► World of Tanks: IS-3A – New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank Gameplay / Review

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Source: DezGamez

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Not too long time ago we had patch 9.12, but already it is a time for some new updates! World of Tanks update is behind the door and let’s take a look what this patch is going to give us.
One of the thing is that we are going to get entire new tech tree – Czechoslovakian medium tanks are introduced to the game!

In this episode I am going to play with new tier 10 medium tank – “TVP T 50/51”. In my opinion, this tank is The Beast!

Full list of new tanks:
* Tier 1 – Kolohousenka
* Tier 2 – LT vz. 35
* Tier 3 – LT vz. 38
* Tier 4 – ST vz. 39
* Tier 5 – Škoda T 24
* Tier 6 – Škoda T 25
* Tier 7 – Konštrukta T-34/100
* Tier 8 – TVP VTU Koncept
* Tier 9 – Škoda T 50
* Tier 10 – TVP T 50/51

►Full patch notes for 9.13 test server version 2:

Enjoy the video!


  1. This will replace the Is-6?

  2. Wait did DezGamez played WoT on livestrime with quickybaby like two weeks
    ago on xbox???

  3. Power Creep at its finest… like Russia needs ANOTHER OP tank.

  4. Any idea when will IS3A be released on the SEA server?

  5. I must say that it has a very low Ammunition load

  6. does it have more gun depression too?

  7. But the crew… No extra training for the loader. But, IS3a, slower, but
    still IS3 with APCR! GJ WG…

  8. I will enjoy blasting these OP shet whis my CGC .

  9. but still what about the lowe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that thing is utter shit. that tank needs massive buffs cmon! give it a
    dpm, aimtime, engine power, accuracy buff!!!!
    give the tank a rof of 6.12 rounds a min then il be happy!

  10. this tank meh i duno. i never really did like is-3.
    i alwayse chose my tiger2 over is-3 evry day any day, cos you know tiger2
    is a jack of all trades were as is3 is a epic bralwer.( which thats the
    only thing its good at) but hey if this things on sale il actualy buy it
    but the thing is i dont think you can carry games in this tank as the shell
    count is only 28 shots. with 0.46 accuracy and 3.5 second aimtime. your
    likely to miss if you dont aim shots.

  11. If you have the is 5 don’t buy this, its not that different, has only 3
    crew and has even worse gun handling

  12. 0.46 accuracy , earn a easy tanker sniper :P

  13. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    i have got and 320 damage roll in my e 75 with 12,8cm.

  14. I want one but what about my regular IS3, great vid thanks

  15. Oh thank god another russian tank! We clearly have a severe lack of them :D

  16. thx Wargaming, we really needed another IS3 on the battlefield….

    Anyway, Dez will you play with Circon on a stream again? I really enjoyed
    the last time.

  17. Release date ????

  18. Show the stats

  19. Overpowered :P

  20. so another op Russian tank.. who would have thought

  21. MM preference ??

  22. But where can I get it and when???

  23. Another op Russian tank then…

  24. Marion Placido (placido10-airman10)

    Hey, Dez can you please make a Armored Warfare: Leopard 2A6 video?

  25. wow this is one competitive premium tank… great pen and armor. this tank
    will wreck tier 9 below hahaha.

    but still im good with my IS6 as premium heavy, WG is making it sexy this
    coming patch =)

    great vid Dez thanks for the review and gameplay!!!

  26. you didn’t show the penetration of IS3 A

  27. I wish it had more crew!!! Getting the kv-5 instead, because I’m going down
    the soviet line first and I’ve almost unlocked the IS-3 anyway which looks
    pretty similar.

  28. please dont be in 99€ bundle

  29. Just want to say thank you Dez!

  30. the is5 looks to be better. i really want to see the is5 again, but still a
    really cool review!!! keep up the good work! ;)

  31. I sh*t myself when I first heard of this tank

  32. one moar sovijet premium heavy…sigh

  33. Its 60$ USD and fucking 80$ CAD…

    WG is too fucking expensive… remember buying my T-34 for like 50$ CAD

  34. But it’s gonna meet tier X. I think I’ll keep my IS6.

  35. so whats the point of other t8 perems now?

  36. IS-3 with one less crew member, slightly faster reload, and fires APCR as
    standard. And it does technically have an autoloader, just not a
    clip/magazine. I absolutely love mine, it’s not as fun as my T34, but it’s

    I really wouldn’t play it without a GLD and VStab. Not sure if it takes
    advantage of a rammer, it can fit one, but if it makes a difference. May
    opt for vents instead.

  37. Not a crew trainer then…hmmm

  38. Early comment I guess?

  39. its a russian tank, its gotta be op

  40. Wow I’m early

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