► World of Tanks IS-3 and KV-2: “Best Job I Ever Had” – IS-3 and KV-2 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-3 and Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Oh yes, the old never let’s you down, seriously… The amount of fun you can get out from that little “bastard” is amazing.
makes me quote movie “Fury”
– “ Job I ever had!”
is one of the kind of funz you can have. Best kind of Derps for sure! 😛

Enjoy the show!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Chinese tanks

  2. And ofc-blue player against arty-no chance

  3. Why u didn’t pen tiger ? Obvious and simple-f…noob protection. Look at
    xvm-red noob. Hate wot cause it works for noobs like that all the time. 

  4. StabberMcShanky

    Since you played with the is-5 on the test server do you think you will be
    getting it on live server? Great vid btw! 

  5. I find that of all the tanks I own, the IS-3 gets ammunition racked the
    most out of everything.

  6. You get the best rng haha

  7. What is the aim reticle mod you use?

  8. How do you get your “banners” to move somewhere else?

  9. can you play kv4?

  10. sorry, but it’s so boring watching :(

  11. Dez your aim was not perfect, it was Stalin 

  12. The most damage i have ever done in my kv-2 was 1053 to a tog :)

  13. Dez pls, why you no full HE load out on KV-2???

  14. When contest results out?

  15. Best fun you can have… (with your pants on)… Dez – you do play with
    your pants on don’t you? I now have mental image of you playing butt
    naked… maybe thats why you dont ever want to show us your camera feed!!!

  16. dubhead spartan

    Ha! Got eem! Got that rhm!

  17. Dez, do you feel that the IS-3 is much more powerful (and more fun) after
    the HD update?

    Great video as always!

  18. Stalin guided your shots! :)

  19. i love the HD-IS3 but i prefere the old gun ;/

  20. I never use AP on my KV-2 tbh, HE is just so much fun and changing ammo
    types? -Not with 20s reload.

  21. good game in the KV-2 and IS-3

  22. undertaker22494

    Take MAUS for next episode plz plz plz :D

  23. Mario “Principio” Rudolfo

    Hi, how to order secondaries to focus on a target ?


  25. mod?

  26. KV-2: Most fun you can have with your pants on ;)

  27. Yes I know but are they Up to Date 

  28. you have missunder stood the point of kv2 ONLY USE HE

  29. #removeartyfromgame

    • And this is why today was my lat EVER game on world of tanks until they
      sort out arty and make matchingmaking based on the skill of the player as
      well as the tier.

  30. Got Radley Walter’s in my KV2 this weekend :)))

  31. dude you’re showing a recording with your “Zoom IN” mod you need to take
    this recording down bro

    • +John Doe
      😀 I have no “Zoom In” mods buddy

    • Bonkersfogel EQRG

      +John Doe are zoom in mods illegal?

    • +Bonkersfogel EQRG Zoom mods that are used on artillery to zoom OUT are
      illegal, but mods that allow the play to zoom in further are allowed as it
      only affects sight and does not affect the accuracy of a shell, meaning
      that had you sighted and fired at the target without, it would be the same
      chance to hit it had you used a mod.

    • Bonkersfogel EQRG

      yeah exactly

  32. Witsh mods are You using

  33. KV2 stonk tenk.

  34. first like 😀 and comment

  35. GG :D

  36. KV-2 never let’s you down. ;)

    • +Младен Вељковић shame the gun has a 25 sec reload without a rammer and at
      best 20 with a rammer and crew at 100%

    • +DezGamez Arty is prioritizing you because all they see is BLUE on xvm this
      is one reason I hate xvm

    • +DezGamez can you please share your mod folder? Please?

    • +Jay Harr This is why I stopped playing. XVM should be banned.

    • +DezGamez 16:42 Look at the KV-2 next to you – his turret is SLIGHTLY
      different! The rear is angled out where yours is flat, I’m guessing that is
      the Stock KV-2 Turret? If it is – then he is using 122 Derp isn’t he? Or
      can you mount the 152 in the stock refrigerator for the KV-2?

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