► World of Tanks: How to Light Like a Boss! – MT-25 feat. AMX 13 90 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

feat. Gameplay. How to play light tanks like a boss!
►Welcome Home!
Kind of a special episode, trying something new while answering to the question: ÜDo you even , bro?”
– Yes I do and I have 2 really interesting games to show you from my previous streaming action! Full on action in MT-25 game and some really patience decision with AMX 13 90.

Enjoy the ride!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. About the 13 90 game :

    Well, I think you were kinda lucky with the WT-E-100 shots, that could have
    easily gon to the hull and get absorbed by the tracks, plus going through
    the narrow route at the end to kill the arty was kinda foolish, because if
    they had any sense they would have been pre-aimed for you, as your path was
    easily predicable!

    Overall great replays! Although I strongly dissagree with taking full AP
    load with the 13 90, you can’t really on the 170ish pen that you get with
    normal AP for high tier heavys, you simply too inaccurate and want to spend
    as little time as possible aiming, because you are too fragile.

  2. Both were nice games.

    Had a laugh at the KV-1S that was base camping in the first game. When a
    red dot came close to them they started to yell for help. I’m fairly sure
    they had made no attempt to help anyone up to that point.

  3. Awsome video ! I really want to play with you in platoon in some day with
    lights :)

  4. Nice music 😉 and gameplay’s :D

  5. Whey he answered my amx 13 90 call 😀 sick games by the way I’ve lost the
    way of the light tank XD

  6. quite an example of how to play fast and be patient at the same
    time…great job and thanks!

  7. Do you even Hans Zimmer bro’! :)

  8. Do you even HE only bro?
    Tier 10 only, choose wisely.

  9. I saw this on stream

  10. super play dez, never stop moving that is the ticket, i am playing the
    luchs and get better all the time. i like the “knowing when to back off”,
    still working on that but you are a master…

  11. Just followed your stream while you were offline. I am your 900th follower!

  12. Ew naked 1390, no sprem spam 1390… what is this! :P

  13. 1st was best IMO. Quite a few errors in AMX game but still great result.
    Do you even Halftrack bro? ;-)

  14. I asked for IS-4 video :(

  15. Song name plezzz.

    Dezrude – Lightstorm

  16. Ship used to play the T50 and T50-2 (Before it was removed) and it is well
    worth a look through his earlier video’s if you haven’t seen them….Some
    of the game play is “epic” 🙂 The T95 and IS4 early video’s before the tier
    ten TD’s and when the IS4 was a tier 9 are also very entertaining.

  17. Great game in the MT25 no faults in that one. the 1390 game had a few
    moments where you could have saved yourself some HP like when you drove
    around the rock in the mid a second time…you should have reversed at that
    point. and when you went for a reload after taking out the T54 if you had
    held off you would have been able to kill the Leopard proto for your

  18. Your My favorite you tuber. 

  19. Crazy gameplay! Keep it up dez!

  20. Why no prem rounds in the 13 90, Ship? You weren’t shy about them in the
    mt25 and the 13 90’s pen is shocking combined with its aim time :s

  21. Darude Sandstorm

    Do you even HE 150mm waffletraktor? 

  22. dezgamez that was rude spamming Apcr at ass of m5 stuart and than ramming
    it. good video though.

  23. Do you even platoon, Brahh?!

  24. Epic :-)

  25. I love your videos so much Dez 😀 <3

  26. The music was interesting. I still prefer you telling the story, the
    thinking-out-loud and cursing with an accent!

  27. Hey Dez Epic video you are defanetly my favourite youtuber ;)

  28. What is that music during MT-25?

  29. Light like a boss! 🙂
    Videos like this takes actually more time to edit! :)

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