► World of Tanks: IS-4 [8,4K Damage] Gameplay – Bouncing Simulator

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Source: DezGamez

Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay Commentary.
►Welcome Home!

Much wanted -4 action here and we have to thank ÜJelidaÝ for that! Take a look how tough tank IS-4 really is to kill and how much damage it can put out!

Also guys…

Finally going to host my “first legit” stream, this saturday, April 11th 2015. Going to start my 12h+ Opening Stream at 11am CEST most likely… maybe hour later, but will keep you posted. So even for NA guys you have enough time to jump into action!
But why this stream is going to be super awesome?
Well, because the 11th and 12th is the 4th anniversary of World of Tanks here in Europe and thanks to that we are able to give away some really “sick” prizes!
I am able to give away:
-10 x + 300Gold + 3 days premium + Garage Slot
-10 x World of Warships Closed Beta Test Access Codes
-2 x WoT Loader Bag
-3 x WoT Razer Deathadder
-3 x The Kraken 7.1 Chroma
And our main prize:
-1 x Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX 960

On the top of that I may be able to give away some random “Gold Packs” as well, but not sure yet, will see!

Anyways, I think the list of prizes is pretty impressive! 🙂

No reason to stay away from the stream, so BE THERE!
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Hey, great video as always, but yeah, that IS-4 equipment setup is pathetic

  2. i have brothers in arms on mine but no vents because i use a gun laying
    drive instead

  3. Really nice game. A shame that the BatChat was taking out seeing as he had
    the speed to at least reset the cap.

  4. Cant wait for your stream tomarrow i am staying up all night so i can catch
    it and i hope i can stay awake for all of it. I am on the Na server so i
    doubt i can win any prizes but that doesnt matter to me im here to watch
    your epic opening stream.

  5. kilasracingfactory

    Looks like the M41 crashed into him :D

  6. Yea, hes using rammer, vents, bia. Thats what i have and thats my reload.

  7. I probably can’t make the stream event so good luck to all who do attend
    and hope you have fun.

  8. the IS-4 didn’t have enough ammo left to kill IS-3 and WZ-111 1-4

  9. Thanks again for the vid, very informative. looking forward to the stream
    tomorrow, it’ll be nice to see you play live. now get some sleep and stock
    up on coffee!

  10. Ugh yeah, I’m facing the same choice, equipment or new tanks??? Nice vid.

  11. one last question, do we have to be there for the whole stream to be
    eligible to win prizes and are then EU residents only? i only ask bc i
    probably won’t be around for the whole stream since i’ll be grinding the 4
    year anniversary event all day

  12. awesome, love seeing is-4 vids! the tank doesn’t seem as popular as the
    is-7. can’t wait to get one myself but the kv-4 grind is really bogging me
    down :/

    have you seen the new is-5 that’s supposed to be coming out at some point?
    kinda looks like an is-8 on steroids. WANT!

  13. How do you have that garage/hangar? please tell me where i can find it,tnx

  14. Dez, what tier 6 premium tank would you recommand besides TOG 2?

  15. xxxyoloswag twerk420blazexxx

    I need some help I have to choose two tanks of these 3 the
    maus/e-100/waffeltractor(idk how to spell the tanks name) and my play style
    is aggressive which of the two should I grind for please help thanks

  16. IS7 is one of two Soviet t10 heavy tanks, besides the IS7…LOL man :D

  17. Bouncing simulator 4.0.1 :)

  18. 9-TD is CzechoSlovak Clan am i True ??? than are you from CZ ?? :)

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