► World of Tanks: “Impossible V-Key Challenge” – Challenges #4

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Source: DezGamez

Challenges Series. E-50M Gameplay. . . World of Tanks V-Key .

This want you wanted to see! Most requested challenge was The Mighty “V-Key” Challenge… I decided to do it and… Well, check out what happened!


Tanks in action:
– USA/ , Tier 10
/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. Here’s a challenge, play the pershing with the M4 durp gun :D

  2. Sorry Dez where are you from?

  3. 2,5k with Bat Chat 25t using 13 90 gun

  4. I licked the thumbs up

  5. Now I know why everything disappeared on my screen. As I’m a noob I just
    looked at the screen and said wtf?

  6. “I have to go calm down now” LOL!! Well done!!

  7. Holy shit Ship! That was fucking BEASTLY!

    Next challenge idea: Play WOWS with ctrl+G pressed in – Which has the EXACT
    same effect as V does in WOT.

    You have to play the entire match with the GUI turned off, and you must
    deal at least 35k damage or be on top of your team by experience!

    Try that one out! XD

  8. I´ve got the feeling u sir just glued a piece of Tesa on your screen with
    HUD activated and made a red dot on that where the mid. of your crosshair
    is. After that u deactived the HUD and tadaaaa…

  9. Please DAZ come to SERBIA we need new president!

  10. freakin ohsem daz..the impossible is possible now

  11. It’s funny,because the V key for me is the sniper mode key. I don’t like
    shift,V key for me is more comfortable.

  12. Your next challenge using a e100 and can not make the aiming circle small
    ofcorse dealing 3000 to5000 dmg aswell and 2 to 5kills

  13. 1. Play the whole battle using biggest zoom which is only possible in the
    sniper mode. 2. Deal at least 4k dmg
    3. You have to win the battle 4. Try not to use TD to complete this
    Hopefully you will enjoy ;)

  14. JNA - Rambo Petkovic

    Like a War Thunder (simulator mode) :D

  15. Nice. I’d battle to do that with HUD and all the aimbots and hax available.

  16. Best challenge in wot i i ever seen!

  17. DezBOSS :)

  18. R key challenge = u have to drive the whole battle without stopping at all
    (except if u’re tracked but then u’re not allowed to shoot) and be top on
    xp of your team.

  19. You are fking beast man!! :-D

  20. V key is as close to a real tank experience just minus the external view.

  21. well… you died sooo…..you didn’t completed :)

  22. sounds like you had a blast :)

  23. The MLG sniper. Must get a sniper medal with out going into sniper mode and
    no auto aiming

  24. Hi, please tell me the music for the first minutes, thank you.

  25. Get top on the team while in a fail platoon.

  26. Here’s a challenge, use BC 25t with stock gun without equipment and only
    use normal consumables with 50 percent crew. And be top in damage and exp.

  27. Dez, my friend that was insane, LOL you are insane!!!!!! My cancer surgery
    went well on the part of my nose. They had to cut all the way to the bone.
    I have to go back for another place on my lower stomach which is the size
    of my hand. Getting old is not fun. At 65 years old I thought I had past
    all this shit. Oh well, great video sir.

    Take care, flea

  28. You get all the respect for that. All of it. Seriously. You’re too good..

  29. Wow. Great job man. that would have driven me fucking nuts to try and do

  30. I call it the “Chuck Norris- mode”

  31. need damage? load the skill. try this without heat dez. then I will be
    impressed. not saying I could replicate your game even with heat, but
    dammit I believe in you

  32. Boring.

  33. I wonder if a mod could be made that only showed a basic reticle in sniper
    mode and some indicator for enemy tanks that doesn’t make them easier to
    see but still lets you know they’re the enemy, some sort of emblem or

  34. stefan stanojevic

    hey dez games, how can i win the type 59?

  35. Only shoot commander hats? Also only use HE :)

  36. Great video dude! i think if you showed us you playing the game with the
    HUD disabled but on the replay showed it enabled for us to see it would
    hilarious to watch. just an idea. keep up the good work dez

  37. That was an awesome reaction, man. Well done.

  38. i think a good challenge is “ultimate troll platoon” use a low Tier tank(
    Maximum Level allowed t3) take a t10 tank with u in a platoon get into top
    10 of your Team for xp

  39. over here the v-key challenge is called “pl mode”. Sorry for polish WoT
    players, no offense intended

  40. Play the ARL V39 with the stock gun, 5 gold rounds only, do 1000dmg.

  41. I have a crazy idea for your next challenge. Play with only reverse.
    Meaning instead of the front of your tank you can only move as if your rear
    is ypur front. That’ll be funny.

  42. Very good video. I wish WG actually made this a game mode. Much more

  43. Put a piece of tape or a dot using a marker at the center of your comp easy

  44. nice dez,cheers

  45. I pressed it once but I didn’t have the balls to play with it haahhaha

  46. WTF!! 😀 Unbelievable, you seriously need nerf. :D

  47. well done, fantastic job, love it, keep up the great work

  48. You are a tank god, man. o7

  49. Not sure how you would go about “proving” this but play a game without your
    mouse, just use your arrow keys.

  50. All you have to do to complete this is to put a tiny piece of tape or
    something in the very middle of your screen to aim with.

  51. challenge : just sniper mode !

  52. CHALLENGE: ‘Drunken Sniper’:
    – All shots must be fired from at least 300 metres away.
    -You must use either a KV-2 or an O-I.

  53. CHALLENGE: ‘Up close and personal’:
    – All shots must be fired on targets less than thirty metres away.
    – No heavy tanks allowed.
    Good luck on your challenges, Dez. GG

  54. Such an epic game!! You are amazing!

  55. awesome video, Dez, just awesome. But I’m missing the warning at the
    beginning: “pls kidz, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” ;~)

  56. Daaamn.. GG, i`m impressed!

  57. damn i never win anything

  58. Just autoaim…

  59. Looool

  60. Sniper mode challenge

  61. HEAT

  62. to easy for you mate! next challenge is with your screen off 😉 haha GG!!!

  63. I have watched this guy for a long time now. I have played the game since
    it went live out of beta and i do believe that this challenge shows the
    community just how FUCKING good this MUTT is!!!!It is so very hard to do
    this at all. I tried this myself and failed. I love the way he is willing
    to do challenges. Keep em coming good sir!

  64. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    New challenge! Get a ramming kill with a Maus (and survive) dealing +300

  65. How I play World of Tanks

    outstanding how the heck did you do that? I can’t even see the enemy
    vehicles let alone target them! heck of a challenge well played sir

  66. Hello Sir, are you afk? LOL

  67. Good game. I might start doing this, just for fun…

  68. Arty V challenge

  69. Block 10 times the amount of damage as the total HP of ur tank or do 10
    times the damage than the total HP as ur tank, Good luck with that
    +DezGamez xD

  70. I licked your lick button Dez 🙂 epic play btw

  71. Brandon Pemberton

    E50 game you were saying arty was in a bad position, how exactly did you
    know that without the minimap?

  72. Omg, what a boss! That was an awesome game! Now that’s an intense
    challenge, GG Dez!

  73. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    Dez My clan used to do this on our fun nights though never in random
    battles but I fully appreciate how hard it is how important little things
    like mini map is when your playing you would of found it alot harder if you
    had been flanked leave you wondering if that shot from behind was
    accidental or enemy luckily you never had to deal with that situation

  74. For the next one: 1. Drive a light tank 2. Be on top by damage done 3. You
    can’t stop moving, unless you’re tracked (R must be pressed 3 times) 4. Win
    the battle

  75. Exploding Baconeer

    Only shoot tanks whilist driving, no stopping! Do it preferably in a French
    tank :P

  76. OMG!!!!
    What an epic replay! I thought WarThunder simulation battles are hard, but
    this is really crazy!
    Congratulations to you DEZ for completing this challenge! Would have been
    even more epic on a city map, but it is pretty amazing!
    And the best part is seeing my name in the end of the video…: Thank you
    very very much for my first tier 8 premium tank!!!!
    I will send you my first ace tanker replay in my brand new Type 59 if you
    want to see it!?
    Thank you!
    Here is another challenge you may like to try: Press “R” three times in the
    beginning of the match and never stop driving around + be the first at
    least in your own team by experience earned!

  77. Polish mode enabled.

  78. Arvin Dave Velasco

    great job on V key challenge…almost an ACE tanker on you game

    great vid Dez keep them coming =)!!!

  79. Daamn Dez,you play better with V key than without it.. ;)

  80. Weekey? :P

  81. when people say this gamw isn’t realistic enough “hit V” then say that….!
    Nice job

  82. Challenge: Scout in an AMX 13 90 while reversing and get a Scout Medal and
    survive :D

  83. Why so surprised Dez? You are an amazing player so you shouldnt be
    surprised that much if you complete such a mission! :D

  84. Mild Twist!
    Arty only! :D

  85. lick? or click? :P

  86. Another idea : “Full reverse” challenge (the Q-key is the S-key and the
    S-key is the Q-key)

  87. Dam I hate the taste of the like button but I lick it cuz Dez is so good :D

  88. try to get pruno’s and radley walterscmedal in same battle,and to have 5k

  89. Do a patrol duty medal with artillery and be the first from your team by
    spotted damage. Good luck! :)

  90. This was crazy creamy DEZ

  91. I licked this verld of tanks video

  92. Dez haxxorz!
    Where do you get your aimbot?! ;)

  93. you are the best man my best game is 9 kills on wot Youtuber22 is my
    account name

  94. jeffrey schreuder

    wow im seriously impressed #dezforpresident

  95. Dez you crazy. Crazy awesome!

  96. beast mode on

  97. M 41 90 worth it ? :)


  99. 8:04 IS-8? T-10 Dez T-10! ;)

  100. next challenge….artillery with v key down? xD please? one kill is enuf

  101. for some people there should be a W key challenge lol

  102. WOT Blitz with TrolloxD

    good video! likin it <3

  103. Willemcross DeEchte

    nice video!

  104. Now… When I was able to get pretty decent score playing like this… Then
    what is your excuse? 😛
    Anyways, hope you enjoy the episode and gimme some new challenges! :)

  105. have the winners of the 50k giveaway already recieved the e-mail?

  106. i love your videos dez

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