► World of Tanks: Legendary Type 59, 1 vs 6 – Type 59 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. Type 59 Epic Gameplay. Best Battle.

In today’s epic battle episode I am going to show you one really epic gameplay with The Mighty, The Legendary Type 59. “Skyhawk” really trying hard, to bring victory to his teammates.

► Music used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/:
– ES_Shipping Out – Johnny Berglund
– ES_Majesty 1 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 2 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 3 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Majesty 4 – Marcus Svedin
– ES_Wild In Seattle 1 – Victor Ohlsson
– ES_Majesty 5 – Marcus Svedin

Transition music: Cake Pop – Do You Think I’m Mean



  1. y did you tell them about the contest :(

  2. everytime I see a type 59, I have so much fear of it and that fear is
    exclusive to only to few tanks. I just see too much of that legendary in
    the 59 still even though it isn’t as much anymore. remember when they were
    half of MM matches

  3. Jarred Friedrich

    If it is a bad tank why not sell it??????did they lose the tank when they
    took it out?

  4. Jarred Friedrich

    Pls give me a type 59

  5. he could have got fadins, if he had shot the HE shot 1st, but who am i 2
    judge? great replay in a great tank driven by a great tanker. gg m8 and
    nice vid dez

  6. 300st like! Nice Vid DezGamez!

  7. type 59 still one of the best tanks in the game!!!

  8. Buildersquish Gaming

    Dez, when are you going to end the contest again? Congrats by the way :)

  9. Can be fadins medal

  10. No fadins medal lol

  11. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    this guy was jus’t lucky its not that good of a player but hes pretty good

  12. opening music is from leafys video on fousy ?

  13. 59下山啦!!

  14. Karl Johan Litleskare

    god video man Thumbs up!

  15. First of all congrats on 80k subs and thanks for casting my replay. For
    people interested I should say I got 5 skill crew on this, and running with
    vert stabs/ventilation/rammer. The gun/rof is awful on this tank, but pref
    MM really saves the day.

    P.S. I know I should load the 1 HE first and then use my last APCR, at that
    point I really didn’t think of that, comms with my platoon mate who really
    helped me at start was crazy!

  16. 5:42 that isn’t cdc! It’s elc!

  17. its called the maidens medal when you kill the last enemy with the last

  18. I’d have fired the HE shell second to last to get the Fadins

  19. wow you just uploaded it

  20. Awesome video as always. Much love to you Dez, have a wonderful day :)

  21. fadins medal is it called when you kill the last remaining tank with the
    last shell

  22. a tier 10 tank made for tier 8 battles

    great, world of tanks is balanced (sarcasm)

  23. In blitz it gets 2.5sec aim time and 0.39 accuracy sadly.

  24. sadly he didnt thought to shoot the HE shell before the last shell. he d be
    able to have a 4th gold medal which is Fadin. but this was a crazy game. gg
    for him

  25. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Play tank that you don’t see much? Hm…Panther/M10

  26. fadin almost

  27. The fadin’s medal isn’t it?

  28. Hugo Saint-Aroman

    Shhhh nobody need to know about the gift

  29. Stop with that music , I beg ???

  30. Fadin’s medal.

  31. 777 views – 111 likes – 1 dislike
    Illuminati confirmed ∆

  32. driving In the type 59 is not an accomplishment, the tank is designed to
    bounce and has preferred matchmaking

  33. The person that disliked you can go Kys

  34. Good Morning Dezinator

  35. Why no Fadin? Before his last and final shot he had the time to splash him
    with HE.

  36. the legendary bully

  37. Early asf

  38. It’s Fadin’s Medal when you kill the last enemy with you last shell:D

  39. Hey dez on an earlier video I asked about sending in a Xbox one game and
    you said sure and I just wanted to let you know that I have a clip and I
    just need to render and send it in.

  40. Keep up the good work DEZ!!?

  41. Zardoz Stemroach

    Type 59 still has pref match making. T9 max.

  42. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Some really bad shooting this game tho
    He got very lucky,but still gg

  43. No_Gold_No_Aim s

    I do not know if the player have everytime this aim but I think it’s bad :x

  44. Now I want this so much more badly XD

  45. Ein wildes Tails

    Thats why i want to win in your 80K special ;_;

  46. Keep it up DEZ :)

  47. Have a nice day everybody

  48. Video ends at 13:07, I forgot to cut the music, DERP! :D

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