► World of Tanks IS-8 feat. IS-4 Gameplay: Soviet’s Super Steel!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS- and IS-4 Live Gameplay Commentary.

How did you like today’s tip of the day? 😀
Anyways, decided to bring out some Soviet steel for you today and my picks are IS- and IS-4. Some pretty WEIRD games on the way!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. LOL E3 bounced with APCR, Karma for using premium shots in tier 10 TD
    against tier 9.

  2. Darude Sandstorm

    Don’t mean to criticize your playing, but on that IS4 with 7hp… I don’t
    know why people dont load HE. Anytime I see a well armored tank with less
    than 200hp, I always fire HE at it to guarantee a kill. You could have
    killed him twice over.

  3. Apparently you have not listened to me 🙁 IS-8’s front is a joke.

  4. Wp there! Lovely heavy tank brawl action!

  5. with that IS-4 vs IS-4 it helps to use HE if the enemy tank is on such a
    low health earlier 🙂 just a tip for You 😉 I´m using this metod quite a
    lot and it´s a suprise for the enemies most of the time :D

  6. dat mechanical keyboard is fucking annoying, fuck.

  7. HOW THE HELL DOES AN E3 bounce on a IS-8??? WHAT WHAT??? I get penned by
    12t’s when I drive mine… :(

  8. I never bounce anything with my IS-8. Worst grind so far in this game but
    need to get IS-7

  9. Michael Mcdermott

    really enjoyable vid as always :)

  10. Madison Fritzsche

    You have a cute voice~

  11. I sent u a replay of Is4 8k damage and 12.4k blocked

  12. StabberMcShanky

    Lets see some Russian TDs!!

  13. 7:52 i love how that snap shot went into his capula lol. stalin hand guided
    shells, tell me where u get one from dez.

  14. that IS-4 action is epic. lol

  15. Dez, you had 29K gold in ur account, why so much?? Be honest please! :)

  16. E is8 was one of my favourites for a long time. I really have to buy that
    breast of a medium tank back! ;)

  17. Then pen on your IS-8 pike is just silly. RNG was trolling the crap out of
    you lol. Well played bud, great reviews.

  18. 09blackcobaltss

    Very good play man loved it. How about some Light tank action Like a walker
    bulldog or T37 for fun.

  19. Want to see a is gameplay 

  20. I hear WG is nerfing both tanks. I just dont get their logic at all.

  21. what a weird, weird game in the IS-4… Just shows you how players break
    ANY map concepts with their playstyles.

  22. The bouncing is real. the IS8 game was a bit of a let down seeing as you
    had all the support and still lost but use the IS4 in the same spot with no
    support? Asswhoop-ina-can for the reds trying to dig you out.

  23. Can we get some is 7 gameplay please?

  24. Wow,he’s excited to be first poster.

  25. The IS-4 is a freaking BEAST

  26. AND SEA

  27. And RU

  28. And EU

  29. Is4 best tank NA

  30. T110e4 gameplay next? Please? I haven’t seen that tank much on your


  32. FIRST!

  33. That IS-4 tho…

    • +rietkraag1 as if he doesn’t know…. omg.

    • IS-4 was my fist tier 10, and with buying the IS-8 the IS-7 isn’t too far
      behind! I hope it’s just as much fun.

    • +DezGamez My first T10 was the IS-4. I didn’t understand how to play it (or
      correct WOT gameplay in general to be honest). I had a 39% win rate after
      about 50 games and rage sold it! Two year later (about a week ago) I re
      bought the IS-4. I now know how to play it correctly and use it’s strength.
      It’s an amazing tank. My first night I had 11 wins in a row! I absolutely
      adore this tank now!

    • +DezGamez Easy to say from my chair, but you should have loaded the HE 3
      shots easier on the IS4. But all that camping heavy’s in the base… that
      was something. None even bothered to go support you from that corner where
      you killed SU.

    • In Soviet Russia, Troll IS8 armor trolls you more than the enemy!

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