► World of Tanks: LOL, Classy Troll! :D – RNGesus #37

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks LOL/RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments. World of Tanks Best and Best Fails! World of Tanks RNG.

► Help me to make :
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

Today you are going to see some classy as well as some Rambo !



  1. I don’t like that Dez had to put that message in at the end, give the man a
    break people and stop having a go at him for not putting your shit in a
    video instantly

  2. dezgamez take my epic 4.3 k dmg (Amx 13F3) (tier 6 spg) replay , its epic

  3. T18 might be arty now but it still troll as ever.

  4. Precambrian Rabbits

    Shame about the M44 suicide in the ELC clip. He wouldve had a
    Radley-Walters too.

  5. That first shot!! No way!!!

  6. 12t such a scumbag

  7. I miss the days of the T18 TD clubber

  8. Anyone else finding it funny how the arty scum is calling the AMX 12t a
    camper noob? 🙂 I mean, artillery calling someone a camper, thats like
    Donald Trump calling someone an idiot.

  9. The “No Skill” artillery bitches should never be included in any replay.

  10. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    Literally the second elc kolobanov’s medal on steppes ive seen this week. i
    should really buy it back

  11. Guys, come on… Calm your tits on the AMX 12t clip. Do you really think
    someone would be that stupid to send me replay where he is using aimbot? I
    don’t believe that. This was classic autolock replay bug. Happens with
    every replay where autoaim is used. Aiming reticle is specially bugged with
    patches 9.12 and 9.13 and this one was from 9.13.Turret movement was a
    little bit weird, yes, but aimbot? Doesn’t look like it. Watch less
    “cheater” videos, otherwise your mind thinks every replay is aimbot.

  12. jeu plein de mods et de triche!!!!

  13. Wake up. See new Dez video. ITSGONNABEAGOODDAY.JPEG

  14. nice aimbot amx12 t yoi fk up The game…. I hale chiters…

  15. Funny in chat they called him a camper.

  16. Hey Dez. Guess what! The Chieftain Mk.6 is coming to console! Whoohoo!
    Also. So is the Chieftain/T95! I wish you could play the Xbox version of
    WoT cause i would love to see you in game someday! :D

  17. 1:06
    AMX aim circle acts very strange. Autoaim+ or aimbot in action?

  18. Dez i has idea never done before, how many can u kill in one shoot t92 vs
    ball of ms1s

  19. Going ti bed and then I see this, well, bed have to wait.

  20. Finaly my replys, 11min Amx ? +DezGamez

  21. Dez woke up and completed a video……….One pint of coffee coming up
    with Bailey’s Irish cream.

  22. Dez rock these days

  23. Danny Kim (Ryokucha)

    they are no rng.. elc is skilled play..


  25. ok. so in every video there’s a ” aimbot” cheater. its indeed because WoT
    scientists are here in the comment section!

  26. Thank you for putting my replay in. <3 (The IS-3 who did that blindkill
    with fire.)

  27. Radu Andrei Țențea

    great music in the first half. gg!

  28. that 12t had so many luck, thats why i had shitty rng this week, he used
    all of mine

  29. Meh, ELC. was just on a potato hunt, notjing special Dez :/ Gimme 5 potatos
    and an ELC and I’ll do it all day every day

  30. Dez.. The Rambo AMX 12T there is using AIMBOT. not the ingame autoaim. Look
    closely when he locks on the turret’s view finder disappears off screen. So
    basically a cheater.

  31. Karol Oleś (K4MP3R84)

    WTF? i just watched whole thing again and AMX 1390 is also using aimbot!
    Dez i think you should edit this video :/

  32. AMX 12T game reminds me of this(1729 damage in the MT25 with the 37mm)

  33. Federico Di Liberto


    “The Chieftain Mk. 6, a tier X heavy tank, makes its debut in World of
    Tanks and has some of the toughest turret armor in the British
    line. Fear not! The FV215b isn’t going away; it’s getting a viable


  34. oh my fav tank the T 18 TD

  35. aimbot amx 12T

  36. Finally something that doesn’t scare the fuck out of me like jingles his
    alien isolation series

  37. Karol Oleś (K4MP3R84)

    That AMX 12T, don’t you see he is using aimbot? #facepalm

  38. Do you answer on the mail if it gets featured or not?

  39. LOL the old sounds!

  40. 10:55 … i know… i send to you rng video almost one year ago… and in
    last rngesus i found it xD… it was halarious

  41. Thank you so much and thank you for the effort it takes to make these
    videos and the hard work. Very much appreciated! Best Regards! AND.. you
    have the best soundtrack going :)

  42. Bojan Milosevic (ボヤン)

    Cancer Autolocker, it do all good like dmg gun kill guner, tracking tanks.

  43. Just woke up and dez has an upload…..MMM coffee and a good wot video…

  44. MMO “Mario” Free to Play


  45. mwa aussi j’ai le haki en petant je fais fuir n’importe qui frr

  46. i cant find the AMX ELC music…. pls help dez

  47. Awesome episode Dez! :)

  48. From hungary,Nice video!

  49. the Sounds from the 122mm guns were so much better than yet…dont Sounds
    dominant know…

  50. Why u said tier 3 arty it’s legendary tier 2 op TD :,(

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