► World of Tanks IS-5 Gameplay: 20,000 GIVEAWAY CONTEST! – IS-5 Review and Gameplay – Patch 9.8

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-5 Gameplay and Review.
Therefore I have something pretty awesome for you as well, let’s celebrate this number in style!

I am going to be able to give away “at least” 10,000 gold, 4×2,0. I am trying to get even more tho, so… Awesome!

(How many kills in total?)
2) FV215b 3 or Stage II? (Easy to answer when you have watched my videos! :))

Also add your WoT server!

And you are able to win one of the epic Berlin Trio packages:
IS-2, Tier VII Soviet heavy tank
1 x Garage Slot
5,7 gold
Cromwell B, Tier VI British medium tank
1 x Garage Slot
2,000 gold
Premium Account: 30 day
T34-5 “Rudy”. Tier VI Soviet medium tank
1 x Garage Slot
1,000 gold
Premium Account: 30 days

►Going to draw random winners out of all correct entries!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. that is-5 seems pretty epic. :p
    to bad it’s only clan reward tank. :(

  2. GJ DeZ! I am trying to win something.

  3. congrats for 20k subscriber :D

  4. CroMusic PlayerHD

    Is-5 gun seems to be OP as hell, 10sec reload, Apcr as standard, its a
    brawler so it doesnt need to aim fully

  5. Kanade Tachibana

    nice job on 20k sub keep it going!!! <3

  6. is5 looks like is8

  7. nice

  8. Nice channel nice content

  9. How l see this IS-5 have better hull armor,turret armor from front and gun
    than IS-6,congrats on 20K subscribers!

  10. I’m on NA I’ve just started attempting to stream. But I need help to get
    the word out anyway u can help?


  11. Panb Pinday Pibn

    DezGamez i jsut did my lat mission for HTC and i got it it wos HT-15 and i
    did it in FV215b 🙂 i blocked 6k did 4k and i died :), well i guess i wos
    to much happy 🙂 and im still having hard time playing with FV215b , i
    watched a lot of your videos of FV215b but i never get that good game have
    only 1 class no ACE still 😉
    And jea im almost green player 88 wn8 more thats funny because me recent
    wn8 is 2.5k+ all time heeh

  12. Hey Dez! You kick all the ass, beast mode: ON!


  14. This channel is like quality gaming at its finest, just go on! I am looking
    forward to 50 000+ celebrations, it will come pretty soon I am sure.

  15. robbieplays tanks nl

    i think that is-5 is a tier 8 is-8 but its a pretty good tank much love
    from the netherlands

  16. Roderik Bösensell

    Love the channel, great content. Keep it up!

  17. Nikola Trogrlic

    Happy for you to reach 20k!!!

  18. Thanks for all your hard workon behalf of the WoT community, I hope to
    still be here at 50,000! (paulus61).

  19. congratz and keep up with good work!

  20. Awesome videos, I like the way you behave during battles 🙂 Keep making
    videos, they are great!

  21. Congrat to 20k subs, and keep up the good work :)

  22. IS 5 looks pretty nice, like IS 8

  23. Hi DezGamez, congratz on 20k subs, people come to this because the great
    content and you accent 🙂 much love from The Netherlands ( EU )

  24. nice i love watching

  25. So many IS s

  26. Great video and many congrats.

  27. IS-5, at least I will know what this is the first time I see one. Nice

  28. Congrats Dez!! Having fun watching your video’s both professional and
    entertaining, keep it up and let’s take it to the 30.000 subscriber mark!

  29. I wish you GL and congratulations with 20 THOUSAND subs!!! :D

  30. It was a… dead giveaway! Gz on 20k and keep going strong!

  31. AntOniS AsconaB

    Really enjoying your videos and commentary.. keep up!

  32. Thanks for ur effort, i like ur chanell

  33. Alexandru Marcu

    I am trying to win here!

  34. hell yeah need some gold

  35. IS-5 looks fantastic

  36. Gratz Dez keep em coming :)

  37. Congrats ,you do always nice videos!! :D

  38. Great video and many congrats.

  39. congrats with those 20k subs!

  40. Congratz on your subs Dez!

  41. dammit.. why does the is5 have to be only cw reward

  42. CastleCrafte RPG

    I WHANT THAT IS 5 :O its so sexy *-* and congrats to 20k 🙂 nice vide!
    keep uploading interesting videos!

  43. Loving the videos, please keep it up 🙂 And congratz :)

  44. Gratz on 21k 😀 Keep up the good work.

  45. Eddie Johansson

    So no Tier X reward tank this time?
    That kinda sucks.

  46. Congrats on 20k subs

  47. Congrats. I always enjoy the vids. Keep up the good work.

  48. GZ for 20 k :D

  49. I remember when you had 19000 sub’s. Those were beautiful times. 

  50. good job :)

  51. gg DezGamez
    I like your channel a lot. Long time subscriber.

  52. Eu
    Sebi2893( the in.game name)
    what was your motivation to continue this channel when you were having less
    than 100sub?

  53. :D dewinner/NukeTown4TheWin

    YEAH! your channel is getting bigger and bigger and do you know what? it is
    also getting a awesome unicum/practice channel!

  54. Liam Guermache (liam456)

    Congratulations on your achievement! I’m really happy for you! Crossing my
    fingers for a prize!

  55. Gratz on reaching 20K subscribers. And here’s looking forward to the next
    20K :)

  56. rawr, that is all

  57. Gimme the gold!

  58. The more you learn, the more you forget. The more you forget, the more
    stupid you get. Learning leads to stupidity

  59. I would love to get on of the clan reward tanks as well! The IS-5 (obj 730)
    looks awesome! Loved he video.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  60. Ibrahim Al-junaid


  61. Awsome Videos mate. Keep up the good work

  62. Krisztián Kőkuti

    congrats on hitting the 20k subs

  63. Dalibor Lapcevic

    Nice one! ^_^

  64. A comment about the life, IS5, how bad your channel is and so and so :D

  65. I love happy panda’s :3

  66. More premium tanks wg , freemium game ….

  67. Seems they finally have an unbroken IS line from the IS(1) up to the IS 8
    haha (even if they aren’t tiered in that order…)

  68. ‫بهاء الزيادي‬‎

    gj , pindzior EU

  69. great content man awsome channel and congrats on 20k ;)

  70. such a nice tank, i wish i have one in mine garage :D

  71. Congratulations on 20k. Keep up the excellent work and please start
    streaming more… if you can.

  72. too much Iosiv Stalin in game like IS IS-2 IS-2 IS-3 IS-4 IS-6 IS-7 and now
    IS-5. daaamn Iosiv family

  73. greetings from Finland ;)

  74. StabberMcShanky

    Great job on the 20k! My favorite video of yours still has to be your troll
    video of you leaving YouTube! I was devastated! :)

  75. Congrats DezGamez thanks for the amazing videos and keep up the good work.

  76. +DezGamez I found your channel not a very long time ago but I really enjoy
    the content of the channel. Good job and continue what you are doing ;)

  77. Keep uploadig this video’s :)

  78. Congrats on the 20k milestone. :)

  79. Nikola Naumovic

    keep up the good work mate, congrats on the 20k ;)

  80. GZ!! Like someone might say Legendary…Epic :P

  81. Gj 20k subs thats epic… nice prizes

  82. Jonathan Van Campfort

    Oh I see, an is-6 with less armor but a better gun. But another CW tank?
    Come on only good clans get these tanks. Why can’t they give special tanks
    away in these random missions like the is-6 , chi-nu-kai. Then it would be

  83. ghost-gv ghost-gv


  84. Grof od Banoštor

    IS-5, sexy and dangerous

  85. Loving your work man!

  86. Is is 5 going to be better than is 6?

  87. ,,Just dont give out and try” Inspirational words,Your have an warm
    channel ^_^

  88. IS-5 looks like IS-8 but it’s tier 8 omg omg omg. ( random comment for my
    gold :3 <3 )

  89. Timon Dragosavac

    No problem Dez I can already feel the goldzz :D

  90. Spiros Katopodis

    stronk russian tenk lel

  91. Augustas Banaitis

    give me gold :D

  92. Tomislav Jandričić

    i love you dezgamez! :P

  93. love your vdo

  94. Antti Halttunen

    Ello my friend!

  95. From Norway 😀 EU

  96. Well done mate, been there since pretty much the beginning.
    etikchoochoo EU

  97. Congratulations! Keep doing a good job!!!

  98. Cool video!!! (need gold)

  99. Congrats on the 20k subs .

  100. Sinisa Jovanovic

    I subscribed for “this is… ” and i got so much more, ty 😀 

  101. Oskaras Vilbikas


  102. As always great video Dez :)

  103. awsome videos man love them all!!!!!!!!! First thing i do in the morning
    take my phone ,youtube>my subscriptions>DezGamez……just awsome

  104. ThatIsDebatable

    DezGames – have any thoughts on WG’s focus on ‘fixing’ armour (through
    penetration and accuracy nerfs) while ignoring other issues at the same

  105. Congrats on 21k, 400 vids and 4m views mate! Really like hearing your
    english improving as well :)

  106. Nguyễn Trần Anh Đức

    is5 face so flat?

  107. is-5 is like is-8 with bad gun

  108. Ohai

  109. Dez, what is your thought about the lorr 40t? Congrats with the 20k subs.
    Let’s make it 200k next!

  110. Luca Yoshi (KingYoshiLuca)


  111. Stronk russian heavy action!

  112. Congratz Dez with your new 20,000 subscribers milestone!

    APCR ammunition as default ammo at tier 8 premium seems a bit OP in
    comparisson to for example IS6… looking forward to this tank!

  113. Milan “PASKE” Pasic

    awsome videos man love them all!!!!!!!!! First thing i do in the morning
    take my phone ,youtube>my subscriptions>DezGamez……just awsome

  114. your channel sucks ;)

  115. I’m a bit worried if the IS-5 is going to replace the IS-3 as a “proper
    high alpha heavy” in Team Battles. Kinda looks better in almost all

  116. Dez could you answer my question, I watched a couple of your videos and I
    can’t figure it out where are you from.
    I am guessing you are French, Vallon or Romand, maybe Dutch, Danish,
    Portugese, Catalonian. I can’t narrow it down sadly.
    Btw congrats to your achievement, I hope you make more WoWs videos in the

  117. Rosen Todorovsky

    Congratulations! Keep it up! 

  118. great channel , great content, only problem , not enough !

  119. like that new tank is that d25t gun like on is 6?

  120. Nice viedeo dez
    I realy hope that i geht one of these is5’s 🙂

  121. DezGames is the best ! :)

  122. congrats on hitting the 20k sub mark dude.
    btw do you sometimes do viewer platoons ?

  123. Awesome work you do in your vidz! :)

  124. Congrats to the winner!

  125. Random comment generator: random comment number 6xx :)

  126. gg on 20k subs :)

  127. Ciprian Mateescu

    IS-5 is so awesome sad that it is a clan reward tank.
    PS: Keep up the good work Dez!

  128. Thx DezGamez.

  129. Congratz on 20k subs 😉 ive been subed for a while now and the great
    content is still great! Keep up the good work!

  130. is-5 is stronk tenk just like kv-5, stronk soviet engineering!

  131. i am writing a comment

  132. the is-5 looks ugly

  133. Great job dude, you’re awesome! Kirgwa, EU

  134. keep on doing this great stuff man! freakin loved the heshgasm video ;D

  135. I like the IS-5 pretty much! Seems to have a pretty damn good penetration.
    Unfortunately I will never be able to drive it…

  136. Pepijn den Boer

    Congrats with the 20k subs, actually 21k. Congrats with the 4 million
    views! I’m here pretty much from around 1k subs.

  137. gz dude

  138. Great Job Dez, am sending some Love from Israel :D

  139. Hello

  140. is 5 is like an is-8 with a weaker gun, so i think i would like it :D

  141. I think I would like to win a prize, I’m not sure.. But I think I would 😉
    and that is-5 oh damn!!! 

  142. Thx DEZGAMEZ for your entertainment. !

  143. Aleksandar Trifunovic

    Good job

  144. Congratulations on 20,000 subscribers,hope there are many more to come!

  145. Not bad this IS 5. Me want

  146. Tomas Markauskas

    I love the nickname lol

  147. ralph isyoutubing

    Congratz on 20k man. Makes my day to see people like you wich i have been
    subscribed to for quite a while reach these milestones

    Gl everyone with the contests!

  148. GZ FOR 20K

  149. How much gold is IS5?

  150. Well done mate, keep it up ;)

  151. metalhead635098

    Congrats dude, i’ve been here since your funny video of new medals :)

  152. Tigerkiller4449

    Is-5 looks like fun.

  153. Hey dez love you vids keep on going!!!

  154. Wow, Is-5 is going to rule among tear 8 premium tanks!!!

  155. Vladimir Yotkov

    Awesome vid DG. Nice scores

  156. Hello Dez. The only thing I want to say is : You do a amazing job with your
    video in WoT and WoW, so it’s your paid for that happy panda !! About IS5,
    nah I prefer the AMX CDC on EU server 🙂 So again thx for your video I
    enjoy so much.

  157. Nice job man! This IS-5 looks powerfull tank and something what i want

  158. IS-5 seems a good tank. I would like to play this tank.

  159. Keep it up!!

  160. Pudge Freshmiet

    i have hamsters !!!

  161. Of course mh clan doesnt goes to Clan Wars…..I dont know what they re
    doing but ok….
    Probably changing to [BZD]……Cya man good video 

  162. MrMarkothedragon

    I really like your work that you put into this channel. Keep on making
    videos XD

  163. IS-5 looks like an IS-8…. Vgood WOT Channel By The Way :)

  164. Great job Dez you are a great youtuber! :)

  165. gratz on 20k

  166. Is 5 does look smexy :3 should have stalin hair on its beak

  167. I don’t like this IS-5, IS-6 looks like a monster in comparison

  168. Francesco Rossi

    Wow IS-5 seems pretty good!
    Congrats dezgamez!!

  169. U r awesome Dezgamez, keep IT up

  170. Ivo van der beek

    i want gold 

  171. Ive never say a is 5 and i am in the european server but it whoud be nice
    to have at least 1 premium tank bc i am liveang in Romania and my parent
    wont let me buy a premium anywai nice job ,keep it up like that. and you
    will reach 100.000subs 

  172. 20K epic Dez love it! , what song is that in the background?

  173. Lets go for another 20.000 subscribers!!! Great work man

  174. IS-5 is so nice tank . its looks really cool I want to get one of those in
    my garage :)

  175. Casper Vang Jensen

    Well my friend… Congratz. You are making my day

  176. Alvin Tan (ジン)

    Now you can have IS all the way to IS8 without that IS5 gap!

  177. Are you from germany? Because you say “tausend” and not “thousand” :-)

  178. Gg congratulations too 20 k

  179. This tank looks to be pretty good.

  180. nice review of the IS-5, covers pretty much all its stronk- and weakpoints

  181. Congrats on 21k subscribers

  182. I want more world of warships!!!

  183. That IS-5 looks nice :)

  184. Nice prizes, many other youtubers wouldn’t do something like this… Great

  185. IS-5 well looks nice 🙂 want one!!! but dont play clan games so…… :(

  186. Great gameplay, mate! ;)

  187. IS-5 seems interesting :)

  188. Congrats on 21k subs man, glad to be one of them for a long time now.

  189. Congrats on20k

  190. Helloo

  191. Hi i have been subscribed foe a while and you are my fav wows youtuber

  192. jeffrey schreuder

    sorry had to send a 2nd mail because i forgot my server

  193. Bakir Beganovic

    This is beastmode!!! 

  194. DezGamez Beast Mode Wining 😀 

  195. Mantas Malinauskas

    Congrats on 20k subscribers, you deserve it!

  196. Nicholas Morgan

    Great review as always, if only it was for sale in the premium shop

  197. laurens van Deventer

    congrats on the 20K dude!!!!!!

  198. Baptiste Bachelard

    Congrats on 20k, here since long! Btw, answer to second question is FV4005
    stage 2!

  199. congrats on 20k subs

  200. is-5 looks like is-8 but way cooller than is-8 thou

  201. Seems like a good SH tank

  202. Baptiste Bachelard

    Have you noticed there are much more comments than usual?

  203. Is-5 Looks like is-8. And congratulations on 20k subscribers

  204. Congrats! Keep up the good work

  205. xXIntimidatingXx

    Congratz on the 21k subscribers!

  206. I LOVE the videos you make :D. And i think the is-5 is a good looking tank.

  207. Nice IS-5

  208. awee alex

  209. Helder Fernandes

    IS-5 stronk russian tenk made of stalinwood

  210. Jsncplabfklsbavkqjvxnkfoagxnosoqhas giveeeeee meeee golddd

  211. Congratulations on the 20K.
    Following your channel with great pleasure.

  212. Wow The Is-5 looks so good, when I clicked on the video I was like. What
    the hell is an IS-5!?!?!??

  213. Great content as always dez :)

  214. This channel is so EPIC that some EPIC channels should be ashame of this

  215. Congratulations on 20k, you’re awesome !

  216. Perphas you should inspect the armor in some model viewer, because the
    numbers in the garage are too general to tell the whole story! Congrats man
    on the 20.000 Subcribers! You are really unique in what you are doing and
    keep doing it! We love your videos 🙂 Looking forward to getting the IS-5
    as well!

  217. justahappyfellow

    One happy panda? Well, I’m a happy fellow. Nice to meet you. 😉
    Don’t play WoT, so don’t give me any gold for it, I will play WoWs however.
    Congrats on 20k, only recently found you.

  218. Your give aways are awesome and that is5 is sexy !

  219. Hi I am a pretty long subscriber and I really appreciate your work
    keep it up :)

  220. undertaker22494

    Nice, was waiting for that tank 😛
    and this giveaway >:D

  221. Hey Dez. I think you should thank the subs to yourself, cuz if you wouldn’t
    make such a good videos then people wouldn’t subscribe 😀 You do a great
    job. I’ll defenetly try to win the contest 🙂 and damn that is5 look good

  222. Love your channel and the quality of your live games. I am inspired to
    engage my own Beast Mode!

  223. Heres my comment! : I am a huge fan your channel! I come from the SEA
    server “XherdanRay” <--username. I love your accent and your gameplay, however I find you lack videos on the chinese tanks of wot.. BUT THATS OKAY I'm just a huge fan of chinese tanks WZ-131 and WZ-120 FTW!!! Thank you and I hope this interested you

  224. Tomislav Majstorović

    Damn Man! 20k is epic!

  225. IS-5 it will be a beast

  226. Congrats on your 21k! Keep doing good and usefull videos :)

  227. Δημητρης Χουιαζης

    And the IS-3 has problem with ammo rack

  228. GJ +DezGamez keep up with good work :-)

  229. asdf 😛 wow it seems that to be a nice tank

  230. gg on 20k :)

  231. Hi ya! I love your videos, but could u plz do something those keyboard
    sounds background?? They are Ennoying. – Harakka82 -

  232. One of the best WoT channels! Keep going

  233. Rabbit Tortoise

    Congratulations on 20k Dez! You really deserve it!

  234. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen

    Congrats on reaching the 20k mark. Keep up the good work :)

  235. I really like the apcr shells of the IS-5

  236. Epic channel and really sexy IS5. Congrats to all the subscribers, you
    deserve them!

  237. IS-5 looks like new IS-6 but even sexier :)

  238. well what can i say after this replay i think that is5 is a very strong
    tier 8 premium tank for me is like is 8 with better armour that is my
    opinion :)

  239. Gongratulations dezgames. I think that is5 and is8 have the same armor and
    is5 has is8 stock turret. That side armor is really epic troll spaced

  240. Δημητρης Χουιαζης


  241. Keep up the good work!

  242. Congratz on 20K, you are doing a great job.

  243. Djordje Cabarkapa

    Good job Dez! :)

  244. great job, nice video!!!

  245. 20k subs great work Dez! Is5 looks something to fight for.

  246. Is 5 is so bad ass :D

  247. NemoriS Channel

    Nice work 🙂
    APCR is5 omg

  248. gz on 20,000 sybs

  249. Confraters with 20k subs! Love Your vids, ill hope 50k won’t take long !!
    So keep those vids up!

  250. Never knew is 5 was in wot

  251. You are awesome ,best giveways ever.Keep up bro!

  252. Dez congrats on 21k subs!Keep up the nice work and wish you all the best to
    the future!And good luck to all that entered the contest :)Hope you will

  253. ScottishTabasco

    Well deserved Ship, fantastic milestone dude congrats!

  254. Stovell Harry James

    found u by accident, been watching ever since, keep up the good work man

  255. Love your videos 🙂 I remember sub. You when you had like 2000 and now its
    over 20.000 congr. Mate keep working! 

  256. Atte Kaartosalmi

    I love your videos! 🙂 Keep the good work going! :D

  257. 21047 subs wuuuhuuu nice job and good luck;-) 

  258. Here is a pointless comment, keep scrolling.

  259. congrats and keep it rolling ;)

  260. Whats up with cw rewards being better than normal tanks.

  261. Already An other contest, man it goes so fast with your subscribers and
    still i think your haven’t the amount of subscribers you deserve! Keep it
    up dez, we love your videos!

  262. Orlando Strachan

    IS-5 looks like a beast, it’s a shame it’s out of reach of us mere mortals

  263. Good work DezGamez just keepa going.

  264. Well done Dez

  265. IS-5 looks like a stock IS-4

  266. sorin dragomirescu

    gj man !!! congratulations!

  267. Congrats on 20k love your videos

  268. Is 5 is a is 8 in tier 8 no?

  269. Jeroen van den Broek

    21k subs… Well done! Really like ur vids

  270. Why can i not shout “Medic”, when i’m hit?? :-)

  271. Anyways good job and thanx for making world of tanks awesome :)

  272. Congratulations Dezgames, love the gameplay. Keep up the good work
    WoT Wesman98 NA

  273. Let’s comment and try to win stuff :)

  274. Nice vidéo
    derogad EU server

  275. This is5 is a really nice tank, i would like to have him in my garage :)

  276. Matas Martinaitis

    Hello DezGamez! Congrats for 20k subs, also nice work, keep it up! Is5
    looks for my, like the son of is8 :D

  277. One comment, and thanks for all your nice videos in HD :-)… Ps I am
    honest I could use some in game gold so I could buy kingtiger. But if not
    it’s ok and looking forward to seeing more great vids 

  278. Dez please show me how to instal your mod pack please 

  279. I love giveaways :DDDDDDD and ur channel B)

  280. Congrats bro! //Sgt_Wondrka 

  281. IS-7+IS-8=IS-5

  282. Dutchpanzer WoT

    The music in the first clip was funny 🙂
    Dutchpanzergeneral EU

  283. Is-5 is going ti be perfect clan tank

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