► World of Tanks: Japan vs China – Heavy Tank Line – Tier 1 to Tier 10 – Face Off #18

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World of Tanks China vs Japan Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. World of Tanks Japan vs China.


Back with another Face Off episode. This time I am going to line up Japanese heavy tanks and Chinese heavy tanks, so, some serious metal in action! You are going to see some pretty surprising results.


Music used:
From The Shadows 5 – Johan Hynynen
From The Shadows 8 – Johan Hynynen
Forest Run 5 – Johannes Bornlöf
From The Shadows 10 – Johan Hynynen
Tense Excitement 3 – Johannes Bornlöf

8- special April Fool’s event soundtrack


  1. These players were not particularly good if I’m honest…

  2. Japanese heavy vs German heavy ( do both Maus line and E-100 line )

  3. That 111 1-4 was an autist.

  4. e50ms vs ax ramming

  5. Love that Type 5 Heavy. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. now Japan and china medium tanks please

  7. unicorn on wot blitz

    This just goes on to show how stupid it is to face Japanese heavies head on

  8. Russia vs germany!!! And france vs britain. Actually britain vs merica!

  9. This was meds/heavys vs heavys

  10. Russia VS Germany

  11. unicorn on wot blitz

    British mediums vs USA mediums plz!

  12. Suh dude…

  13. this is why jap high tier heavies suck. they’re great until everyone
    switches to gold

  14. This wasnt fair at all.

  15. Honestly that 113 driver was not the brightest. he let so many of the 152mm
    howitzers pen HEAT on him…

    You should do Chinese mediums vs. Japanese mediums next

  16. You know what this has showed me? I really, really hate premium ammo. lol
    it’s terrible

  17. german heavy tank destroyers (ferdinand, jadgtiger) vs brittish heavy tank
    destroyers (tortise, at series)

  18. The 113 during the Premium round bit was angling XD

  19. Next episode please German Heavy vs Japanese Heavy

  20. You should update the intro. After 10+ entries to the series, you should
    put some of the newer clips in.

  21. Of course, russia wins.

  22. Tier 8 premiums versus same nation elited tech tree tanks, e.g. Is-6 vs
    IS-3, T34 vs T32, WZ-111 and 112 vs 110, t-44-100 vs T-44, SuperPershing
    vs. Pershing, t-34-3 vs. T-34-2, and so on.

    Or maybe the same at tier 5.

  23. stock gun vs top gun. start with the French bathtub TD.

  24. Would’ve been better if it was Japan vs E100 line or Maus line, because
    those are all superheavy tank lines, and the Chinese “heavy” line is
    garbage. They’re more medium tanks than heavies and the Type 4/5 Heavy
    tanks have giant alpha when the Chinese only have ~400

  25. the type 58 and wz11114 either didnt fire gold or were shitters, get higher
    standards dez, please, wz111 shouldve won every 1v1 even without prem ammo

  26. Do the Czech vs Japan mediums

  27. T110E3 line vs T110E4 line


  29. This is just an unbalanced tech tree. Japs need heavy nerf because they are
    just so hugely over powered in every way. Literally, only stat paddling
    noobs and kids who want easy WN8 use them. I am sorry, but this is a thumbs
    down content video.

  30. tortoise vs t95 ram battle. wake my dust from my grave when the battles
    done. lol.

  31. Why is the 110 using the 122? That’s not the best gun on the tank

  32. Below tier seven the Chinese don’t have HT..

  33. Those people in chat are about as annoying as the regular public match

  34. Wow. this really WAS a onesided fight. I knew they were strong but that’s
    just shocking all the same.

  35. 999 LIKE 😀 it mean somethink

  36. Considering that the 113 barely has 250 pen and the Type 5 has 260mm of
    frontal hull armor, you’d have to be an idiot to not shoot gold,
    considering that you will RNG bounce more than half of your shots on
    average. There’s no reason to cry about gold if you’re playing a tank with
    that much armor.

  37. Great work setting up and showing us the different type of tanks in action.

  38. he dez can u make a face-off between german TD’s and british TD’s (AT line)

  39. japz heavz vz russz heavz

  40. chinese lost the 4th/5th round cause they mostly tried to kill type5 first
    which is the hardest to kill, hes not even that big of a tread considering
    its dpm. if they all killed the tier 5/8 first they could have easily won..

  41. the most unbalanced face off ever, its obvious the japs win 1v1

  42. Interesting wargaming can’t see Oi series fuc.ing overpower.

  43. germany vs united kingdom

  44. Can you pleeeease just do AMX 50B vs T57 Heavy already? this one was cool

  45. Type 5 Heavy is paper shit easy to pen with t8

  46. STB-1 line vs Leo 1 line

  47. Russian vs German Hts pls

  48. Russian vs German Hts pls

  49. JackRBLX “Jack”

    2:21 ”wait wtf i fired HE?” OMG CHEATER

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