► World of Tanks: How To E-50-M Like A Boss!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Trying to get my personal reserves with Ausf. M and having fun doing that. Today going to show you how I usually treat my beast of a tier 10 medium – “E-50 Ausf. M”.

►Tanks in action:
– German/ E-50 Ausf.


  1. 10:50 Why no HE Ship? E50M has the most damaging HE of any tier 10 medium,
    with 510 average damage, and s9mething like 65mm of pen.

    Anyway E50M HE WRECKS Grille 15 and any waffletracktor!

  2. your leading the charge advice is absolutely correct, when im in my t 95
    and when i had it the t 28 i noticed that when i pushed, everyone followed.
    its fun

  3. I remember the moment when QB said that E50M is weak and S3AL have attacked
    QsF with 15 E50Ms…. :D

  4. For some reason I have horrible games with it,my win ratio is 41% and
    biggest i saw in game one guy had 47%,dunno it seems like e50m is getting
    horrible MM,you can have one beast game then 10 horrible,some games you
    just can’t pen side of tanks,I have bounced shots from flat side light
    tanks,with this tank there is just lot of bs going on which I’m not
    experiencing with any other tank

  5. TheTiredBobcat6222

    E 50 Meters

  6. when will faceoff return

  7. every time i lead the charge i get killed and then my team waits likr a min
    or two and then they all charge

  8. pfff weak tonk?

  9. HOW DID U GET THE GRILLS? i didnt see it in the modpack

  10. Hey Dez, what do you think of the 121 and the 113? I got 121 and its great.

  11. E-50M is beautiful, my first tier 10 med, and even though I never got to
    take it out in CW, 500 games later, I don’t regret it :D

  12. where are you fron Dez? you have a very weird accent.

  13. i like that because girls are back.

  14. You make it look so easy :)

  15. Love your videos! Big fan!

  16. 3:21 AM. Never been so “early” yet so late for one of Dezs vids. :)

  17. I only just woke up and the mighty slav has presented me with a video

  18. Дмитрий Варфоломеев

    йо йо епта

  19. 8:55 Actually Dez, in English, it’s pronounced “dyun”. I know I know, they
    are weird people… :D

  20. jan kristian mari Dia

    oooh i am early! Hi Dez! Hi i people of the world!

  21. Ah the E-50-M. This is a medium that absolutely stomps the comp if giving a
    city map. A sidescraping beast with a Laser like gun and more then enough
    speed to get to the next fight. Truly a fantastic All-Rounder. The only
    tank to rival the E-50-M in terms of being a master Jack-of-all-trades has
    to be the M48A1 Patton which really only trades speed for ROF and DPM.

    However Dez I would argue that for all the ramming you love to do in your
    50M your really should put the Spall Liner on it and take the driver skill
    “Controlled Impact”. with those two your going to seeing the damage YOU
    take from ramming and getting rammed will drop something like 50-80%

  22. World of tonks

  23. notification squad where ya at?

  24. Knyq Gymory Barbosa


  25. hello Dez have a great day

  26. There isn’t better way to start my morning then drinking coffee and
    watching Dez new upload. :)

  27. Wow…just in time :).

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