► World of Tanks: I’m Back, With a Boom! – AMX 50B, FV215b, FV215b 183 Live Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 50B Gameplay. World of Tanks FV215b Gameplay. World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay. Gameplay Series.

Guys, I AM BACK from my vacation! I have to say that it feels good to be back although my trip was just super amazing with good around me.

Batteries are fully recharged and ready to make some more videos for your.

I had an idea about new series – “World of Tanks: Challenge”.
Let me know what kind of stupid/epic/WTF/… you would like to see me doing and I try to do that in PvP gameplay action! 🙂

Help me to make new series!



  1. Daha iyi vidoelar yapabilirsin :Dadfsdf knk altın versene :D

  2. I would like to see a whole game in sniping mode, sort of like it would be
    in a real tank.

  3. Challange. finish top of team for xp in a underpowered tank. could even be
    a new regular feature. can call it Turd Tank Test. :)

  4. One challenge you could do which could be ongoing is to try and get a top
    gun by doing as little damage as possible. See how well you can kill steal
    each time

  5. yay, gj, nice vid as always. :P

  6. challenge for you: kill someone by ramming in the ELC AMX, but don’t die
    doing it

  7. Flank a enemy in a T95!!!

  8. 10:59 first blood!

  9. Ace tanker in an AMX 40.

  10. Dez, how do you feel about our glorious FV215b being swapped out in the
    coming months?

  11. Good one Ship. Glad to have you back. I shall be tuning in on all your
    presentations. Sam.

  12. The BC arty from the first game was on your team now in the second game he
    shoots you :p

  13. Get 3000+ damage in the IS4 using the stock 175 pen gun

  14. play M46 with 10.5cm derp gun :3

  15. Hey Dez, I got a challenge for you! use the M46 patton with the 105mm
    Howitzer and get a top gun, Good Luck!

  16. YES WT e100 with 15cm and HE, or do as much ammo racks as possible with 183
    AP, and do vacation video with pics

  17. Here is a challenge, see how much damage you can do firing HE from the
    Luch’s auto cannon 

  18. Splash 2 vehicles with the FV304 ;D

  19. My challenge. Using a FV304 the mighty Bert get 800 to 1000 damage. Only
    using shotgun view:)

  20. challenge for you,Get scout and patrol duty in t-150 or kv-1. second
    challenge ammorack a e100 or maus without arty.

  21. I was in this video too. hehehe

  22. SPAM AP with Obj 261 .

  23. Hello Sir,
    I have a challenge for you. How about each day of the play week have a
    medium day, Heavy, TD, and scout tank? Or, if you’d like to have three days
    medium tanks and random tanks the other days (hehe) I think would be
    Take care, The old man

  24. cliff dive for a kill off the hill on himmelsdorf with a t18. Must be a
    teir III tank!

  25. tier 8 jap heavy with the derp gun and using he only

  26. Challenge: click on those + icons pleaseeeeeeee

  27. I hope you had a great time however, we missed you.

  28. Challenge u say ? i got one for u and maybe some other commenters. Outfit a
    tank to the proper specs. Like how they acctually were outfitted in the
    war. The right gun, radio, engine. See what resulst u can get using the
    tank how the acctually were outiftted during wartimes

  29. Literally just had to watch another HEAT spamming obj 140 ‘carry’ a game
    when he didn’t play especially well and just got fed by my team >< so bloody frustrating to watch and the fact that my ping skyrocketed the moment i had to not get shot by him....arggggggh fucking wot xD

  30. I saw that obj 140 one shot coming :P

  31. Challenge: FV215b 183 with full load out of standard HE.
    We know you love the Deathstar so here is a slight twist!
    Love the vids,
    IGN:Sidewinder2016 NA server

  32. challenge: 2000 damage in the m3 lee

  33. ramkill a mouse

  34. Challenge Number 1.Do a Ram Kill…with an ELC.

  35. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Welcome back!

    That “Vacation Video” seems a good idea ;-)

  36. challenge: drive the ISU-152 with the BL-10 but only shoot HE shells

  37. great video and glad you had a good holiday, hope you have some more war
    thunder videos to soon

  38. they will soon be bringing the Leo 2A7+ to AW, what do u think of this?

  39. get an ace tanker using the object 704’s stock gun AP only!

  40. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    Your challenge ram something to death with a t95 or Maus or Tog II or other
    tank with a top speed below 20 kph

  41. Jeep seit 9.9 Patch Camper Base Map Campinowka, Good Job WG.Gj Shipthe
    Nutz, No chance mit den Teammates im Team.Mein Beileid zu den Base Camper
    Noobs bei zwei Battles that its Really bei Wot.
    Li Gr Dagpuhoo510

  42. world of tanks is broken i just saw a video on youtube showing all mods
    that are out there … arty mods , xray mods , aimbot mods , wallhack mods
    , auto shot mods …. its very very unfair for those that play without mods

  43. where is the Boom ?

  44. Challenge, play the cromwell and finish 1st place, you can shoot enemies
    but you are not allowed to have a single kill!

  45. the old garages where the best i miss that days :’)

  46. play with jg panzer e100 and have minimum 10k dmg

  47. Welcome back!

  48. Xhino Domi (Reaperino)

    welcome back dez!
    my challenge is for you to use the DW2 and get Top Gun on a tier 5 game!!

  49. Challenge: WTFE100 HE only with 150mm gun and pen all 4 shells in a clip.

  50. Turn off the interface so you can’t see who is on who’s team and play some
    games in random tanks :D

  51. a challenge, kinda easy… WT-E100 with 150mm gun and only HE ammo – 3k
    damage or 4k for a harder challenge 🙂 gl if you chose this

  52. Do 6k damage with WT E-100 with 15cm gun and HE only!

  53. Cap enemy base without shooting the whole game :D

  54. Try to get 2 ram kills in one game

  55. Congratz for 30k subs :)

  56. Try and do at least 2000 damage in FV304, harder than it sounds :)

  57. Play E-100 with HE only!

  58. A challenge for you get ram kill with TOG II :D

  59. No Dez, i didn’t miss you. I absolutely hate your content.

    Just kidding, love you and your content man. Keep up the great work. ^_^

  60. Dez i have a challenge for ya. AMX 40 Ace tanker and spotter medal in one

  61. The realistic challenge play a 1v1 team training and press v so you have no
    map and stuff and try to kill each other


  63. how about 1k ramming dmg in Maus in one game?

  64. Glad you are back!

  65. Start the battle without any ammunition and kill someone :D

  66. Challenge: Play the E-100 using ONLY HE shells! I have actually had some
    pretty decent games doing that for shits and giggles!

  67. Welkom back dez ? looking forward to your streams again and hopefully my
    entries in the rng episode ^^

  68. Good to have you back. Here is a simple challenge: play fv183 with AP
    shells only :)

  69. I challenge you to get a ram kill in ELC and stay alive!

  70. Dammit, I’m not first!

  71. Challenge for you, kill a Maus with a ram, any way you want – bet you can’t
    do it 😉 I dare ya!

  72. You were gone? Ha Ha Ha, just kidding! You were missed!

    Great game play as usual. I know a challenge that would hurt to work toward
    and probably be just about impossible, not to mention lower your WN8 to a
    low one like mine: Earn the Raider Medal in a TOG II! On a more serious
    note, how about earning a Top Gun and High Caliber in an IS-6 during a tier
    10 battle.

  73. Challenge, make a new accout and start grinding tanks you dont have its a
    new fresh start :D

  74. If i want to see images and that ??? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  75. Hey dez. Youve done a video of the three tanks leading up to the Is7 (is3,
    is8 and is7) but you haven’t done the three leading to the is 4 (kv4, st-1
    and Is4). Would love to see that.

  76. Is it just me or is that i dont have a tier 10 tank, and i think tier 10
    game are stupid and boring

  77. Fernando Sanchez Redondo

    Welcome back, maybe a good challenge could be an Ace with Amx “duck” 40

  78. Muhibbullah Obidhoniy

    am i sensing intense rage…? 4:55 …

  79. Good to have you back Dez :)

  80. Dez.Try to Ammorack Jg.PzE100 as it has full HP.
    Or get şn a battle with 3 shells and destroy the last enemy

  81. Daamn we missed you xD

  82. I missed that orgasmic voice so much <3

  83. Oliwier Kolczyński

    +DezGamez Challenge No.1 play arty ;)

  84. awsome dezgamez

  85. Welcome back Dez <3 :D

  86. A challenge for you but its impossible though…..
    Get a steel wall on AMX CDC!! :p

  87. welcome back dez we missed you

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