► World of Tanks – JagdPanzer E-100 – 11,000 Damage – 8 Kills | JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Jagdpanzer E-100, 10 Germany Tank Destroyer Live Gameplay Review Commentary.
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Hello there!

Time for some epic action in our next World of Tanks Epic Battle episode. Last time reviewed auf E-100’s gameplay, so it is perfect time to take a at other as well. Rolling out with Jagdpanzer E-100 in the hands of “synix25”.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Jg. E-100 first time on our channel!

  2. First

  3. Dez – thank you for showing this battle – oddly enough not many JG E100
    replays show up on YouTube – although it was VERY FUN watching that
    heaven-sent shot on the JG E-100 whilst in your FV 183! 

  4. Good game friend 

  5. Best game in the JG. E100 9300 damage 6 kills :)

  6. Nice one :)

  7. i think this tank needs to be buffed, i own one and i am often shot through
    the upper structure by other tier 10 tds, what im stying to say is the
    frontal armour isnt good enough, it neither has the dpm and armour of the
    t110e3 or the massive alpha from the hesh of the 183. Come on WG show this
    tank some love, buff the lower plate so it can atleast bounce tier 9 tanks
    every so often. One this tank is a beast at though is side scraping after

  8. My best game in jagdpanzer e100 : 45567 damage 16 kills.

    No ok.. im on the jpanther II at the moment xD but i want this tank quite
    bad. But first things first. 20 k xp to e100 !

  9. hello i enjoy watching ur videos 😀 but can you make a video about t26e4?

  10. Sick game 😀 That enemy team was sooo bad haha no teamwork at all all
    comming out one by one 😛 He could have been flanked so super easy 

  11. Captain obvious made me rofl everywhere.

  12. My most entertaining moment on a random public game was when a Jag E100
    went hull down behind my T95 and we just pushed on Abby no one wanted to
    take the time to aim so there was no way they were hitting my T95’s weak
    spots. We took on 9 tanks just the two of us and with no arty it made it so

  13. Nice one mate! I think that Jg E100 is one of the hardest tanks to play in
    this game. The gun is horror and you miss or bounce 50% without HE, you
    can’t snipe and things like that…I just worked my ass off to get this
    tank and it was my first T10 and I am still disapointed with it. But, I am
    not the best player… Someone bellow said that this should be buffed, but
    in the nesx pach we’ll have accuracy nerf and view range nerf. I think this
    meens that Jg E100 will be seen less and less because of those things. It
    needs some buff…
    Thaks again mate for the video and I am glad that at least someone is
    managing to play this tank as it’s supposed to be played.
    Keep it up!

  14. Love me some manly TD gameplay. GJ!

  15. Well ,two things i didn’t like this: the guy is at tier 10 and hasn’t got a
    full repair crew judging by 11-12s repair time and the gold ammo really
    wasn’t needed there against tier 8s and one tier 9. Other than that I liked
    the match and he played well; knew how to trade his health for damage at
    the beginning.

  16. best battle in game was in Jg.Pz.E100 10 000+ dmg done and some how we lost

  17. i love those video pop in things damn hilarious 

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