► World of Tanks – King of Blindshots! | M48A1 Patton Gameplay

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M48A1 Patton Live Gameplay Commentary.
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Still feeling a bit sick, but I just can’t stay away from youtube. 🙂 Here is another live gameplay episode for you where we are going hunt some medium tank missions with 10 USA tank – M48A1 Patton. I just love this “little” beast, despite all its faults… Also, check out how to hit some sexy blindshots! 😀

Your thoughts?

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. All hail the King of Blindshots! 😀
    Enjoy the video!

  2. cant wait for the next stream! More of those eye damaging videos from
    people out of the chat! (salami)

  3. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I have started to Disslike WoT, when i started atleast most of the games
    took more than half the game, these days a long game seems to be around 5
    min and alot of them takes under, i might be exaggerating a bit, but it has
    changed alot..

  4. Please Can You Make A Video About The Mod That You Use And About The Option
    Too!! Thats Will Be Nice! Also Nice Blind Shoots xD.

  5. when you will be streaming

  6. Battle tier11 well played xvm! ;)

  7. That second game could be better but arty sux you know …

  8. Reaper – The name fits the crime! :D

  9. Gotta love the M48. Jack-of-all and Master -of-none. Now if WG would give
    it back it’s old DPM it would be better.

  10. Garage from the past! Nc!

  11. cool games, or should i say GAMEZ ! i have the m46 patton, so i should be
    getting the m48 soonish, people seem to be polarized on how it performs

  12. When I saw the game screen I actually reached over to try to click the
    “select next mission” button :P

  13. What keyboard do you use? I love the clicky sound I hear, I presume they
    are cherry mx blue switches, but what keyboard? Please tell me

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