► World of Tanks: I Call It Bullshit, 100% – Still Salty – M48A1 Patton, E-50-M, Bat-Chatillon 25t

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 8A1 Patton . World of Tanks Ausf. M Gameplay. World of Tanks Centurion Bat.-Chatillon Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Still salty guys.. Dunno what is going on, but some moments in this episode are, well.. Bullshit, 100%!

►Tanks in action:
– Germany/German E-50 Ausf.


  1. I guess ppl like to see you suffer the same problems as they are
    experiencing… Like getting 1shoted by arty every time you poke somewhere

  2. Yeah, give more salt episodes then..

  3. “Well against that T-54 I need every……PFFFF” lol Been there too many
    times myself. Great Video Dez

  4. thats how common days look like

  5. I’ve had problems like that before referring to the spotting of vehicles
    after the firing and relocation of their vehicle; and I’ve come to a
    conclusion that I believe is justified. So some of us may know that
    spotting mechanics in the game go off of direct sight of enemy tanks from
    view ports on the vehicles.The server kinda scans in a way your view range
    every certain amount of time depending on your crew objects and such
    blocking sight could potentially block enemy tanks from view and the scan
    could miss the vehicle till after the firing sequence. However I hypothesis
    that like your issue with the jager the server or computer and most likely
    a combination of the two had a slight latency issue and or FPS issue (I
    dont recall seeing one at the time) but in the fraction of time for the
    latency to clear or FPS the jager fired and then was spotted by your
    vehicle a few seconds(or less) after he was actually spotted by your tank
    in game. hope you took the time to read this but I would love to hear a
    counter argument (dont be that guy who is a dick) to my hypothesis or a
    better idea.

  6. Haha lol your hp in first game 666

  7. It’s fun to see its not just getting soooooo bad RNG

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, wot render system at its finest

  9. Man of the people….we play the same game :)

  10. How long play you wot? You can t spot the Jagedpanzer auf E100 becouse your
    comander can see the e100. Spoting is only from comander and the hatch was
    on the left side. This is how it works not bull shit.

  11. You should show the JPZ replay to WG. That was 100% bull shit.

  12. Well its nice to see ,when people are not only showing super human game

  13. if those arty had been the guys from yesterday’s platoon,your revenge would
    have been the coolest in the history of ever.

  14. Ahh yes the New Klingon Version of the JPE100 works wonders in WOT i see.

  15. not so good with your mechanical keyboard are ya?! :D

  16. Okay, the JgPz E-100 had not been spotted yet. When you came around the
    corner to shoot the STB-1 it fired an HE round at you for 610 damage. It
    was the STB-1 that killed you. However, it should have showed up the moment
    you popped your turret up in the direction you were looking the first time
    before you pulled back. That is the server’s fault for not rendering it as
    it should’ve showed up after backing away. edit: After watch your solo-mo
    replay that confirmed it. You didn’t see it when it fired. Which is nuts
    that it didn’t show up the moment you peek for a look.

  17. I had a bunch of bs games like this too today so don’t feel too salty ?

  18. how the FUCK that E100 was not spoted there ? BOOSHHIITT.

  19. Love watching you suffer er…. love watching your vids Dez : D You are
    solid in my personal top 3 youtube tank vid creators man. Thanks for the
    entertainment we all need o7

  20. that why i stop playing WoT for a while Dez the camo and spotting system is
    completely broken as hell sometimes the tank could go cloak in front of you
    face it is fraustrating as hell that they won’t even try to fix it but
    adding more and more sovit op machine into the game

  21. Your right, happens to me all the time, 100% bullshi^ (cause it’s not
    cussing if i change just one letter right). Yeah the friggen game is
    punishing aggressive actions by the delay between viewing enemies before
    they spot you. It’s total bullcrap. So, i am not so aggressive anymore.
    Thanks for helping to teach me how to play by watching a boss like you.

  22. stronk spotting mechanics!!

  23. Sorry young fellow, but more salt in the wound!! You will have great luck
    the rest of the year and next as well. The old man out!!!

    Take care, aka flea1951

  24. I feel you I have had a run of bad luck myself.

  25. world of tanks for yah

  26. And again this is a reminder…..welcome to World Of Tanks! (RNG!!) :)

  27. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    Lol Working as intended Romulian Cloaking Device activated jagerooo one of
    the many bs reasons i stopped playing WoT

  28. gg spotting mechanics, gg

  29. For the record, I don’t feed on your salt/agony. I watch all your WoT vids
    regardless. You’re entertaining even when everything is going wrong. 🙂
    (doesn’t mean I want things to go wrong, but it doesn’t ruin the video for
    me if it does.)

  30. nicely pwned those 2 clickers GG

  31. Upvotes out of empathy. We’ve all been there; I’ve been there for 10k

  32. Dez, do you think there are hacks (cheats) that are slowly coming into the
    game?.I’ve had quite a few moments like you r having over the last month
    also.I’ve heard that are some floating around If there is..the game will be
    ruined :(.

  33. Easy way to cure salt, jump into artillery and punish those campers

  34. I had it with these spotting mechanics, i couldnt see ISU-152 who was 30m
    in front of me in plain sight until he killed me. 100 % crew in leopard PTA
    btw… sometimes it makes no fucking sense.

  35. Dez – we love your personality – whether angry or happy or just derping
    around – but the angry IS funny, and we ALL relate to it!!

  36. oh that sweet revenge on arty

  37. LOOK AT HIS HIT POINT AT 5:38!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Funny how you didn’t spot the skyscraper (jg e100) typical WoT moment..

  39. Lol, what the actual fuck? 10:30 How the hell didn’t the jgpz e100 show up
    until he had fired? He’s the size of a house right in front of you but
    invisible because…reason, and fuck you! :P

  40. That E100 was not there until after it took the shot and then it
    materialized right in front of you. I don’t know what to tell you but
    there was only that STA until that shot took most of your health. This is
    a very serious issue War Gaming needs to address and soon. I agree with
    you, 100% BS.

  41. Excuse me waiter, my soup is too salty.

  42. Sorry made me laugh so much glad im not the only noob haha Jokes

  43. Remember, someone is always having a worse day than you. That person is
    anyone insane enough to drive an M3 Lee or Grant.

  44. I had no idea the e100 has such great cammo.

  45. That 1st shot you took with the Patton, exact reason I don’t play it
    anymore. Gun will troll.

  46. Dez-Senpai I want you to make the next AW episode! Also, I would love to
    see your opinion on the Leopard 2AV and Leopard 2. I personally like them
    very much but I wanna see how YOU play them :3

  47. It’s obvious that the JpzE100 captured a Russian cloaking device…

  48. still salty

  49. Does anyone know what his accent is? It’s very interesting, but I have no
    idea where/what language it comes from.

  50. lol that JPZ100 like 50 feet away with the romulan cloaking device.
    Hilarious. Why don’t they just make the spotting system so unless there is
    a bush/obstacle between you and the target you are spotted regardless of
    camo rating closer than like 100 meters or something. There is the 50 meter
    proxy spotting regardless of obstacles but I REALLY thing they need to get
    rid of the “out in open field, invisible” cloaking thing going on. It’s
    really stupid.

  51. Hey Dez can you do some T54ltw gameplay?

  52. that e100 though best camo in the game

  53. wot at its best!!! glad to see others suffer 2!!

  54. So funny when RNGesus is not on your side LOL …. :P

  55. lolol dez i had the same type of games on the weekend take a break too xD

  56. Dez, I wish my chips at KFC were as salty as your attitude!

    Jk, great episode, I feel your pain

  57. I love that you post the shitty games along with the good ones. Keep it up,
    man (so long as you don’t get some kind of rage-induced seizure).

  58. Dez, what nationality are you?

  59. While you’re salty for those random normal games I’ve been banned for three
    days when I was not even playing the game (because I was at my last exam
    this year) the day just after I bought 30days of premium…. That’s how WG
    thanks you for paying their salaries they ban you for unsportsmanlike
    conduct while not playing the game just because I do too good and people
    report me because they rage

  60. Low server tick rate, combined with the bonkers spotting

  61. Dez, my remedy for “saltiness” involves assaulting a punching bag that has
    a picture of the lead WoT developer on it. Believe me, it works wonders.

  62. 5:30 666 HP, devil in M48 🙂 Nice vid, Dez

  63. Well at-least you aren’t as salty as last video…lol

  64. 11:00 biggest load of bs i have ever seen

  65. that spotting mechanic is pretty weird i didnt spot IS3 in my centurion and
    he was like 50 m away ( i dont know if it is problem with WG or with my pc

  66. Feels like a normal wot day :(

  67. Have you ever tried Egyptian coffee Dez?

  68. Like I said earlier go play AW

  69. ahhhhh ur from Estonia

  70. Nice video bro, keep it up! We’re doing shoutouts, do you want to make a
    chance? check our latest video!

  71. Good thing you’re salty Dez, you’re going to need all that salt for the
    snow this Xmas * Badum Tsss *

  72. Dez, how do you like your coffee? First what kind of roast, dark, medium,
    or light. Do you like espresso by its self or a latte? How do you take your
    coffee like lots of cream or black or a hint of sugar?

  73. First german comment !

  74. Wow early

  75. I’m here early woo

  76. YAY I made it!

  77. Remember Dezgamez somewhere someone else is also having miserable time in
    wot :P.

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