► World of Tanks IS-7 Epic Battle: 12 Kill Mayhem – Saviour of the Day! – IS-7 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay . World of Tanks Epic Battle Series. World of Tanks IS-7 Epic Battle Gameplay.

IS-7 in Epic Battle Episode? That be one good battle!
And oh yes, it is… Take a look how “TVCreeper” is going to bring victory for his with tier 10 Heavy Tank “IS-7”, pretty much single-handedly. He is going to get 12 kill, while damaging even more targets.

Sit back and enjoy!

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1974811#report

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. should have reversed side scraped off that rock to the tiger 2 and T34
    would have avoided a hit there I reckon, but damn those low rolls, guy has
    great game but RNG still tries to give the noobs a chance.

  2. Thomas Bresciani

    Guys how do I expand my minimap?

  3. Those low rolls could be over penetration, I did 300 dmg several times to
    T34 with HEAT shots in my T110E5 when I shot at its frontal armor. Anyway,
    WoT’s RNG is bs, there have been so many times that I thought I could one
    shot someone, so I charged at them, but, well, those low rolls either cost
    me the game or my tank.

  4. The Conqueror GC is just a farce…This thing is annoying as shit, because
    most of the regular safe zones from artillery do not work against it.
    GG WG, well balanced.

  5. Most BS unluck you have ever seen? The best part about this video was the
    Pirates of the Caribbean remix because the amount of luck/RNG elements
    needed for this player to achieve this result was astronomical. In fact I
    can honestly say that this is probably one of the luckiest players I have
    ever seen.

  6. when is the armoured warfare give away ending?

  7. Croatian player fk yeah

  8. Great replay.Thanks man.

  9. So jelly of this game. If only I was that good in my IS7.

  10. Insane! That is all.

  11. Omg what happened to Wows???? Today is the first day ive played since it
    went into open beta, and i literally have a 0% win rate O.o
    (btw i had a 64% win rate in the closed beta so im not shit haha)
    I dont like to say things are depressing, but damn that is
    And I think the guy panicked a bit at the end, i feel he should have taken
    a hit from the is 7 and killed him so he wasnt being engaged from 2
    opposite angles! Otherwise great game!

  12. The IS-7 was the first Tier X I acquired and I love the beast. The gun can
    be frustrating at times but holy shit does it more than make up for it with
    its’ armour and mobility.

  13. wtf @ that damage roll. I am convinced that when a target is low hp, the
    game somehow gives you a MUCH higher chance to roll low rather than high to
    finish them off. How many times have you had a target with, say, 390hp, and
    you have a 390 average gun, and you roll like 330? I bet a lot.

  14. Another great Vid Dez. Also TVCreeper good job with that game takes a lot
    of nerves to have to fend off 4 tanks at the end of a battle with half

  15. Hey +DezGamez can u help me with your modpack?

  16. Hey Dez! Great video as always just wanted to say keep up the good work and
    btw will you ever stream on twitch? Also this beast is 7 game could have
    been better if he reverse side-scraped against that t34 and tiger 2.

  17. once more excellent replay 😀 ofc im not surprised coming from u mate 😀
    keep it up

  18. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    2:00 AM am watching

  19. Man you could say he was STALIN them at the end there!…….I’m sorry(sits
    in corner with tinfoil hat)

    Still a hell of a match tho but that GC…Jesus that thing is SO broken

  20. Alowishus Davander

    I don’t want to take anything away from the guy – it was a pretty good game
    (tons of luck with low rolls at the end when he should have been killed {no
    Russian bias at all built into the game}, snap shots on the move that hit,
    idiot 50B player, and any tanks that weren’t tier 8 were all one shot
    tanks) – but he was playing the idiot proof IS7.
    Enuff said!

  21. Bravo momak razbijas

  22. Nice game. Shame there wasn’t a Kolabanov’s medal as well though.

  23. A amazing game! Dez, do you even Chinese medium bro?

  24. What mic do you use and headset??

  25. That RNG at the end 368 seriously

  26. Get to the chooooopa…. :D

  27. Thank you for uploading amazing videos Dez you’re the best <3

  28. Man o man, ur videos r so awesome. Damn ur commentary work haha GG

  29. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    Dont like his starting position.

  30. Deadloxy3 Mcmillan


  31. Go Croatian players!!!!!

  32. What mods is he using or modpack please guys help

  33. Dez. You’ve done it again. Boredom be gone!

  34. Fav world of tanks youtuber never fails, keep it up man!

  35. Those rolls at the end man… GG!

  36. Under 301 Thug

  37. Hey Dez great vid today.It would make my day if you can reply that would be

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