► World of Tanks: JagdPanzer E-100 – 11,000 Damage – Stronk Platoon!

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Source: DezGamez

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Hungry for some World of Tanks epic battles? no further!

Today you are going to see “Redgloaba’s” epic action in “Jagdpanzer E-100”. He is platooned up with another beast from Germany, “Maus”. Together they are unstoppable… Or are they+

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2272286#stats

Enjoy the video!


  1. epic game, thank god for the fast forward button though :D

  2. aw a loss :(

  3. Dez plz upload Armored Warfare <3

  4. maus+jpze100+e100….unstopperbal force of true power!

  5. nice video i love your work keep it up :D

  6. Thanks for another great vid Dez keep them coming. :)

  7. Very stronk game too bad there was no arty to re-balance him early in the
    match. Arty….very good for “re-balancing” and preventing “kemping”. Too
    bad it was a loss though. I know how it feels to have a game like that and
    still lose because the rest of the team just melts.

  8. Surprised to see that he penetrated the E5 cupola (true, but still sarcasm
    put into it). It’s super OP these days, with almost no frontal weakspots.

  9. Im early i need a joke

    Not my social life!
    His dmg was over 9000!!!!!

  10. sry German?

  11. Can you speak some Herman?

  12. not 11,000 damage lol count

  13. jpanzer is beast. easy 5k damage games. I play mine to destress after
    getting arty 1 shotted

  14. does this thing actualy existed, i woud be epic to shoot 170cm gun.

  15. That AMX 13/90 had a great game too. Props to him.

  16. LoL 3 min agao just saw last vid and saw this :D

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