► World of Tanks: Impossible Shots! :O – RNGesus #39

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Source: DezGamez

LOL, RNG, Funny, Epic, WTF, Fail and Win Moments. Best Wins and Best Fails! RNG lolz.

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

In RNGesus episode 39 you are going to see some pretty damn impossible RNG shots… I love to make RNGesus series, just because of those moments!


► Music used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/ :
-Love To Burn – Peter Liljeqvist, Martin Veida
-Fuse 2 – Joachim Nilsson
-Car Chase Rock And Roll 4 – Victor Ohlsson
-Hot Pepper Groove 2 – Victor Ohlsson
-Car Chase Rock And Roll 9 – Victor Ohlsson

– Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat.


  1. NIGHTOWLS Searge2142

    Thanks for the “funZ’s” Dez!! A great way to start my short weekend 😀
    Keep up the great work and stay awesome!

  2. Богдан Роман

    where is THE fun stuff
    i mean there is SOME fun stuff (like that arthonist in the IS2 berlin)
    but i can get my su152 for 1 battle and make a 7min video of me 1shoting

  3. dez so close to 100k 7k more face reveal in sight???

  4. *no fucks given* :’D

  5. 7.25
    happened to me earlier today
    a shot bounced off a kv2 and hit me

  6. Snippsnapp Gaming

    hehe i like the clip in 10:47 …. I don’t know why just remember that I
    killed that skoda in just thet match… hehe

  7. That was a good way to start the morning.

  8. yaaaay its me on 9:01 in the 50 B

  9. jan kristian mari Dia

    just finished daily chores and then dez’ uploads a vid! top tier reward!
    thx dez!

  10. 9:08 dude thats not rng, leo pt always explotes XD

  11. 6:38 wot logic. the shell wouldve never fit through it

  12. Im eating this while watching pizza.

  13. jeeezus he used my video… that i send ages ago ,my god! i totally forgot

  14. omg i still have a old replay of me playing the s51 and i was in shotgun
    mode and when i drove down a IS shot me and bounced xD oh good old times

  15. Looks like Himmelsdorf is the map of the ammo racks, couple of days ago I
    pulled off 2 ammo racks with my O-Ni. It was featured in World of Autism 5
    from Chems but i’ll send it to Dez as well. :)

  16. Enzo Normand maitre

    Hi ! What is the name of your crosshair ? And can you give me the link pls

  17. thanks once again sempai!

  18. stalin guided rounds are really a thing in this one.

  19. Thanks for RNGesus and stay awesome

    9:15 i am the poor pvt_destro 😀
    best day of my life!

  21. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Dez, are most of these replays really old? I submitted a replay about 2
    months ago and I fear it might have been missed.

  22. That one shell that passed through the Lorr 40t is what happens when the
    armor hitboxes don’t stay connected, a gap forms so-to-say and shells have
    been known to ‘ghost’ through tanks. Trippy shit really

  23. WG is fraud, IS 3 have better snapshot then Leo1.

  24. kenneth wiinberg olesen

    Aimbot usesed against E25 2 minutes in the video?

  25. WOLFKILL55 kilinc

    4:32 name of the song plz

  26. Wtf? Eddy wally?

  27. some of those scenes were just players in camper TDS who just got a random
    shot off :P

  28. wow i got on youtube to get away from wot and rng or a bit cause ive been
    having a bad day with rng and here i a watching awesome replays of rng
    the reason ive been having a bad day is cause rng fucked me 5 times in a row
    i got ammorakt in my bulldog shot by my own arty in my elc pushed off a
    cliff by and ally in my su 85 and caught on fire in my sp i c and last
    rammed by a oi in my sherman 3 :/

  29. vlog en aboneer en duimpje omhoog lol

    Wow … epic images and some great tunes … fine editing …can’t wait 4 u
    2 stream again … ;)

  30. That Skoda at the end tho. really gotta feel for him. It’s almost as if
    WGing gives arty a much higher no damage crit chance when being hit. I
    should know. 4 years of this game and I see it ALL to often.

  31. 7:16 happened to me once I got shot it bounced and ammo racked my platoon
    mate it was hilarious, sadly not recorded :(

  32. 7:05 happened the same to me in the is7 while i was shooting an amx30 from
    100 meters. Still can’t explain that since there was not even that much of
    lag (about 60 ms)..

  33. Properly the worst episode so far. Still pretty good though.

  34. 7:41 apparently the M3 lee is so terrible even RNG wont see it 😀 I bet his
    tumourturret catched the shot

  35. Wouldn’t be an RNG video, without a KV-2 firing on the move!!

  36. wow, that ricochet kill was epic

  37. 7:15 I guess u can curve tank shells 😉

    I aways wondered if you could get a kill with a ricochet. Now I know

  38. wtf happened at 7:26….

    tank went from a t-54 to a t-44….

  39. Hey Dez, what mod do you use to get a Free roaming Camera in replays?

  40. I would have watched this, but the music was terrible.

  41. #chemisdead

  42. 1:25 “””””Advanced technology”””””

  43. Gatewareu Gatewareu

    hey dez give me some of that weed

  44. Can I wash your tanks sir?

  45. You have the best RNG clips Dez. My jaw was literally dropping while
    laughing so hard my wife thought I was high. After being a sub for a few
    years I’m seeing your channel really picking up momentum, with the quality
    of your content and commentary I see ur channel going jingles big.
    eventually. wp man, wp.

  46. That guy that put “Sounds like a WG game” is a legend ??

  47. That bounce at 7:27

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