► World of Tanks IS-7 & FV215b 183 Gameplay: Solid AP Power Welcoming Party!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-7 and FV215b 183 Live Gameplay Commentary.

and what happened one day after that was just.. CRAZY!
Thanks to “The Mighty Jingles”, who mentioned my channel in his Mingles with Jingles episode 102, you guys broke every single record there is to break..

Warm Welcome to everyone new over here, I hope you enjoy what you see! Today one live gameplay episode for the start!



►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Dutch Annihilation

    to be honest, i like live commentary waayy more than post, you get to hear
    the reactions and stuff :D

  2. some E75 epic action ?

  3. Dez,are you estonian?

  4. nuclearsharkattack

    Hey Ship — wtf you talking about, 20k subs giveaways when you have almost
    25k subs now! Did you fail math in school bro?? 😉

    Congrats on all the new subs Ship!

  5. Bartul Javorčić

    Play Centurion 7/1

  6. Hey man, would like to see a few mid tier battles if you are up for that,
    and what i would really would like to see is some WoWs as well because a
    few days ago i logged into WoWs and just rage quit after 3 battles. I
    wasn’t feeling the game and maybe a few more WoWs videos might motivate me
    to grind it out, maybe get the first tier X. Cheers man, soone you will
    reach 25k subscribers!

  7. play the 13 90 & T62

  8. i will never work in the salt mines again. yeah!

  9. Heavy german steel! Maus and e100

  10. Pls play the tiger I

  11. Dez – I am not an original subscriber, but I am a LONG TIME subscriber –
    and it was great to see Jingles promote you – and for you to continue to
    climb into higher subscriber and likes numbers! I have told many people
    that I thought (and think) you are one of the more entertaining Wargaming
    YouTube Contributors out there with both World of Tanks and World of
    Warships – and I stand by that strongly!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. keep up the good work dez… awesome videos and fun stream… i can see
    errisa realy takes care of you contributors :)

  13. that sub thing is beacause of Jingles

  14. +DezGamez maybe soms french lights or mediums for tour next video!

  15. +DezGamez which is mod for Skull in loading garage?

  16. I remember Dez saying he wanted to break a number of 25k subs on the new
    year, oh Sir, I think You are going to break 30k if You continue like this!

  17. Logan Johansen (Loganthekiller)

    Hey can you play with the T110E4 Tier 10 tank destroyer so I know what to
    expect when I get there?

  18. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    I subbed from Jingles :)

  19. Good stuff Dez!

  20. will you play Armored Warfare?

  21. what I like in your channel is that showing of normal games like this…
    not the ones edited and selected one from hundred games of playing.

  22. Wow, those high rolls. Only Russian bias tank high roll every time

  23. T-34-3 I love mine you play it

  24. well I won’t deny that Jingles is in part reason for my coming (a while
    ago) and the only reason I never subbed back when I first found you is
    cause I had enough WoT channels but when I ran from jungles incessant laugh
    I came here

  25. Jingles also mentioned that he owned you In a WoWs video today lol. Please
    show the T110E4 next, I haven’t seen that tank on your channel in a while.

  26. I’d love to see some t110e5 action from dezgames

  27. What is your end credits music?

  28. Jingles played a pretty big part in the new subs. Your videos are great no
    matter what happen

  29. Noisy keyboard is a good keyboard

  30. And they are going to buff the IS-7. Because it definitely needs one.

  31. Is7 video……3:00 am here but I’m still gonna watch this 

  32. You got jingled 🙂 my men!

  33. So. No salt mines here? :D

  34. StabberMcShanky

    Sheesh 3000 subs in like 2 days where have I been! 😀 gj dude!

    • StabberMcShanky

      Oh I watched the video all the way through….you know this means you will
      blow up from here and that’s great you really deserve it! You put out
      fantastic and humorous content! 🙂 It’s amazing to see how fast you have
      grown this far even without assistance, it’s like having a child I don’t
      want to see you grow up so fast but I’m proud and happy at the same time. 🙂

    • +StabberMcShanky
      Dude, that was one nice comment!

  35. Dez .. as one of the Jingles-people that have escaped the salt mines I just
    wanted to say thanks for being so welcoming. Since we know a good deal
    about our oppressor, I mean Jingles, why not tell us a little about
    yourself …

  36. T 25 AT
    love new brit td

  37. Hey DezGames.
    Could you play some lower tiers for a change because not everyone has a
    tier X ;)

  38. jingles also put up a video of him sinking you with some torpedoes…..
    lol, love the channel, keep it up

  39. Justin Lacenaire (Justinator14)


  40. All thanks to jingles XD

  41. Thumb up if you are part of the 301 club!! :D

  42. See? I told you AP for the 183 was a good choice. a good mix for it would
    be 8 AP and 4 HESH.

    and 24k subs now Dez…I told you we could hit 30k this year!

  43. Darude Sandstorm

    Dez, my friend, my lover. I didn’t enter the competition. Just watching you
    play is reward enough for me.

  44. At the beginning of the year you said your goal for this year was to get
    25k subs now youre close you thinked it would be very crazy bit here you
    are middle of May with 24.4k subs. Bitch please! :D

  45. thanx for the games … would be nice a platoon whit you , jingle and
    quicky as an epic trio !!

  46. Mabye AMX 50 B

  47. Just started watching ur vids mate Good job!

  48. Im glad for you that you got so many new subs but I also hate them because
    it means that my chances to win something are even lower now :D

  49. Nono Spelfanaat

    I’d like to see that Grosstraktor Krupp of you.

  50. I like your noisy keyboard :)

  51. Danny Van Der Heide

    play the t71
    or the t54 lwt

  52. please play amx 50B or Fv 4202

  53. finally we can escape from the salt mines and find peace! thanks for giving
    us shelter!

  54. like the sound when you get spotted!!

  55. Agustín García Flores

    That final kill was awesome!

  56. Churchill GC!!!!!!

  57. Nice vid really loved that FV215b gameplay 😉 Keep up the good work!

    Do you have streaming schedule or just randomly?

  58. Scumbag batchat at the end

  59. [BBSF] ItsMeBro

    Hey Dez, when can one find you online? And when will we know the winners of
    the giveaway? Also, If I have multiple E-mails ( one for gaming and
    YouTube, one for communication) sending from the e-mail I play with was a
    right guess? 

  60. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    play the T29 ot the T25 AT

  61. Still waiting for the beta key giveaway results :-(, nice vid btw and play
    the firefly

  62. How about some T30 gameplay knowing it got a buff.

  63. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Could you do more content on the IS-7? I really enjoy watching it :3

  64. you are my saver from the saltmines

  65. gamertwoday hoi

    what do you think about the is7 buff i mean what the hell why buff one of
    the strongest tier 10 tanks in game in patch 9.8

    • marquitoescort2011

      +gamertwoday hoi Is7 is balanced by its weak pen and low aim time. Its only
      one of the strongest on regards to armor. I think this buff is welcome
      cause it was falling behind other tier 10 heavys.

    • gamertwoday hoi

      still the armor on it is insane i dont think it should get stronger with
      better aim time or better dpm. the tank that deservers a buff is the 113
      that tank is falling behind if you ask me

    • I think the fact that the E100 AP is getting buffed and has 750 alpha
      completely leaves the is7 gun in the dust

    • +gamertwoday hoi i think the FV215b is getting behind as well. With the
      meds being as OP as they are its starting to really fall behind. Its even
      got a lower DPM that an autoloader heavy.

    • +gamertwoday hoi the earlier tier 10 tanks are suffering power creep from
      the new heavies and meds . so yes they all need a buff especially the Maus
      awesome tank but alas very little pen 🙁

  66. please do some tier 7 and 8 live action! i dont care wich tanks. as long as
    they are mediums :P

  67. Can’t wait for the is-7 gun aiming time reduced from 3.4 to 3.1 in 9.8.

  68. Niceeee

  69. Bonkersfogel EQRG


  70. play low tier tanks, 3-7 tiers

    Every WoT youtube mainly plays 8,9,10

    • Players being mores skilled at 8,9, and 10 is largely untrue because you
      are basing these things on things like WoT rating and WN8 that measure
      “skill” by weighing higher tiers much heavier as well as giving a bonus for
      number of games played. Top tier weapons do more damage per shot and top
      tier tanks have more hitpoints so these stats don’t really correlate with
      skill as much as they just correlate with tier.

      You can stroke yourself off on how skilled you are for parking a tier 10
      heavy tank diagonally every round but at the end of the day it is boring
      seeing game after game of the same top tier tanks doing the same thing on
      every map.

      Get over yourselves, nobody cares that you just rushed to tier 10 so you
      could always be top tier. Congrats

    • +theknifesong
      First of all I do not understand why you are so butthurt over this.

      Second of all I dont even have a tier 10 tank yet.

      And third of all I wasnt talking about skill but about experience. At lower
      tiers you will, naturally, find more unexperienced players that do not know
      the maps, basic tactics, where to shoot the enemy etc etc..

      As I said before, I do not understand your bitterness about this, after all
      its just youtube videos, its not like you have to watch them-

    • I just made a suggestion to the video.

      You people don’t even sound like you are convincing yourselves at this
      point. Don’t reflect your insecurities and anger toward other people
      because you can’t handle not being in your always top-tier crutch bucket.

      Find a support group that will eventually prepare you mentally and
      emotionally to handle playing video games like an adult.

    • +theknifesong Are you trolling? because you seem to take everything as a
      personal attack. Low health pool, low damage outputs in low tier games are
      just not as interesting and there are WAY more inexperienced players in
      these tiers. Truth be told, they are shit to watch and they aren’t that fun
      to play because there are too many noobs in those tiers. In my opinion and
      a lot of others, tier 7 is also one of the worst tiers in the game.

    • +theknifesong
      okay I gotta ask… what the fuck are you talking about? In case you have
      not noticed, I actually agreed to your suggestion in my first post. Me and
      the other have been simply telling you why most youtubers play tiers 8-10,
      maybe your head is buried up in your ass so deep that you have not noticed.

  71. Dez can you play the T14? T5 premium!

  72. marquitoescort2011


  73. GuitarLssnsBeatles

    yay! 16th view! 48 seconds after up loaded

  74. Enjoy the show! :)

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