► World of Tanks: LOL, WTF, How? – USA, Today feat. M46 Patton and M48A1 Patton Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Review. World of Tanks M48A1 Patton Gameplay Review. World of Tanks M48A1 Patton Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

And today I am going to show you 2 really awesome with USA tanks… USA, Today – this going to be the theme of the episode…
That battle in the M48A1 Patton might be one of the craziest and situations that I have had in WoT… Lucky!



  1. Your keyboard is louder than you screams ;D

  2. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    Been watching your vids for a couple of months now – really great. If I
    wasn’t so poor myself I also would have supported you with gold or
    whatever. Keep ’em coming:)

  3. He didn’t seem to even care about the fact that he got a mark on the M48 :P

  4. Hello Dez nice gameplay again as always i have one question for you are u

  5. you have uplodead this video before cus I have seen it before.

  6. Logan Gilbert Playz

    Dez your awesome

  7. I suck at gaming

    well…. if you play WOTB,which is the mobile version of world of tanks,
    you will encounter similar situation a looot

  8. take a toothpick, and insert it on the laser spot and slowly move it
    around, try to get some dust out of the mouse and it should work after:D

  9. Happy pandas

  10. Worth the hype!!

  11. Dez, both the M46 M48 are my favorite tanks!!!! You make it looks so easy,
    breezy 7.4K dmg. I know you probably do that everyday. Hell, I think the
    most I’ve ever done was just over 4K and that was in my E-100. You are da –
    man!! Thanks, oldman out.

    Take care, flea

  12. Sick battle, you were lucky, yes, but u played very good. Btw you should
    try out playing with mousepad. I had the same issue.

  13. makavelidotcom96

    You are very lucky to get those gifts. I don’t even have money for a month
    of premium. :)

  14. Richárd Komjáthy

    15 Bulldog vs 15 LttB Pls.

  15. Dez is Estonian? I suspected he isn’t English speaking, but now I saw the
    flag on turret.

  16. Dez,

    U da best!!

  17. epic gameaction Dez!! :-)

  18. Dez I’ve been watching you since you’ve had probably 10k subs and I love
    everything you do. The quality of your content alone is amazing for someone
    as “small” as your channel but it will grow. Also thanks for all the laughs

  19. that is-4 was a bot .. his turret was allways aiming at center mass…
    report him

  20. dude you missed a platoon invite for brothers in arms

  21. Indy van Haarlem

    my mouse sometimes has the same problem. for me it happens because the
    laser is partially blocked by dust that got in the small hole where the
    laser is located. so all i have to do is remove the dust to fix it. maybe
    it is the same for you

  22. an_average_player

    broken mouse, how original 🙂 maybe it’s packet loss from your cheese and
    onion crisps…

  23. You must have the luckiest horseshoe up your ass for that last match. Good
    game. Love the video’s.

  24. Got lucky that that guy was using auto aim. If he had stopped and just went
    for the shot… Not sure if just panic or bad situational awareness. Yeah,
    good run though taking advantage of it and making out like a bandit in a
    huge way.

  25. You must the mouse sometimes give forage.

  26. Looks like time for a new mouse, Dez. Lots of good quality, cheap
    mouses…mice…meeces…around at the moment. I use a logitech G402. Great
    little mouse.

  27. hi! if anybody wants to gift me premium days or a tank, or some gold maybe
    don’t be shy! just do it! :)

  28. Is your mouse has laser sensor? If so, then there might be a small dust or
    hair stuck on the sensor hole, Try clean it with soft materials, dont use

  29. Mlgosia Fronczak

    jagpanter II vs Ferdinand please friend

  30. I dunno man, seen that so many times. Its not rly special.
    stupid teammates dont want to move up, sitting and sniping.

  31. I like it when you say WoW xD anyone else agree with me? :D

  32. Your mouse need some MAUS action maybE…

  33. Dez when will you upload the newest face off episode?

  34. That M48 game was basically pubbies attempting XVM kill.. quite the
    failstreak there

  35. TheCrystalSurfer

    Very well played! Have you checked for fluff in your mouse? and no, that
    isnt a euphemism. :)

  36. good job man (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

  37. live action ? so u rented a tank and crew and acted out the fight ? wow
    cant wait to see this.

  38. Dez I wanna have your babys….

  39. I got the same Problem with my mouse. I think it’s a 9.15 bug

  40. Listen mate,it happens to me often too. The problem to me is the mousepad.
    Gets alot of dirt and in some areas it get’s like stuck. I wash it then it
    all works fine. :)

  41. I have exactly the same problem with my mouse when playing World of Tanks.
    Sometimes it works and sometimes… not so well 😛 And it’s really

  42. <3 if there was only one YT'er doing WoT videos, I'd be more than happy if
    it was you :)

  43. Congrats on getting that star on you’re barrel. Very nice game :)

  44. Great game!!!!!

  45. That is what you call a cubicle knife fight.

  46. change the batterty of the mouse, i had changed it and my mouse go very

  47. Props for saying thanks to your team btw. Without them you would have been

  48. If you got a mouse with a precision laser, check to see if there is a piece
    of hair or something stuck in it.

  49. Wow, best IS4 EU? What was your heart rate after that second game? =)

  50. i used to have a mouse that was doing exactly that so i got a new one

  51. So you like the M48A1?

  52. love my pattons, I had a similar rumble in my tog recently, ended up with
    1400 damage blocked by armor and a Mastery badge and more.

  53. what is ur sitting for mouse sensitivity ?

  54. time to get a new mouse..

  55. Many times with mouse jumping issues it can be the mousepad/surface you are
    using the mouse on. Try changing it up.

  56. and im here like 7.2k dmg and 7 killz but no ace for me 🙁 NA server op!

  57. Do 15 tier 2 vs grille 15

  58. that’s what I like about Patton. it’s like my Rambo tank.

  59. That autolocking IS-4 lol

  60. Ammar Abu Al-Haijaa

    you have the loudest keyboard and mouse on YouTube and I think its a cool
    mark for your vedios

  61. if you accepted the platoon request you would get Brother in Arms?…. i
    do it every time if i got 3 and my team mates got 3 kills too ?

  62. Is this the test server or has 9.15 been released in EU already?

  63. Phillip Middleton

    4 times…

  64. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Maybe the mouse caused erratic movement that confused the enemy and allowed
    you to get a great game? Kappa.

  65. Phillip Middleton

    absolutely fabulous game Dez, I had to watch it 3 times!

  66. well i missed ACE on obj 907 with 6k damage and 4k assist… 😀
    check this out lol

  67. In the M48 game the mystery shot was an Obj261 AP shell…

  68. crazy shot going on, RUSSSIA

  69. Niffer Abderrahman

    15 grille vs 15 fv215 183

  70. Dez are you from Estonia?

  71. your great man KEEP IT UP

  72. what are you using on your patton? your fire power is a lot better than
    mine… (im the m48 from you live stream today)

  73. dez are you in the eu servers?

  74. Somebody buy Dez a mouse plz XD

  75. unbelievable! was just searching the webs for pershing, m46 and m48
    gameplay(grinding them) and this popped up. almost as if you knew xD thanks
    haha 😀 m4 derp action would be cool too, fun little thingie

  76. Suggest you check the mouse for lint in the Laser Pocket. (static charge
    builds up over time and traps lint)
    The cleaning brush from an old Shaver works very well for this purpose.

  77. that was a well played butt-clenching moment right there :)

  78. The Pilot Penguin

    gg man that was an epic fight in you m48. you got so lucky with the enemy’s
    bad marksmenship and having your tds farm the enemys you tracked

  79. Hey, Dez. I was able to watch your stream today, enjoyed it very much. It
    was like watching from behind scenes of a movie production, a lot of
    effort. Anyways thanks for the videos, very much enjoyed, and appreciated.

  80. Your rock. My favorite WOT video/commentary.

  81. Nikola Djordjevic

    give me some of those premium days 😛 btw epic game!

  82. #DezGames Whats your user name ??? all I can make out is

  83. Perhaps your mouse needs a lick?

  84. You can upload your replay to quickybabys replaysite, there it will show
    you the wn8.

  85. insane !

  86. “damage done 7,407” I can beat that in battle easily!! *clicks battle
    botton* first shot tracks me, 2nd shot gun out, 3rd shot gunner out, shoots
    enemy back bounces. enemy shoots ammo rack. *rages and break keyboard* fu*k
    this fuck that fuck eveybody…!!!!!

  87. Well Dez you could say that you “BURNED” that IS7 dead.

    On another note if you need to replace your Mouse I would say go with the
    Logitech G series. I have the G100s but I hear good things about the G300
    and so-on.

  88. That second game was AWESOME, very well played and props to your support.
    What do you think about the new interface?

  89. Some times my keyboard freeze,work only win button:(

  90. Nice couple of games, particularly the M48A1 game. Have to say you make an
    excellent job of commentary, not least because English isn’t your native

  91. Gordon Greenwald

    15 M103 vs 15 E-75

  92. Dez, you was talking about your mouse failing….. is it an optic one, then
    your lens might be dirty…. i had the same issues… that’s what helped my
    mouse.. but please concider that you might damage your lens so be

  93. Is that Estonian flag on your tank side? Nvm, read other comments already
    🙂 :)

  94. A true Commander

    the new mighty jingles

  95. Today I play USA, okay?

  96. I had the same issue with my mouse. There was a tiny hair on the optical
    sensor. Check it out :)

  97. no mark of excellence reaction haha i was like notice it! xD

  98. make a Stream and set donation target for new mouse?

  99. that is4 autoaim XD

  100. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Hi from brother country Latvia!

  101. Dez, if you were allowed only one t10 tank of each class, wich would you

  102. shhhit who the fuck was that ! lel

  103. Are you from Estonia?

  104. dez aslain modpack is back!!!

  105. IS-4 total tomato using auto aim…

  106. *After shoot 2000 bullets*
    Well, they moved

  107. Whats with your mouse/keyboard? It sounds like you are setting type or

  108. We’ve heard the abuse you give the mouse, I also amazed the keyboard isn’t
    dead! Methinks you need to mend it with a new one

  109. Epic support from my teammates, some luck and plays = this… I guess. :)

  110. Replaydel võiks damage counter ka sees olla. Ei tea, millegi pärast oleks
    huvitavam jälgida :D

  111. Report the mouse !

  112. Btw how old is your current mouse? Brand and model?

  113. Are you using an optical mouse or a ball mouse? If it is optical, check the
    lense on the bottom and make sure that there is no dust, hairs, etc. If it
    is a ball mouse, take the ball out, and make sure that the little rollers
    inside don’t have anything on them.

    Basic, I know, but it is one of the the first things to start with.

    After that, check your connections, batteries(if it is wireless), and so

  114. the camera or laser underneath is probably dying. Time to warranty it or
    snag a new one!

  115. nice battle GG

  116. Try using a logitech mice they are very durable

  117. you are going to become a big youtuber garanted :)

  118. Are you from Estonia?

  119. Kas sa oled eestist?

  120. Why do u have an Estonian emblem ?

  121. u wot m8

  122. wow not often i see a video that just came out, I’m 17th comment:p
    well done mate keep making them:) i also always wondered about your accent,
    which part of russia are you from?

  123. My razer naga sometimes jumps around on my screen. It like starts spazzing
    out when I try to aim and it’s really annoying.

  124. hey dez, how bout you troll artillery by blocking their cannon and making
    them blow themselves up. you will laugh till you spit your organs out trust
    me its HILLARIOUS

  125. love you stuff, keep it up Dez !!

  126. Nice Games Mate :D

  127. regarding the mouse issue.. could just need a cleaning. I personally use a
    Logitech trackball style myself.. I rarely have issues other than need to

  128. Fabian Maldonado

    awesome video

  129. im early here I need to make a joke!……………..Justin Bieber is

  130. hey man, where you from?

  131. Exploding Baconeer

    It’s a shame you’re an underrated youtuber, because your videos are great

  132. Gr8 video m8

  133. Exploding Baconeer

    Amerika stronk

  134. Ramming is best kill

  135. lol uploaded 6 seconds ago, nice :D

  136. TheUberGamingNetwork

    First xd, under 5 views club

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