► World of Tanks IS-6 & Obj. 416: Epic times with The Shermanator

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Source: DezGamez

IS-6 Object 416 Gameplay. Live Gameplay Commentary.

Today I have kind of special episode for you. The Shermanator is going to join with me for few games we had a lot of fun!
Would you like to see more stuff like this?


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. What are your PC specs?

  2. Like all of your videos. Nothing ever boring and just meh, so keep them
    coming. Still waiting for the stock tank, stock crew, and NO gun laying
    drive, coated optics, etc. When will you do that with tier 4-6 tanks????
    I’ve asked before, so just reminding you of the challenge :)

  3. Yes Dez. Great video

  4. What is the best tier 8 medium premium tank?

  5. Hope to see 113 video?

  6. Why would you platoon is6 with jp2? Is6 gets premium matchmaking, jp2 does

  7. A couple of my favourite youtubers in the same video, lovely jubbly ;P more
    of this would be good lads

  8. Do some more platoon action with Jedi and Shermanator

  9. awesome, vidoes like these make me glad that i have found many WOT youtube

  10. Rick Ruitenbeek

    I think that this crosshair is really annoying

  11. The Shermanator

    Haha it looked better from your point of view :3 – great time playing
    together, looking forward to more coop sessions!

  12. Yeah, this is pretty fun!

  13. DezGamez, why was the swastika displayed in your “World of Tanks Patch 9.7
    Update:” video, in the new amoji available in WoT?

  14. Yes more co-op games! :)

  15. Nice 

  16. nice games ! really liked the platoon action hope we can see some more of
    your budies !

  17. Slobodan Djuric

    Very nice video, i belive i speak for all of us…we want more!!! You are
    easily my favorite WoT youtuber, so i wish you luck and let your channel
    grow baby grow :)

  18. Thanks for the vids bro

  19. BolshevikMuppet

    More Dez = More Awesome!

  20. Hey, do you think you’ll check out Armored Warfare at all? Think it’s still
    2 months from beta though.

  21. Final kill is epic, enjoy! :D

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