► World of Tanks: IS-5 – 1vs7 Crazy Battle! – The Drama Is Real! – IS-5 (Object 730) Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Series. -5 Epic Battle Gameplay. IS-5 (Object 730) Gameplay Review.

In todayÙs epic battle episode you are going to see World of Tanks in a nutshellæ We have everything over here, epic wins, epic fails and chat dramaæ What more do you want from one game? 😀

Enjoy watching “Fguri” in his special IS-5 !

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2545326#stats


  1. i had 1 vs 8 with is3 and got radley walters

  2. can we hit 200 likes without any dislikes? Kreygasm m8es

  3. Hate over powered tank replays

  4. OI has the same Armor at the ass, its never good take shoots behind
    becous,e its a big chance to set you on fire.

    The play was not good, it was perfekt matchmaking and a very very stupid
    enemy team. The best play was the JT 8.8 and he also plays stupid showing
    his hull and driving to this positon. The Full HP Tiger 2 with 8.8 have no
    penetrations and shoots he, nothing to say to that. The borsig kill his
    self and the 2 tier 6 was on low hp and plays stupid. The Arty has the so
    many time to drive in a other postion to hit the only tank in the game but
    he do nothing.
    The enemy team was a desaster, how reach this players tier 8? A VK 45.02 A
    driving heavy tank line, panther and tier 6 tanks omg. VK is like a fcm 50t
    more medium but it says heavy tank it the garage and people drive it like

    Very lucky game, and rare game.

  5. lol dezgamez JELLY that chat drama steal his chat, u sure are a control
    freak dezz!

  6. The IS-5 is a special premium you could’ve bought somewhere in May of 2015
    in patch 9.8 I believe.

  7. having a good game in an IS is as rare as having a double burger at
    McDonald’s. I am not impressed…

  8. Where sounds are concerned, I think that most guns sound like airguns now.
    The rest, engines, bounces and such sound great.

  9. People of youtube please give GG to Wargaming for the tanks sadly we will
    never have

  10. In the battle log, why does it keep mentioning “Expert:[tank model]”” when
    he targets a tank and “Expert:OFF” when he changes aim?

    Any ideas?

  11. 2:06 What’s that “Expert: Off” over the minimap ?

  12. That 1v7 in the title looks like 7v7


  14. I love my is-5 :D

  15. Joaquin Hernandez

    enemy borsig is an fucking idiot how did he get into.tier 8

  16. first comment nooobsss

  17. first viewer

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