls love me dezgaemz ur right from far is better not close ups pls forgive

  42. great game mate. but your first clip is the reason i hate the 50b. you aim
    shots and they potato into the ground or tracks, then you hit and low roll.
    they snap shot you back and with that massive head of a turret you get
    pen’d. load premium rounds and its very strong. nice game ?

  43. pls love

  44. connor trevaskiss

    hey dezgames youre the best
    can you please do a 15 pz1cs vs 5 teir 10 german autoloader tank destroyers
    or 15 elc amx bic vs 8n t95s or 15 t95s
    or maybe artys vs artys

  45. first

  46. Gareth Fairclough

    Not first. #w00t

  47. first comment .
    and u have nice collection buddy !

  48. 3rd comment :)

  49. #1 boii

  50. yes!!!! first

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