► World of Tanks: JagdPanzer E-100, 4 vs 13 – What a Battle! :O

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Review, Epic Battle. .

What do you say if we take a look at one really crazy battle with Jagdpanzer E-100, in the middle of all those 9.17 update videos?
Check out how Raindenfox is trying to carry his team to victory, against all odds!



  1. That fv, he doesn’t know how to side scrape at the end, and when you have
    this kind of player on your team who throw away a perfectly winnable game,
    you flip table.

  2. Love these epic battle episodes your becoming a pro like QB with this stuff

  3. It’s obvious this player isn’t great, anyone who knows how to play at a
    high level would have aimed at where the fv215b came from… It was the
    only place he was gonna come from… Pretty lucky at the end to bounce so
    many shots, especially when he went forwards like a potato exposing his
    lower plate, but I guess you need luck for great results, GG anyway

  4. Thanks much for the share! Incredible game.

  5. Watch this in 1.5 speed, at around 1:55 when Dez says our guys are getting
    rekt so hard is super funny :D

  6. Dez say hello pls

  7. Wish i had these enemies in my games, bunch of apes

  8. dez when will you make a face reveal video?????

  9. this fv just Haß to Run away

  10. congtatz on your 100k , i have been with you for along time , keep it up

  11. find me in game I would like to team up (mightymember)

  12. Isn’t it Jimbos crosshair, i thought he stopped updating, where did you get

  13. Unreal…4 held off so many…and again its an epic fail in this game when
    people dont swarm thru…take the hit and mob them.

  14. SHIP, Great segment; Solid team-work by these guys in the fateful southern
    corner. As it turns out, for the other team, choke-points suddenly work to
    their disadvantage; without Arty, this is how epic it can be.
    -What the meds were thinking, unreal, and good points discussed.
    The hill folded like dollar-bill at a strip club!

  15. feels like: you shall not pass :P

  16. The T54E1 lost the game for them. Can’t believe he didn’t get behind the

  17. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Moving dead tanks, silent corridor of smoking wrecks and a predator
    slobbering behind your back… Almost like a Horror movie, when we include
    your commentary!

  18. Very impressive result, but the enemy team’s inability to push is even more

  19. World’s dumbest enemy team. GG.

  20. I can’t imagine the enemy chat. The facepalms must of been real for that

  21. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    That retarded enemy Team.. never played cw. Should have just stacked up at
    that corner whith some competent guy Calling it, one guy rushes in and
    takes the hit the rest has Gold loaded rushes and kill them all…

  22. No CAP! KILL All FTW!!! :P

  23. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    I’ve been playing this sexy beast on the Test Server, Really satisfying to
    see that magic 1,000 damage put into unsuspecting prey.

  24. Mistake by FV215b to not firing HESH ammo in the last shots.

  25. I have seen this game before, but good to see it again with your commentary.
    Good game and platoon play, particularly how they covered each others back.
    121 although did lower damage, the player made sure the low hp tanks are

  26. It’s my favorite tier ten destroyer for a reason

  27. 5:56 this shot will not be able to pen after 9.17 with the new overmatch
    system and i don’t know how to feel about that…

    i think the biggest caliber of the game should still have the overmatch
    capability (Jagerü/Deathstar/shitbarn…) it will look so silly otherwise
    to bounce with those 170+ mm caliber beast on paper-thin armors.. since
    it’s already so hard to use

  28. If I tried this one of four things would happen:

    a) Some clever cunt in an OP medium would perma-track me.
    b) Everyone loads gold.
    c) Artafaggots shit on me.
    d) All of the above.

  29. read the title with dez voice lol

  30. nice game

  31. And this is why you cap lol

  32. 121 mvp imo he did sepurb job and assisting and defnding his team mates

  33. That was rape XD

  34. Those fools. A shot from JP E100 is a game changer. Should have done some
    almighty rush. Even those LTs would be useful.

  35. The McRib is back @ McDonalds for a limited time!

  36. It’s battles like these where I wish all-chat never went away.

  37. am i the only one who scream like a mad savage king kong when he killed
    that FV? oh.. i see.. where’s my pills?


  39. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    A lot of mistakes by the enemy team, but still amazing battle

  40. No cap kill all :)

  41. Captain_Jack_Sparrow_69

    watched it already at lachos wot replays

  42. E100 or WT autoloader ? I’m torn on what line I should follow. great video
    as always….

  43. T54E1 scumbag suicided to deny a Crucial Contribution.

  44. always nice to face a fail team

  45. That was some great target focusing by the last 4 members of the team. They
    were also in the best spot to pull that type of defense off as well. Really
    the only reason they won is the entire Red team went “No Cap, Kill all” and
    it cost them the match. to be fair when they were saying this it was only 4
    guys left BUT(!!) they failed to push hard around the corner and overwhelm
    the JagE100’s and instead stopped and ate 1000HP damage shot’s again and

  46. German fucking steel vs Monkeys = gg

  47. Manipulated game for me..noone rush or cap.

  48. я бля русский сука

  49. Actually the FV215 lost it for himself. He had 2 shots before JPE reloaded
    and if he had switched to HE it would be perfectly enough to hit him
    anywhere even once.
    JPE had lucky that all his enemies were dumbasses.

  50. That was epic.

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