► World of Tanks: I Want Them, Now! – AMX 50 Foch (155) and 113 – First Battles

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50 Foch (155) Gameplay Review. Review. of Series.

World of Tanks 9.16 test server still up and running, so I had a chance to test out tanks that I do not have on my own account.
Going play with Foch 155 and 113, I was quite positively surprised!



  1. Please advise in title when you play on the test servers because I really
    dislike watching rushing guys all playing with top tanks. .

  2. 113 is best played as a medium because it really doesn’t have the armor to
    brawl with heavies.

  3. Are you actually in Russia? you have 35 ping. I get 335 ping on ru test
    server. I live in New Zealand

  4. 1k likes and 12 dislikes……… Noice

  5. Since i won a type 59 recently i decided to go for the wz120 so a good crew
    won’t just sit in a premium tank.. But wz120 is pretty terrible stock i was
    told and its top gun is the 113 gun so i have to get that 113 first :D


    OK tank but way too many modules to research+ bad gun depression not one of
    my favourite grinds.

  7. Today I played a game in my completely stock tiger 2, just the top engine
    and radio, top tier game on highway, I blocked 3370 damage got 5 kills and
    dealt 2409 damage, and it was a loss, 648 xp and 24k credits and made 8k
    out of it, fuck my luck.

  8. I loved the grind from tier 5 on??

  9. jan kristian mari Dia

    i think surviving that ram at E 100 with your Foch 155 gave you 300 xp!

  10. 113 can be a really beast tank since it plays like a medium/main battle
    tank sad that i can’t fully use its nicely angled armor since common test
    is full of moronic goldspamming russians who occasionally TK you
    and the foch also looks good especially when it comes to armor but the
    reload is too slow

  11. 113 is amazing tank and very underrated.

  12. Am at the tier 7 chinese heavy tank and yup its a very mobile and enjoyable
    tank to play. I think u will like this line Dez :)

  13. The Foch 155/55 used to be a OP Beast before it got nerfed about a year or
    so ago. It had 850 average damage per shot and much more horse power. The
    frontal armour also got nerfed. So you just don’t see many of them in the
    game anymore.

  14. I told ya the 113 was great. Would I lie to you Dez? I hear the WZ111-1-14
    is also very good as well. Not as fast but very punchy gun and armor.

  15. I have been told by people that the Chinese medium121 is a waste of time to
    research because the Chinese heavy 113 is better than it in every way. Too
    bad I didn’t hear that until halfway through the T 34-2 grind….

  16. I have the 113, the grind was better than it. Type 58 was a great tank,
    IS-2 was good because its a Russian copy with HEAT, 110 was the only true
    heavy of the line and is borderline OP imo-fantastic gun and armor, not bad
    mobility. Wz 111-14 was the highlight of the line, that thing was a joy to
    play and roll 560 dmg. Fantastic tank. 113 has worse gun, objectively the
    same armor as wz, faster but I hate not being a true heavy unless the upper
    plate is angled to ricochet. Hard tank to play correctly imo, but the most
    rewarding tier 10 if played right imo.

  17. Use to LOVE the AMX 50 Foch (155) then it got a armor, damage, and speed
    nurf and after that was not so much fun.

  18. The line is pretty good, but the wz11-14 is completely shit

  19. dez i sent you an awesome bulldog replay but you didnt feature it in your
    videos :(

  20. Far China line I liked it ok I think the IS2 is better than russian IS, the
    110 I played before I got IS3, they are pretty different, the 111 1-4 also
    really different than russians at it’s tier, i like it when it works. I’ve
    unlocked the 113 yet to buy it short on credits and training a new china
    hvy crew in wz111 prem atm.

  21. WZ-111 1-4 and 113 are really enjoyable tanks! I don’t know why though,
    good speed, good dpm, good alpha, turret armor ok and most of all, sexy as
    hell! 🙂 And IS-2 is a beast at his tier and 110 is very good too but his
    pronounced pike nose makes it different from other tonks. Anyway, good

  22. Lol…. if you had the Foch 155 BEFORE the massive nerf bat, it was
    awesome…. Really VERY good…. they nerfed the hell out of it…. speed,
    acceleration, armour, gun handling….. all nerfed….. It’s still OK, but
    I cry when I play it now, remembering how great it used to be…. sniff

  23. lines I grinded all the way though are Russian and French.

  24. how about chieftain?

  25. Nice one Dezmond. These two machines are rare at the field. 113 &121 are
    beast to the same gameplay style you did in the clip. Must be Aggresive
    else you are not use the limits of this 113. Same as you played with foch.
    If you going to be static with it. You miss his abilities.

  26. hey Dez, I have the 113 in my garage and it is my most played vehicle in
    the game. I also play it as a heavy medium tank because of the mobillity
    and the reload time. the grind was also nice. the WZ 111 1-4 is one hell of
    a beast. If you are planning on grinding this line then trust me, you won’t
    regret it :)

  27. chinese is2 is rubbish

  28. yeah i love my foch !!

  29. IS-2 and 110 are awesome :D

  30. 1:33 Or maybe he just didn’t want to get clipped?

  31. love my 113

  32. 113 is such an awesome tank..

  33. 6666 views, 666 likes – Satan is watching this video

  34. looks like 113 plays a bit like a T-10

  35. song at 6 22 pls

  36. Firing normal ammo on test server LOL

  37. Dez = da best

  38. 100K is so close!Keep it up Dezzy!

  39. foch 155 sounds like fun with that gun and 3 round clip but imo not worth
    the grind….such a frustrating tank

  40. wz 111 1-4 is even better at its tier

  41. wow, MM hasnt been fixed look at the first match up XD

  42. DezGamez said I could marry him, if this comment got more than 10 likes
    (legit kills)

  43. i think the foch 155 would be loved more if they did not decide to nerf the
    armor and speed

  44. I once bounced a KV-2s 152 in a AMX Elc Bis.

  45. Play the 121 next Dez! It’s like the 113, but BETTER!!

  46. The British put governors on their tanks to prolong the life of the engine
    and transmission. The Germans did the same thing to the original Panther to
    conserve the engine/transmission. The soviets and the Americans gave zero
    fucks and let the drivers do what they wanted to with the tanks, the
    Americans still do. This is why certain British tanks top out at slow speed
    like 30/35/40; it’s so they wouldn’t need to replace the engine/tranny so

  47. I have both these tanks on the live server and while I agree with the 113
    being a great tank, it’s better than the 121 in nearly every way, the foch
    is a very situational tank unfortunately, you need to ambush (mostly) from
    close/mid range and have support to fall back to, at longer ranges 2 of
    your 3 shots will bounce/miss. The other great thing about the Chinese
    heavies is that all 4 are good tanks.

  48. Foch is pronounced as fuck

  49. i saw you in the test server i said hi and you didn’t respond

  50. That moment when u discoverin Wot Blitz E 50m will be buffed to 185 of
    frontal turret to 250mm it’simply crazy

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