► World of Tanks Leopard 1: 10,300 Damage Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Leopard 1 Gameplay. World of Tanks Epic Battle Review.

So many of you wanted to see tier medium tank “Leopard 1” in action. In this episode you are going to see how to play with this beast of a medium tank, because “nielkaa” is going to bring you textbook battle on Redshire.

Enjoy your weekend!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. I think it should be something that either makes you laugh (either a fail
    or something like that) or an epic replay like the one above

  2. I’d like to see you host a party with a large assortment of jam sandwiches
    and fairy cakes, perfect 20k sub idea!

  3. Emilien Gosselin

    I got the Langlade’s medal 3 or 4 times although I only played 3k battles

  4. “What’s up guys how going?” Dez games = English too stronk XD

    • “T-54 heavy”- Dez Games 2015

      Dude you are literally the best. This is why people subscribe XD

  5. No fire ext.? Ok, i can understand this, if you are on fire with a med, the
    game is nearly over for you. But why 2 repair kits and not one large kit
    and chocolate?

    • Tober “Toblerone” Tobias

      +Marian Nestos Chocolate is used every game so it is very very expensive.
      Larger repair = 10% less chance of damage even without using it so very
      useful, then you use normal kit if you need. Cheap. n.n

    • +Tober Tobias Wel, 20k credits for overall better performance? If you can
      buy T10 tank, that should not be a prob. Maybe you have 10% fastef repair
      with large repkit, bu choclate increases that too, if your crew is skiled
      in repair.

  6. An interesting fact: in reality, Leopard 1 fires only HEAT and HE ammo, but
    here i haven’t saw any HEAT shells fired, so, good job !


    I like the way you talk honestly and I also like your WoWs content too,
    that’s why I’m here!

  8. Maybe some World of Warship beta keys, and maybe show some love for NA subs

  9. Question about your fav tanks etc and about videos or epic gameplay contest

  10. The Shermanator

    Dayum 10.000+ damage sheeeeeeit

  11. I keep watching because you show a lot of personality, humor, and good
    editing skills. I’m also fascinated to see what you’ll do when Comrade
    Putin comes for all of us since you are from Estonia. If I have learned
    anything from World of Tanks, it’s that Russian tanks are like grown man
    fighting babies.

  12. maybe you can ask what people like about your channel and how you can
    improve this channel

  13. Dez please ANSWEAR if u see these message! Hey I am realy trying to get
    your modpack working…and I dont even know where to download It please
    help me…thanx 

  14. I believe we should all draw sticks and see who receives the prize.

  15. Wow that was a serious carry. At one point, he was at like 6k dmg and 5
    kills or something. Yet the score was even. Unreal.

  16. For event I would suggest a contest in one of the worst tiers, tier 7. No
    premium tanks allowed.

    I don’t like the hud either to watch the replay on. You could do the replay
    without hud? Hud is not needed for the commentary and display of the games.
    Getting rid of the hud is just one click away 🙂 

  17. civilairpatrolhg

    your videos rock :D

  18. i like how you said you wanted 25k subs by the end of the year and your on
    20k now your gonna be alot further then 25k :)

  19. congrats dezgames

  20. WoWs beta keys 😀 And btw, where are you from (if it’s not a secret)?

  21. Your commentary is pretty much flawless, but try being more sure about what
    you say, personally I don’t like when you question the decisions of the
    player who is driving, for exampe when the Leopard went for the IS-8.

    Keep the videos rolling they are awesome!

  22. 20k celebration-Make people say “Why should they get gold” , could be very
    interrsting! :D

  23. for prizes, well personally i would to have the new t-54 1st prototype in
    my garage 😀

    but that’s just me.

  24. Gold!!!!!you never do giveaways for NA server!!!!!

  25. ralph isyoutubing

    I would like to see some mid tier “underdog” games as in tanks wich most
    people hate like the tier 4 t-28 russian medium tank (just an example of a
    tank the i absolutely love).

    Maybe a lot of people will disagree with me and feel free to tell me why
    you don’t want to see lower tier games besides that a lot of people in
    those lower tier games aren’t really experienced


    • Do you want seal clubbing? Because there are thousands of replays of T18’s
      recking teams

    • ralph isyoutubing

      no no i said mid tier as in t4- t6 most people show of these great but only
      higher tier replays. seal clubbing is no fun to watch

  26. what xvm is he using? can i get link for that please thanks

  27. CaptainSpetsnaz

    We want a Amx 30B Epic Battle! >_<

  28. Jaroslav Šťáva

    Get rid of the mod please. It’s unwatchable.

    • +Jaroslav Šťáva You don’t like that crosshair? I’m wondering what it is.
      Sick of Jimbo tbh…

    • +Jaroslav Šťáva

    • +Greg Baert I think that crosshair is quite awesome too. Reminds me of some
      futuristic HUD/sniper scope. Reminds me of Halo or some anime mech HUD.
      Would love to get the name of this mod

  29. undertaker22494

    5:32 t54 heavy ;)

  30. My fav. Medium.Second is obj 140

  31. Leopard 1 > all *crabs popcorn*

  32. undertaker22494

    Nice :D

  33. May 1, Leopard 1..
    Let’s have another epic month guys?

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