► World of Tanks: JagdPz. E-100 and FV215b 183 – 21,000 Damage – Hit Once, But Hit Hard!

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Review, Epic Battle. , Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Battles.

What is better than 1 epic battle in 1 video? 2 epic battles in 1 video!
Today you are going see 2 hardest hitting guns in game, on tanks… not on artillery – JP. E-0 and FV215b 183!


►JagdPanzer E-100
Player: stigmata41
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3031528#details

►FV215b 183
Player: pacha1987
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3031428#details


  1. Great video as always!

  2. Nice game but I have seen this video 8 day ago, just another name

  3. I saw that 2 video before :D

  4. ‘JGPzE100s on banana’
    *Noob heavies, TDs playing heavy tanks -lol*

  5. Don’t worry Dez. You speak better English than most of the people that live
    in the US. ?

  6. that plate on top of the hull of VK b is 60mm thick. so that means you can
    overmatch it with the 183mm gun of the FV…still a crazy shot! and I
    actually did not know that you could also overmatch with HESH ammuniton

  7. With .40 dispersion, aiming for weak spots will not be much help

  8. If you watch it again Dez, it looks like the Hesh round looped down and
    landed on top of the VK’s front deck, which has terrible armor. Somehow
    that fucking round missed high but arced down ON TOP of his front engine
    deck….Incredibly lucky shot

  9. Théo “KartooniK” Pbx

    Why am I so unlucky with my shells in Jg. Pz. E100 ? All my shells are low
    rolls :(

  10. well not braging or anything but in war thunder you mostly get only
    oneshots in later tiers, its the main skill to conquer in wt but it is
    awsome to oneshot the biggest tanks in the game

  11. the Pennetration on the VK actually happened because he hit the TOP of the
    vk’s hull due to the slight ark that HE shells have!

  12. Heshtag: BOOOOM

  13. and here i thought he nickname for the jpe-100 was Jagdzilla

  14. My friend told me he got 15 kills in his FV 215b (183). I asked him if he
    ram-killed someone in that match. He said no. He also only has AP rounds

    Why is he lying? – Take as much time as you need.

  15. why do people use yeah shells in the death Star instead of he or ap

  16. Corky Floerchinger

    Dez, are you saving your free exp. for the new Sweden tank line ups? Also
    love the videos and the face palm moments haha

  17. if the next word starts with: a,e,i,o,u you write/say “an” otherwise – “a”

  18. Dez, congratulations on pronouncing the names of german tanks almost right.
    You are, as far as I’m aware, the only english speaking youtuber who has
    even tryed to speak the german names correctly. Keep on the good work!


  20. Which should I grind? JP E-100 or 183 cus I really want one of them.

  21. WT was clearly expecting to be flanked.
    There is your explanation :)

  22. Yes, unfortunately its the first day of snow here in norway.

  23. Lol, nice guess dez, today was the first day with snow this season in

  24. nice work DZ!! the best!!

  25. No snow where I live in Australia, but Tasmania copped a bit of snow during
    the week. Go figure.

  26. Jpe100 didnt used prem ammo, 183 did, so its the different in the income.

  27. avé, dez. morituri te salutante.

  28. I think he got that VK from the front because the shell looped over the
    front and hit the engine deck from the top just barely. That’s what I
    thought I saw from the shot.

  29. t11035 WIGGLE WIGGLE

  30. No comments on the 25 criticals with the 183? none of them being tracks?
    lol. He got 6 criticals on that poor little RU with one HESH round.

  31. Jep.. Little bit snow is on the ground already

  32. The 183 hit the VK “AT an angle”.

  33. Jaggarroo and death star combo…..ouch

  34. Don’t know, probably we aren’t the only ones with my friends but we like to
    call JagdPz. E100 as a Boogie man 🙂 In Finnish language tho but anyway,
    doesn’t chance the nickname :P

  35. Dez – beautiful replays! The 2nd map is Karelia – but most people hate it
    as much as they hated Komarin (the map that had the snake river, then 3
    other re-models before WG yanked it for good).

  36. wait! wtf is a Chieftain/T95??!!!!!

  37. My guess the shot against the VK45.02B penned the top deck in front of the

  38. somehow i managed to bounce off a t30 shell in my t20… lol its a miracle

  39. i only use ap on my 183 and 4005. Its just more predictable.

  40. Golden Dragon X1 Gaming

    Wow good stuff bro !!

  41. I actually downloaded this and watched it about a week ago. I was so
    impressed, that I messaged him, and told him I loved the replay.

  42. Chris (Pheonix2121)

    the shot on VK hit the top of front hull … engine deck

  43. I tried that hit once and hit hard twice… I have 2 kids now …

  44. 11:15 VK4502B has two tiny weakspots on the upper plate that are only 200
    and 170mm thick

  45. Dez, what will you be doing for 100k subscribers?

  46. TheOneWhoPlays W.o.T. (Proxim1Bro)

    Congrats Dez, soon you’ll have a bronze play button!

  47. “RU kiddind me?” CLASSIC 😀 😀

    BTW. i think that VKB was penned through the engine decks (top plate of the
    engine), ’cause the shot went a bit over the OP frontal plate…arty likes
    to rape poor things at that place, too… :)

  48. DG! Your videos are a master class buddy ?? keep up the good work.

  49. mmm. Gotta love those big damage rolls!

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