► World of Tanks | KV-3 – Top Dawg Carry! | KV-3 Epic Battle Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Epic Battle. -3, Tier 7 Heavy Tank Gameplay Review and Commentary.
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Hello there!

Jump in and check out how “xbuzz95” got 9 kills with his -3. In MM, KV-3 can do some hardcore carrying! 🙂

Enjoy the episode!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  2. Epic.

  3. Lol i don’t want to leave because your outro music is amazing! I always
    listen to it :)

  4. Really annoying for me, because i’ve been playing a lot in the sta-1 with a
    105% crew. And the shots (yes, fully aimed) VERY rarely go dead center, and
    the shots usually go a bit to the left, right, up and down. 

  5. More luck then brains i have better games in my kv3 i will send you some

  6. Nice shots :O
    Since the last patch my shots are missing a lot (I snapshot a lot ^^)
    I hope they will change it again :S

  7. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Pls stop recording with 60 fps and then showing the Replay on max 20.. lags
    so hard.

  8. He didn’t really have to work for this, rolling with 4 tanks to mop up a
    few tanks 2 tiers below him. Then in end game the only real opposition was
    the Tiger P who was on less health. It was pretty much taking on tanks one
    by one as he came across them, and seems like pretty much an average game
    you’d expect in a top tier heavy game.

  9. Really good use of sidescrping, armor angling and HP to Damage trade let
    him just crush the other team. The one thing I think he might have done
    better was the last shot he took on the Black Prince…going for the lower
    plate when he had the back of the BP’s turret to him cost him a Pool’s

    Also I stayed to end of the Video. Thats what Fans(and friends) are for!

  10. Ship — just wanna say, you are one of my favorite YouTube channels, you
    do a terrific job with these vids, very entertaining! Also great to see
    your channel growing quickly as people hear about your channel and sub.
    Well done!

  11. nice vid m8

  12. You should have chosen a more exciting battle in my opinion… I mean it’s
    a KV-3 and he did not need to make crazy decisions to win the battle.
    But well played anyway, and a note: he overangled when he sidescraped at
    the end and he could have shot side turret of Black Prince :)

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