► World of Tanks: Just, How… WTF? :D – RNGesus #31

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Source: DezGamez

RNG. Best Wins and Best Fails! RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video. Epic Wins and Epic Fails!

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

Sometimes I need to know… How? How this even possible?
In today’s RNGesus episode you are going to see some truly fucked up and amazing moments! 😀

Now sit back and enjoy the video!


  1. NetGamer SK (Gam3rSK)

    I cant find replay, where I in my BC25t didnt pen or didnt hit entire clip
    into T54 mod 1 from 400m…3 ricochet into side, two went into ground… Ps
    : these shots werent snapshots…

  2. yo dez a question, can you watch replays from older versions of WOT or only
    the current version? have some great replays from recent patches none from
    this one yet

  3. OMG 5:50 its been ages but finally my clip is shown!!

  4. Haha really nice vid !
    (i just send you a link for the next one, cromwell on “overlord”) ;)

  5. It’s honestly retarded how people barely ever use autoaim. The Type 59
    driver in the first clip missed 2 shots on the Bulldog because of not
    zooming out or not autoaiming.

  6. that type 59 hahahahahahahahahaha omg.

  7. Mine is not in .___.

  8. lol Dez did you like my blind shot in the Jagpanther II on the T34 ;)

  9. I did send you my replay,but sad that you didnt add it :(

  10. RNGesus: The CDC episode

  11. DougsterCanada1

    Fun video to watch! Great music as well! Thanks much.

  12. ugh arty does not need to be in the game

  13. BlizzardWarrior777

    Anyone know what the songs are? ( all of the)

  14. my brain got hit!

  15. Why no my T92 clip where i kill a 1800hp Grille15 when i was moving? :'(

  16. Please stop putting the ads in the middle of the video

  17. Bryce Menachella

    Lol at 7:50

  18. That’s very funny video wooooow . you awesome :)

  19. Sławomir Klęsk

    if it’s russian it will bounce…. Or if it’s made in russian image in WoT

  20. Liking the Monstercat music Dez :)

  21. That first clip was just insane, how did that guy survive. That’s
    mindblogging and the E-100 kill on that deathstar was very glorifying.

  22. Kv2 like a boss, everything calculated;)

  23. Ok, for those of you that keep asking this question.
    How does one get a Type 59?
    Some times wargaming and a few contributers ( Jingles, Quickybaby) do give
    them out during contests and the occasional live stream. And also for
    special events. All you have to do is pay attention for these events and
    hope you win one. Very rarely will you see it in the premium shop, maybe
    once a year. So those of us with one ( myself included, bought it in may
    2012 for 35 bucks) either bought it or won it during a contest. So keep
    your eyes and ears open for your chance.
    DezGamez, again i enjoy your videos. So thank you for posting them.

  24. I love jump on tanks ?

  25. you used some seriously old clips

  26. Benjamin Coltish

    Just luck and skills:)

  27. Gareth Fairclough

    I am… not early?

  28. you didn’t show mine 🙁 …ah well always next time ;)

  29. Banzai Tankrunner

    1st clip was clearly mission rigging

  30. Always make sure my noob ass isn’t in your videos :)

  31. Aleksa Rajkovic

    you havent open my mail?

  32. machinegunjoe 2001

    Poor Type 59

  33. thats the poof, Russia has the hand of stalin, japan has the bounce of dojo

  34. its realy a shame what people could get an Type 59, and others cant no
    matter how expenive it would be :(

  35. I sent u a Bromwell replay where I bounce an e25 right when I cap to 100

  36. In my opinion, landing on somebody and having it result in their death has
    nothing to do with RNG. Those clips take up room that actual RNG clips
    could occupy.

  37. 3:35 aimbot

  38. How exactly did that guy get a Type 59?

  39. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    And this Idiot has a Type 59.. WG pls..

  40. Harrison Rawlinson

    Has an email account just for one type of video, gotta love dez

  41. FUNNY how ?

  42. still did not see myself. hope for the next one (:

  43. Nc choices on music,bro!

  44. LOL yes indeed,never mind WTF more like HowTF but always fun to watch. nice
    one DG

  45. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    That KV2 shell… That was art. You can see that the player knows how it

  46. the worst sound track to a utube video ever, at least the rngesus was epic!

  47. that guy from WG balancing department in t 92 just made my day :D

  48. That arl frag just shows how terrible the hit detection in this game is and
    how broken the derp guns are.

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