► World of Tanks: Leopard 1 – 11,000 Damage, Smart Carry! – Giveaway Day 7

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World of Tanks Leopard 1 Review. World of Tanks Best Replays.

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Let’s get this site going. Much easier than sending e-mails to me and gives better overview for me. Let’s make little “side community” out of it, where you can comment and like replays with other players!

Today you are going to see good old “Leopard 1” in epic action. Let’s take a look how “Fourth_” is trying to carry his team to victory, while playing really smart!

And also, good luck with once again, is our giveaways seventh day already! 🙂

Played by: Fourth_ [MER5Y]
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3175033#stats



  1. my favourite td in the game is T110E4 because of the gun USERNAME :
    GameHunter10 Server : EU

  2. Favourite TD? The Hetzer. Cuz Hetzer’s gonna hetz and you ain’t stoppin’ it!
    Nickname: LORDLUKII
    Server: EU

  3. i love the tier 6 premium german td the dickermax becuase of the amazing
    gun depression username: Tofastdodge31 Server:EU

  4. Iron Wolf Gaming Farli22 (Farli)

    favourite Td is stug 3

    user Faril_22
    server: NA

  5. Waffenträger auf Pz. IV because I prefer armament over armor. Great pen and
    accuracy 🙂
    Username: 29SCHANKE
    EU server

  6. my favorite TD is the Grille 15 because of the great gun

    user name: cronux

    EU server

  7. Favorite TD is Jagdpanza E-1-Hamza (or how ever you pronounce it! :-))
    Name: Luuszapfe
    Server: EU

  8. My favourite TD is the old hellcat, but my new favorite is hopefully going
    to be the Swedish tanks. Cant wait to try them out!
    Name: 1sak
    Server: EU

  9. EUA T-30 is “THE” TD, amazing Barrel and can be used as a Assult Tank.

  10. Favourite td is stug 3 g because it has an accurate gun, armour and good
    mobility username:Kgb_408 server:eu

  11. Favourite TD: easy t67, seal clubbing at t5 🙂
    Nickname: q30169
    Server: SEA

  12. Hetzer, because it’s big bad gun hurts!
    freorunning from Asia server

  13. Favourite TD: gotta love the hellcat
    Username: sil3ntone
    ASIA server

  14. My favorite td is t30. Like the great gun. Mecworld. EU

  15. Sergio Vantomme Bravo

    I appreciate your uploads and commentary a lot. Thx.
    Didn’t play WoT for long time. Now i’m back and i feel like a re-noob. So
    many changes !
    But i always liked playing TD’s. Especially Germans, for their gun-handling.
    So i liked at tiers 3-4 the two Marders and at tier 5 the StuG 3G.
    Now i’m up to tier 6-7 and i adore Jagdpanther and i begin to master the
    E-25, that little sneaky imp that can procure a lot of pleasure.
    I still regret that they nerved the view range on this thanks altough i
    understand that they were maybe a little overpowerd.

    Mary Christmas and happy new year to you and all your subscribers !

    in game name : Vigor_Mecum (eu server)

  16. My favorite td in the game has to be the su-122-44. I mean that rate of
    fire, that dpm, that sexy hd model. It has it all.
    maru24 EU server.

  17. My Favorite TD is hrm borsig. Zo_Zick (sea)

  18. T67, because it is quick and has a good gun and I have a good screwwith
    camo 🙂
    Tomika_76 Eu

  19. Best TD for me is probably rhm. borsig.

  20. FV215b(183)
    name: joakim2003
    server: EU

  21. Favourite right now is the WT Pz IV. At least until you are spotted 🙂

  22. my favorite TD is E25 user : cichawoda (EU)

  23. favorite td : OBJ 704
    username: iepurasul_agresiv
    server: EU

  24. my favorite TD is SU-152 with gun 152mm 🙂
    sever: ASIA

  25. i have the isu152 its my favourite tank ever! a lot of pen op dmg and
    almost every battle i get an ammorack in it. BDW love ur vids name:
    frajer_matic server: EU

  26. Great carry by the Leopard!
    I like the SU-122-44, when the gun cooperates it hits hard and reloads
    fast, and the mobility is good, often some light tanks tries to circle
    strafe me and finds out that they cannot.
    StuInTokyo (SEA)

  27. My favourite TD is the Hellcat
    The alpha and the camo rating makes it perfect!

    username: cloudstv
    Server : Asia

  28. My favorite TD would have to be the E25. Do I need to explain? Maybe the
    E25 doesn’t count though so.. I’ll say the Nashorn I guess. To me the most
    important thing on a tank destroyer is the gun and the Nashorn has the best
    gun at tier 6 imo. In game name is CobraMG and server is NA.

  29. As always good video. I love to play TD’s and have many that I like. If I
    had to pick the one which I had the most exciting games in might be the
    American T-67 because it is fast and has a high rate of fire and is the
    only tank I have ever run out of ammo in (several times) which makes a
    memorable battle. Thanks.user name: Inaccurate_fire , NA server.

  30. I don’t own it yet but the T30 American tier 9 is my goal because it’s just
    badass to me. Name: TankFourTwenty (NA)

  31. My favorite TD in wot is JP II: great gun, decent armour, nice mobility and
    it looks badass.
    Me_J222 , EU

  32. tier 5 stug iii g 🙂 that derp gun with 6s reload is awesome…. ign:

  33. hi my favourite td was the waffle auf e100 sirpaulthe1 eu

  34. My favorite TD is JPanther 2… I have 3 marks of exellence on it and the
    tank is amazing, when you hide the hull ? Username: salee8 server: eu

  35. I love the Death Star/fv215b

  36. Fav TD: T30, because it’s like a tier 9 E100 😀 Most TDs are useless, only
    suitable for camping, which you could see in this episode too. In the T30,
    you can follow the heavies.

  37. My favourite TD is Hetzer, because Hetzers gonna Hetz.
    Username: J0hanb5
    Server: EU
    Been a subscriber for about half a year now, thanks for the games Dez

  38. E25 gotta be my favourite TD since the SU 85B had its op view range nerfed

  39. My favourite TD is the old T18, and yes, I am a seal clubber.
    Username: TheepicGOLD
    Server: EU

  40. My favorite td in game was hellcat but now it is isu-152, lovely bl-10
    alpha damage and penetration
    Username: raresqqq
    Server: EU

  41. my favorite td is for sure the E4 good armor, nice gun, not the slowest, it
    has a turret. its great in my opinion (username: Killer_JJ, sever: EU)

  42. my favorite td in the game is jagdpanzer e100 because of the fear factor

  43. fav td is isu-152

  44. Favorite td is hellcat because it’s the highest i have gotten in any td
    User: zabunchen
    Server: EU

  45. luca nuti (IlQstode)

    ISU-152 is the best, with those oneshots to low tiers muahahah.
    OctoplusDestroyer, EU

  46. E 25 gotta be favourite Vlad_stolichnaya EU

  47. E25 :DDD

  48. Su-100 at the moment… TankSailio EU

  49. i like the grille15, because of the speed, reload and aiming time
    Name: MAGNUS1234
    Server: EU

  50. favorite td : That sneaky invisible flea td E-25
    username: Sergeantplaton

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