► World of Tanks: Kranvagn – The King of Low Rolls! – Giveaway Day 5

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World of Tanks Kranvagn Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Big Gratzes to our today’s giveaway winner, enjoy your brand new STRV M/42-57 ALT A.2 Medium Tank!

Patch 9.17 update has been live for few days now and already, we some some super amazing to show you. Today I am going to show you new tier Swedish tank, “Kranvagn”. You are going to see how “forbidden1” is trying to carry his to victory, despite being really unlucky with his low rolls! Check it out and good luck with the giveaway!

Played by: forbidden1
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3163895#stats



  1. my most hated map is sand rivier because you can’t rly play with on that
    map with heavy tanks without gun depression


  2. I agree with you Fiery Seilent for me to.
    Server: EU

  3. Himmelsdorf. You can’t play Arty on this map?
    Name: Mani__
    EU Server

  4. The map I hate the most is Himmelsdorf when I play TD with no armour,
    everyone shoots at me. pavlestetic123 EU

  5. Really don’t like overlord, the team distribution on that map seems to
    always go wrong and then the enemy flanks you haha

    Username: JacobSortarius
    Server: EU

  6. Kharkov!

  7. i hate paris, mainly cause i cant play on it
    name: EagleEey99
    server: EU

  8. worst map Paris 😀 i really dont like it

    username TheGame97


  9. Malinovka has too much camping

  10. most hated map: swamp
    username: sinterklaas001
    server: EU

  11. Malinovka, especially when the enemy has a competent light tank that lights
    up half of my team.
    idkfaPL, NA server

  12. Malinovka (usually in slow heavy tank and there are 3-4 artys).
    User: Caesar49
    Server: EU

  13. I hate Ensk, its so small map, and too intense for me. Jaerha EU

  14. I don´t like to play on sacred valley. There are three fighting-zones –
    east(heavy), west(medium) and center – which are totally seperated from
    each other. Vision is too much blocked in the corridors and the hill with
    the monastry is too big for this small map imo.
    PzKwIIA (written: pzkwiia), EU

  15. All the open maps with arty I hate!

  16. i will have to go with fiery salient, just a big camp off i just hate it.
    Username: galaxygun
    Server: EU

  17. It’s Karelië since I’m playing some heavy’s with bad gun depression lately.
    Even when top tier, your just shit then. fightingstars EU

  18. most hated map is pilsen, but i can add paris and overlord to that list.
    zauliuz EU

  19. I hate charkov it,s bad
    capetan_price NA server

  20. I hate standard mode on malinovka.
    Name : fozzy056
    Server : EU

  21. I would have to say I dislike Stalingrad the most out of the maps in WoT,
    because even the supposedly “open” beach area is very corridored, thus
    making heavily armored tanks very dominant in the map, while leaving little
    space for other tank types.
    Marppuli, EU-server

  22. I hate sand river especially when there is several artys raining death on
    me 😉
    Username: pila11
    Server: EU

  23. most hated map: karelia ( i dont know where to go in this map with a light
    tank at all)
    name: tanker8110
    server: EU

  24. windstorm is my most hated map because its so bad for light tanks and meds
    verknechter12, Eu

  25. hated map: stalingrad & paris
    username litos080

  26. I Hate fjorden the most its way to dark sometimes to even see something.
    Username : YOYO898 server : Eu

  27. Sand RiverUsername:mitrovicjrServer: EU

  28. I HATE Overlord. That map is useless.
    Username: LoveGamerNL

  29. Airfield is just the worst for me.

    Username: senbonzakura89
    Server: NA

  30. Hated map: Siegfried Line
    Name: rile14
    Server: Eu

  31. d day its to big
    eu server

  32. Hello great vid! cookiemaster eu

  33. luca nuti (IlQstode)

    worst map is swamp! i still don’t know what tactic use, and i end rushing
    like a real japanese kamikaze. OctoplusDestroyer, EU

  34. overlord cuz if nobody isnt going beach u lose.
    userame: 98451
    server: EU

  35. stalingrad when you don’t play a heavy tank

  36. bonetigerslayscreepers

    i absolutely hate arctic region because i alsways seem to drive in that 1
    hole you cant come out of which is filled with water so i pretty much
    Always drown.ign: BoneTiger0001 server: EU

  37. i hate charkov
    username energybear
    Eu server

  38. nikola balčaković

    i hate charkov!

  39. I hate Erlenberg ( always someone ‘s trying to swim )
    EU server

  40. I hate sand river – I never know where to go xP, But i love the city maps 😀
    Username: Dani105a
    Server: Eu

  41. Erlenberg by far, the castle side is useless, and the other side aint that
    much better either xD
    Username is ognjen1997, EU server

  42. 20 Heatshells in a Tier 10. Such skill.

  43. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    Paris because its jus’t another city map and i get tired of Them…
    Username: tibo1234 and EU server

  44. Paris
    Username: wasanw
    Server: EU

  45. Prokhorovka don’t work with me.
    Username: l4esse
    Server: EU

  46. my most hated man is Stalingrad, all those buildings no clear shots you can
    get ambushed readily and it seems imbalanced.

    invictus97 (NA)

  47. Kharkhov

  48. MrPeabody
    Good luck all!

  49. Kharkov, useless when youre not a heavy
    Name: Saroman93
    EU Server

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