► World of Tanks: JagdPanzer E-100 10,500+ Damage Epic Battle – JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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I had other plans for today’s episode, but the moment I saw “anzekz” epic battle with his “Jagdpanzer E-100” I knew this is going be today’s episode!
here you are going see that every single bit of damage is going to be priceless!

► Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2167168#stats



  1. WOW gutted until final screen wicked :P

  2. lol that Maus…

  3. He blew this game so hard, his hilariously lucky RNG finally ran out.

  4. Not to be rude but you said “stop kemping e100” when both you and the e100
    where on the move if you tried to be funny saying that then oh well but
    just saying

  5. jagdpanzer e-100 never gets old

  6. heartbreaking

  7. Dez you’re great and i enjoy every single video you upload, you the best
    -Headshoterino here xD

  8. Great job for both of you

  9. Damn, looking back at WoT after playing AW you can see how shitty it looks

  10. qsf op amirite?

  11. Lol dez “only” 5 heat shots ahaha. 299 is enough for Penn Every tank even
    angle, except Maus angle really good but you really don’t need 5 “skill”
    ammo in jg. Pz. E100!

  12. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    yes 1 more epic gameplay without spg

  13. Denied by a Tier 8 TD. Well played at the end ISU!

  14. jägeroo heat = 420 blaze it

  15. Why would u carry anything other than AP in this thing..

  16. Awesome music and good commentary!! Really sets the mood of the gameplay.
    Title of music piece please…???

  17. Hard to say, but waiting for that Maus shot thru that tower looks a bit
    like a missplay, he had to know the ISU has full aim… Maybe he would be
    able to save him that 800 hp needed for the end.

    i know the ISU should not be there, but well… rng said he will live a bit
    longer, so that is not an excuse.

    Good game and well played also to that ISU that he did not camp for rest of
    the gmame and realized the end will be mostly on him. Took a long range
    shots and when it was 2 on 1 he did the best thing… came to help.

  18. AKA “When RNG says: NOPE…. – the crucial low roll”

  19. Guess RNG said NO not a Win fir you

  20. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    When you say “Anzeks” it sounds like you’re saying “bumsex” xD

  21. Super thriller!
    Trying to get as epic games as this live at the moment, jump in:

  22. from stream to a epic battle

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