► World of Tanks: Leopard 1 Gameplay – 11,000 Damage – Like a Shadow! – Leopard 1 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

. World of Tanks Leopard 1 Epic Battle. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

Welcome back to World of Tanks Epic Battle episode! Today you are going to see yet another Germany beast is action this time it is going to be ÜLeopard 1”. Check out how “Volpeus” is going to achieve just crazy amount of damage without receiving any back, he is like a ninja… Like a shadow!

► Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2172388#stats



  1. Максим Пархоменко

    y myrazora zachem spizdil pricel?

  2. I did not played my leopard much but till now i most of my heavies expect
    me to push with leo and they snipe with heavy.Got few 7-7.5k games
    too.Anyway good game

  3. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    well Dez when i watch your videos it makes me feel like i´m playin…i just
    like your vids that much…keep em rollin brah

  4. I totally agree with your comments about RNG and luck. But I am also a firm
    believer that some people are more lucky than others. That some people just
    have better luck than others when in the same situation. It is life and
    cannot be altered.

    Don’t get me wrong here guys. i am not advocating that luck out ways skill.
    it doesn’t. But good luck will enhance a persons skill no matter what the
    situation may be.

  5. so the guy who drowned at the start gets 487 xp pfffft something a bit off
    there I think. Awesome game play though. Just wondering does the premium
    consumable make a noticeable difference or not?

  6. What country are you from?

  7. Great battle but I have a question. I’m going to buy my first premium tier
    8 tank do you think the 112 is a good choice?

  8. On the opposite DEZ, this game was hardly any RNG dependant compared to a
    Jangles or QB video. What this game was was everyone making it possible for
    the Leopard to farm damage. Non the less, great game for the guy in the

  9. as you bang on about the fv215b i thought i’d grind it, amazing tank just
    love the gun.

  10. stefano piantanida

    Where is he from?

  11. Eimantas Makarevicius

    leo is my first tier x too, and i must say, its ridiculously fun to drive

  12. This game is 60% skill, 10% ping and 30% RNG

  13. he is in OMNI so he must be unicom, look at the their stremers and you will
    see what I’m talking about. All in OMNI are purple and over 2900 wn8

  14. Lol i did not send this replay to Nutz. Wont complain tho 😀 Thx for the
    commentary dude

  15. you may best player

  16. Бојичић Србин

    +DezGamez are you Serbian? :P

  17. wohoo

  18. Nothing works out in world of tanks this week, horrible loses 13 battles
    and 10 lost,
    dogshitteams and random acts of teamkilling and drowning

  19. yeah, Dez. but he was lucky!

  20. Moinsen Kontalero

    for this battle was the word epic invented :D

  21. Fv best scout EU

  22. very nice game and its good to see a non russian tank do over 10k damage :)

  23. Hmm nice game but tier 10 games are boring for me i have tier 5 and 6 🙂
    people have forgoten how hard is to play with crew on 50% grind credits and
    exp and tank equipement and i think they have forgoten there is other tier
    tanks not just 8/9/10 :D

  24. Leopard is my first tier X! Next will be the Conqueror replacer ^^

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